What is Big Spot About?

What is Big Spot about

Have you seen the Big Spot commercials on TV that promise you can make money by giving your opinion? In this article, I answer the question ‘What is Big Spot About,’ and detail how much you can expect to earn and the risks of joining Big Spot.

Name of Product: BigSpot
Website: BigSpot.com
Price: Free, but there are substantial risks.
Owner: Varsityplaza LLC
Opinion: Not Recommended.

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What is Big Spot About?

Big Spot isn’t a survey company. It’s a lead generating company. In other words, it uses television commercials to get you to sign up under the pretense you will get paid for your opinion. The TV commercials imply you’ll make easy money. After all, you know what they say about opinions, we all have one. You might be thinking, “Why not get paid for giving my opinion?”

The truth is, the Big Spot television commercials are bait to lure you into the Big Spot trap. Once you sign up, you’re toast because by then Big Spot has gotten what they want from you.

And to make matters worse, Big Spot will not pay you a dime, not one red cent. Big Spot isn’t set up to pay anybody anything. Big Spot is a portal that leads to other survey and marketing companies that use your information.

What Happens When You Sign Up for Big Spot?

When you sign-up for Big Spot, you are presented with a list of survey companies you can join for free. Big Spot then encourages you to join these other survey companies.

Keep in mind that each survey company has its own ‘Terms of Service’ and ‘Privacy Policy.’ And, each of these other survey companies has unique rules, privacy policy, terms of service and methods for compensating you.

The Truth About Survey Companies.

What is Big Spot About

At this point, it’s essential to understand how survey companies in general function and why you don’t want anything to do with any of them.

The best, most legitimate survey company is in the business of research. Think of it as a spy agency gathering information. They entice you to fill out a survey or give your opinion with the promise of some reward, but what they want is your information.

Once you complete the survey, they have your information and it’s easy for them to make up some excuse for not paying you. It happens all the time with the best, most legitimate survey companies.

In the end, your privacy is compromised, and you probably didn’t get paid either. Remember, this happens with the ‘so-called’ legitimate survey companies.

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It is worse with the scam online survey companies.

Most online survey companies are pure scams. The scam survey companies sell your private information far and wide across the internet to every marketing company and sales force that will buy it. Plus, they will scam you into buying products and services with the lie that you must buy it before you can complete a survey about it.

Big Spot

To makes matter worse, none of the online survey companies I’m aware of actually pay with money. Most online survey companies reward you with their brand of fake money that is said to be redeemable for products or gift cards.

Many survey companies don’t even do that. Instead of fake money, you earn a chance to win a prize. You aren’t paid with a prize; you are paid with a chance to win a prize. In other words, a whole lot of nothing.

Meanwhile, your privacy is totally compromised; marketing companies are calling you non-stop, and spam is filling up your inbox. And, you haven’t earned a dime! At best, you might earn $10 to $15 a MONTH after hours of work.
That’s the reality of online surveys. I don’t know why anyone in their right mind would do it.

“I have been doing surveys for years and not once have I gotten paid for them, oh sure I have received some products to try and give feed back on them which were mine to keep afterward but I never got paid for any surveys I did. if there is one out there, that is not a scam I have yet to find it.” Melissa (Source: TheySmell.com)

How Big Spot Makes Money, and You Don’t.

ScamAvenger Girl, says “Thumbs Down!”

Big Spot will sell your information to marketing companies far and wide. Once you fill out the forms for Big Spot, your information is compromised.

The Big Spot Privacy Policy states:

“As a matter of policy, we do not sell, rent or otherwise share any of your personally identifiable information with third parties without your explicit consent.”

Which might offer some assurance, except that Big Spot has a sneaky way of getting you to give them permission to send your personally identifiable information to third parties.

Remember, Big Spot is a business. They employ professionals who know how to get your information for nothing and then sell it for top dollar.

Big Spot will send you an innocent looking email that claims you have been selected for a special offer or ask if you would like some information about a special opportunity. When you opt-in, you give Big Spot legal permission to sell your information to third parties.

In other words, you can’t trust them. And, if you can’t trust them, don’t get involved. There are honest ways to earn money online, but Big Spot isn’t one of them.

Big Spot Terms of Service.

Here’s an excerpt from the Big Spot terms of service that tells you all you need to know about Big Spot. It refers to VarsityPlaza LLC, the parent company that owns Big Spot.

Limitation of Liability and Disclaimer of Warranties Varsityplaza LLC shall not be liable for any loss or damages (whether direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, or otherwise) resulting from any use of this Website.

Varsityplaza LLC is not responsible for any loss or damages resulting from your interaction with any other Website, including those that are linked to this Website. This Website is offered “as is.” Varsityplaza LLC in no way makes any warranty regarding the use, functionality or content of this website or any other website linked to or advertised on THE WEBSITE. Varsityplaza LLC disclaims all warranties including without limitation implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. Some states do not allow the exclusion of incidental or consequential damages or permit limitations on how long a warranty lasts, so the above limitations may not apply to you. Indemnification You agree to indemnify and hold harmless all parties associated with the Website for all costs including damages resulting from your use of the Website.

In other words, if you join Big Spot and suffer damage, VarsityPlaza LLC is not responsible. You’re on your own. It’s like Big Spot is saying, “Thanks for giving us your private information. See you later. Wham. Bam. Thank you, ma’am!”

Pay close attention to this excerpt from the Terms of Service:

“This Website is offered “as is.” Varsityplaza LLC in no way makes any warranty regarding the use, functionality or content of this website or any other website linked to or advertised on THE WEBSITE. Varsityplaza LLC disclaims all warranties including without limitation implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement.”

Just to be sure we’re clear on what warranty means, here is the definition.

• WARRANTY (noun) The noun WARRANTY has 1 sense:
a written assurance that some product or service will be provided or will meet certain specifications (Source: AudioEnglish.org).

A warranty is like a promise. In other words, Big Spot doesn’t promise anything!

Follow Your Dreams

Maybe you’re thinking ‘but the commercials promised I’d get paid for my opinion.’ Remember, the commercials giveth and the Terms of Service taketh away.

When you join Big Spot, you are playing their game. They have the high dollar lawyers, advertising budgets and business executives who have rigged the game in their favor. Big Spot management knows precisely what they are doing.

Their goal is to get your personal information because on the internet information is more valuable than money. You can’t win.

Big Spot Complaints.

There are a ton of complaints online against Big Spot. I list a few below. Most Big Spot complaints are about getting spammed to death, annoying phone calls that never end and not getting paid.

“I checked [Big Spot] out in hopes of using it as an additional income. I was bombarded with phone calls during the day . . .Big Spot tells people what they want to hear . . .” C.Englsh (Source: Reviewopedia.com)

“I also signed up for Bigspot.com and I was not pleased either. I signed up for many surveys completed surveys continued to do surveys upon surveys and only received more surveys.” jatrse (Source: Complaintsboard.com)

“Bigspot.com shame on you! Y’all are making money from people signing up to be a part of something, that we all thought we could make money from! Shame of you again!” Sexcii’Swaggah (Source: Complaintsboard.com)

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The Final Word on Big Spot.

There might be some legitimate survey companies online, but at best you will only earn chump change with them. It isn’t possible to earn a full-time income.

If you are considering joining a survey site be sure to read the privacy policy and the terms of service. Take time to understand what these documents mean. Usually, the truth if buried deep in the privacy policy and terms of service and usually it isn’t pretty.

Survey companies are in the business of getting information out of you. They are not in the business of giving away money. Big Spot is no different.

A Better Option for You.

If you want to make money online you would do much better to learn affiliate marketing. It’s easier than you might think and once you know a few basic skills, you will always be able to make money online.

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If you found this article helpful or have experience with Big Spot, please leave a comment below.

10 thoughts on “What is Big Spot About?

  1. Hi Gary
    I should call “Big Spot,” something different, to me they seem more like “Big Bully.”

    Taking away your personal information and selling it for their own financial gain. In return, they offer no compensation, no thank you, just a waste of one’s time.

    I personally have never been a fan of completing surveys for cash. I too experienced, the voucher as reward or points and mind you these surveys are long and some tiring too.

    Thanks for exposing these guys, I will spread your article to my family and friends.

    More people should be aware of people like this.


    1. Hi, Roopesh!

      Yes, Big Spot is a Big Stinker.

      I wish people would realize that the survey sites are a waste of time at best and usually a full blown scam like BigSpot.

      Unfortunately, there are many people online who are desperate to make money. These people are the most vulnerable and the least able to afford wasting their time or getting scammed. The truth is, it is possible to make money online, but it takes a legitimate business that offers value.

      If you’re interested in making money online the right way, this short video is a great place to start.

      Thanks for stopping by Roopesh,


  2. Thanks for the warning on another scam. This one is just like the others that promise money with survey forms. I used to do one and never got a dime from it. No payout, although my account showed “money” in the bank waiting to be retrieved. Yea right! There needs to be a way for the authorities to crack down on these scams.

    1. H, Wing!

      Thanks for stopping by. I agree, I wish there was a way to crack down on these scams like Big Spot. I can only imagine the money they are making by ripping people off.

      If you’re interested in a legitimate way to make money online, this short video will get you started.

      All the best,


  3. When you first mentioned big spot, I immediately thought about the ones that appear on our bodies lol.

    I don’t mind taking risks when it comes to making money online because it’s the way to progress BUT to sign up for Big Spot is a dangerous risk that nobody should ever take if it doesn’t pay out!

    I’m not a big fan of survey sites at the best of times, especially scam ones! The more I have learned about Big Spot here, the more I really want to report the website for its unethical approach!

    Thanks for the review.

    1. Hi, Neil!

      Thanks for stopping by. BigSpot is one of the bigspots we might get on our body, but it can sure make a spot in our wallet, an empty spot!

      I’m glad you pointed out how risk may be necessary at times, but that doesn’t mean we have to take foolish risks or risk with no possible pay-off.

      I’ve been researching survey sites for several months and I haven’t found one I would recommend. Even the so-called legitimate ones have a risk and tend to steal people’s information. Completing surveys is a lousy way to make money and the risks are too high. At best, surveys are a waste of time.

      With the right training and support, making money online is really very simple. All it requires is a website and the ability to attract visitors to that website. Sure, there are some technical nuances that can make it easier, but that is the model for making money online in a nutshell.

      If you’re interested, this short video will get you started.

      All the best,


  4. Hi,

    Great article. I nearly fell for a scam once when I was looking to rent a flat. It sounded too good to be true and I caught on eventually without falling for it.
    I do have experience with paid survey websites as well. There are some out there that do pay you, but it’s only with gift cards, or it takes months and months of work to earn anything. I’ve learnt my lesson though and I’ll keep my opinions to myself if surveys are involved.
    Thanks for highlighting blue spot as a scam, the more people know, the better.


    1. Hi, Sarraa!

      Thanks for stopping by. I like your online name “ComfyCat.” I share my home with a few kitties.

      I’m convinced that 90% of the survey sites are pure scams. The best of the best are still risky because you can easily compromise your privacy by filling out survey forms. You have no idea who will see your information or if it will be sold far and wide across the internet.

      All the best,


  5. Thanks. This is a very clear and detailed explanation of what big spot is about. Some survey companies ask that you watch advertising or commercials.. Not only are they scamming you by not paying for your time, they are ripping off the advertisers.

    The survey company sells advertising time/views to an advertiser saying that they will have 1,000 viewers watch the ads (any number of times). You, the member, watch the ads thinking you will be paid for your time. The advertiser thinks he is getting a legitimate viewer.

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