What is Automated Daily Income?

What is Automated Daily Income? Is Automated Daily Income a Scam?

Automated Daily Income claims to offer an easy, proven and guaranteed way to make over $300 a day and promises you $500 for just trying their automated system. They also promise you a new car and that their system is not MLM or anything like it. However, there’s more to the story. Follow me to see the Devil is in the details.

Product: Automated Daily Income
Product Website: automateddailyincome.com
Product Cost: $49, upsells to $29,997 plus monthly fees and one-time fees.
Product Owner: MATTHEW LLOYD MCPHEE (Owner of MOBE).
Opinion:  Not Recommended.

Update: Automated Daily Income and MOBE were shut down by the FTC. To learn more, read What is MOBE About?

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What is Automated Daily Income?

The people behind Automated Daily Income use dozens of landing pages to feed into their sales funnel. Most of the landing pages are cleverly disguised to look like a legitimate news website.

The landing pages are NOT legitimate news websites. Somewhere, on the landing page, usually at the top in small text, you will find a statement similar to this: “This website is a paid affiliate and is not associated with any newspaper publication or online news source.”

What is Automated Daily Income? Is Automated Daily Income a Scam?At least one of these landing pages features a woman named Raena Lynn who claims she makes over $8,000 a month with her laptop. Quite often the people on promotional landing pages are fictitious. However, Raena Lynn appears to be a real person and a Diamond Mastermind Partner with MOBE.

If you Google Raena Lynn, you will find several videos of her. I’m convinced she’s real, but here’s the rub, MOBE hides behind the Automated Daily Income websites, and unless you read the disclaimers, you won’t find out the truth until after you purchase the product. This is classic Bait and Switch.

Why is MOBE so deceptive? A legitimate company wants the world to know who they are and what they offer. It’s called branding. We all recognize Coke and McDonalds because of their brand. There’s a reason MOBE doesn’t want you to know who they are until after they set the hook in you.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s return to Automated Daily Income.

Is Automated Daily Income a Scam?

I’d like to point out the many things Automated Daily Income promises because, by the end of this article, I’ll expose the truth.

On the first landing page, you are promised you will be paid $500 just for trying their system. You are promised you can earn a brand-new car too, and you are promised that this system is not an MLM or anything like it. In a moment, I’ll show you how misleading these promises are.

What is Automated Daily Income? Is Automated Daily Income a Scam?
Typical Automatic Daily Income Landing Page.

At some point in the Automated Daily Income sales funnel you will arrive on an Automated Daily Income page with a form asking for your personal information. Here the focus changes to a pitch about limited positions as if this was a job position. This page is nothing more than another level of deception.

To learn about this work from home system/job, you will have to enter your full name, email address, and phone number. There’s only one reason they want your phone number; they want to call you.

If you give them your real phone number, expect to be hounded by highly experienced professional telemarketers. They will describe themselves as your personal coach, but they are actually very manipulative telemarketers. Their job is to talk you into joining MOBE, and they will promise you the moon to get your credit card info.

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After you fill out the form with your personal information, please don’t, but if you do, you will arrive at the sales page. At the top of this page, you will see this message:

“If You Can Spare 60 Minutes A Day, We Can Offer You A Certified, Proven And Guaranteed Home Based Business Job To Make $379/Day From Home!”

This statement is identical to a statement mentioned in an FTC investigation of Apply Knowledge. I have found no connection between Automated Daily Income and Apply Knowledge. Matt Lloyd, the founder of MOBE, is not mentioned in the FTC investigation. Click Here to read the FTC press release.

I can’t explain how the exact wording of a huge scam operation appears on the Automated Daily Income website, except to speculate that somebody stole from somebody else. Or, perhaps the MOBE deception goes much deeper than I first suspected.

Get Real.

Automated Daily Income leads to MOBE. The product Automated Daily Income promotes is MOBE’s entry level.

MOBE has a total of 21 levels. The first level costs $49. That’s what Automated Daily Income is promoting. Once you join, you will be strongly encouraged to purchase additional levels. Each level is more expensive than the last. The top level is $29,997.

MOBE also has monthly fees and additional one-time fees. It gets wildly expensive before you can even hope to earn a nickel.

What are you selling when you’re a member of MOBE? You’re selling MOBE. As a member, you may spend tens of thousands of dollars for the privilege of building a business you do not own.

Remember their promise to pay you $500 if you tried their system? They meant to try the entire system, every level, all 21 of them. In other words, they will gladly pay you $500 AFTER you pay them about $50,000 to try their stupid system.

About the promise of a brand-new car. You will probably have to be a top earner before MOBE gives you a new car. Think about what that means. You will have to spend approximately $50,000 to join all 21 levels, pay the monthly fees and all the one-time fees, plus talk a lot of other people into doing the same thing. Good luck!

The Automated Part of Automated Daily Income.

The automated part of the Automated Daily Income system is as a member of MOBE; you recruit people by introducing them to the coaches/telemarketers. The telemarketers then proceed to talk your recruit into joining MOBE with promises of riches. Essentially, your success with Automated Daily Income/MOBE will depend on how well you can recruit others, sort of like an MLM. Or, is it actually a pyramid scheme?

Remember when they promised this system was nothing like an MLM? Well, it kind of is.

Read the MOBE earning disclaimer, and you will see that the potential for earning a profit with their system is practically zero. You can read the MOBE disclaimer here.

The disclaimer only reveals a range of earnings, but not what members spent that month. Because the training packages and levels are so expensive, I speculate that very few members break even.

If you fall for the Automated Daily Income sales pitch and join MOBE, you may spend thousands of dollars and never make a dime.

Automated Daily Income leads to MOBE. MOBE is a scheme to turn your money their money as quickly as possible.

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12 thoughts on “What is Automated Daily Income?

  1. Gary,
    Oh my goodness, thank you so so so much for this. They are really good at scamming and I almost fell for it. But as soon as I went to the page and it said that they will give you 500 for trying the system, I laughed to myself. I saved myself by remembering what my mom has told me many times Money is NEVER free. And this was just perfect proof. Luckily I was smart enough to google “is MOBE a scam?” and the first thing I found was the FTC press release saying that they were basically stealing people’s money. It makes you realize how vulnerable we all are. The funniest thing though, was that they had my phone number, and they called me telling me about how great their program was. I laughed and asked them a bunch of inquisitive questions about building a business online. (I happen to be knowledgeable about this because my dad is an entrepreneur.) They honestly did NOT know what they were taling about. I said “If your job is to help people build a business you should know what you’re doing. I recommend you take the Online Entrepreneur Certification courses. They are completely free and no at all a scam.” Then they hung up on me

    Just a little fun thing to do, so they don’t call you again

    Thanks so much Gary, you are truly a good person at heart.
    P.S. My dad looked at the Online Entrepreneur Certification courses and he said they were really good and clearly created by a professional. He said he definitely would recommend this to anyone looking to gain skills.

    Love, Giselle

  2. I just got sent an email from Renae. Most of what I read was repeating herself in every paragraph. I had to look for a sight to see if it was a legitimate or a scam and this site pop right up. Almost fell for ADI thank you for your site.

    1. Hi, William!

      Automated Daily Income has some very clever copywriters. How they can promise so much and deliver so little is beyond me. If you followed the Automated Daily Income trail to the end, you’d find it leads to MOBE. MOBE can be very expensive and, according to the MOBE earning disclaimer, most consultants earn less than $700 a YEAR!

      Thanks for stopping by,

  3. I’ve seen so many different get rich quick scams and they make such amazing promises. This one sounds like it is getting someone at the top very rich, but the people down below are likely in a financial bind. It’s really hard to believe that people actually buy into this stuff without doing careful research. I’m glad your website draws attention to some of these scams. I’m certainly going to look for reviews on your site when I run across something I’m unsure about. This one was very helpful.

    1. Hi, Teresa!

      Automated Daily Income is just one head of a multi-headed scam beast. The more I expose, the more I find. I’m thinking of starting a rogues gallery with images of scam websites. 

      I am forever trying to figure out why people fall for scams. A big part of it is some scams are just so darn slick. They target our desperation and weaknesses, but also, sometimes we just want to believe in the impossible.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  4. I don’t know anything about MOBE. This is the first time I’ve heard about them. But I have encountered similar websites with the same agenda. Yes, I agree. There are scams everywhere. All they want is to take your money with their false promises. In my desire to learn the methods of making money online, I had been scammed myself. Guess, this is how we learn. Thank you so much for the info you shared here. Truly enlightening esp. for me who knows nothing about MOBE….now I do….thanks to you.

    1. Hi, Rebecca!

      MOBE is a real stinker and it hides behind so many innocent looking websites. Automated Daily Income is just one. I think you’re right about getting scammed is part of the learning process. It’s happened to nearly every online marketer I know. 

      Thanks for stopping by,


  5. It’s amazing how scammers, cover their tracks behind their real agenda.

    I would have never known that Automated Daily Income is part of MOBE. I heard lots of stories about Mobe and was close to signing up with them.

    I am someone who is really desperate to make money online and I would have fallen to these telemarketers sales techniques. I know they will prey on my emotions as that is where it hits the hardest.

    Thanks for saving me from falling to this scam
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi, Ropeesh!

      I was as surprised as you are that Automated Daily Income is part of MOBE. It took some digging before I figured it out, but there it is. If you’re familiar with MOBE then you know what a stinker it is. If people would take 5 minutes to read the MOBE disclaimer they would see that the odds of turning a profit with MOBE is nearly zero and to make that, you will have to exploit others. Not a good way to build a business.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  6. This sounds dodgy straight away. You’re doing a good job here warning the good people of the internet about all these get rich quick scheme they need to avoid.

    Just the fact that they promise to pay you $500 just for trying their program sounds very suspicious! It makes you wonder why they would do that. If their program was that good they wouldn’t need to offer this anyway.

    Keep doing what you’re doing!

  7. There are so many scams out there that promise the moon. It really is getting harder to wade through the scams and really find a solid way to make money online! I’m really interested in your recommendation to try the Online Entrepreneur Certification course. Do you have more information about this?

    1. Hi, Nicki!

      I agree, scams are everywhere. It’s really safer to assume an offer is a scam and then make them prove to you they are legit. Also, before committing to an offer, it’s important to ask yourself “What’s the worse that can happen? Could I live with that if it did happen?”

      You asked about the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. It’s a free ten lesson course that covers the fundamentals of internet marketing and includes free websites, hosting, mentoring. It’s a way for someone to learn what making money online really involves without risking a dime. 

      Thanks for stopping by,


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