What is Auto Money Maker? 

What is Auto Money Maker?

Can you really make thousands of dollars on auto-pilot? Auto Money Maker claims you can, but what is Auto Money Maker really? Follow me to see the Devil in the details.

Name: Auto Money Maker
Website: automoneymaker.co
Price: $250
Opinion: Not Recommended

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What is Auto Money Maker?

If you listen to “Arthur McCool” try to sell his slick spiel, this is what you’re going to learn: you can earn LOADS of money for free; you are unique, because this offer is only for select individuals; Mr. McCool DEFINITELY does not want to sell you anything; Mr. McCool can empathize with any destitute situation and is only here to help; and that this system is different, because it’s certainly not a scam!

What is Auto Money Maker?If you got through all that, McCool finally gets to HOW he plans to earn you this money. Auto Money Maker claims to be a trading brokerage whose trade algorithm is designed to only proceed if there is no doubt the trade will be successful.

McCool is essentially claiming that he has found a way to play the stock market at a generally infallible rate. The more you invest, the more you’ll earn! Up to ten thousand dollars per day!

This is a system that claims to take the guesswork out of insider trading by asking you to hand over your money to a “trading bot” that will enter the market with a 92% success rate.

Does this sound too good to be true? It is.

Near the end of the video, McCool again returns to contrasting his business with those “scam” businesses that are looking to damage your finances. “I’ve made enough money! I don’t need anymore,” is what McCool claims. To back up his overall argument, he uses periodic “testimonials” of people who have benefited from Auto Money Maker.

It’s easy to tell, however, that some of these individuals are obviously reading off of a cue card. Anyone who needs to talk this much, who needs to draw in fake reviews to back his ideas, who needs to consistently affirm that he is different from the scams, is not trying to help you.

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Is Auto Money Maker a Scam?

Let’s take a closer look at McCool’s initial site. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see the disclaimers for Auto Money Maker listed out in tiny CAPS. Look closely and you will notice a few important details.

First, it states “… testimonials and examples…don’t apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to…guarantee that anyone will achieve…similar results.” However, as you watch McCool’s introductory video, it is clear that his aim is exactly the opposite. His video wants you to believe that Auto Money Maker is a guaranteed, well…”money maker.” But legality forces him to admit that this is not actually true. Taking a close look at the disclaimer is important to find the holes in the persuasive arguments that these scammers are making.

Secondly: “Each individual’s success depends on…factors not always known and sometimes beyond control.” This is a fancy, wordy way of saying “we have no idea if this actually works.” According to this, your success depends on what you as an individual do, and those cosmic forces that sometimes get in the way. If that’s the case, then what role does Auto Money Maker play? (The answer should be obvious: none.)

You get the idea.

How the Auto Money Maker Scam Works.

Here’s how the scam works: once you join, you are automatically put under the guidance of a highly skilled and programmed trading bot. What’s better, enrolling is free! Surely there’s no risk.

Only…it’s not as free as it seems. To begin trading, you first have to provide the funds to get the process started. Each scamming system is different, but there will always be a minimum amount that you are required to deposit into the system before you can begin. For the purposes of this example, let’s say that minimum is $250. (Here’s a hint: you will never see that money again.)

So now you’ve provided your minimum and you are ready to get started. The software recognizes that you’ve paid it and it starts crunching the numbers. Within a short amount of time, you’ll see your investment begin to increase exponentially. A few hours or days later, you’ve made $10,000! By doing nothing! McCool was right!

Only he wasn’t.

The numbers that you are seeing are simply that: numbers. Not money. Not success. Just numerical code pumped out by the trading bot that you have handed your hard-earned money. No matter how hard you try, you will not be able to withdraw a cent of that $10,000, because it does not exist.

Be careful, though, because the scam is not over: the trading bots will assure you that everything is fine and that if you deposit even more money, you could be a millionaire! But of course, this money, too, will disappear. In essence, you are paying the system to show you big numbers that you will never be able to access. This is the Auto Money Maker scam.

No Magic Software.

There is no such thing as magic software that will make you rich. If you think there is, you’ll only get scammed.

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If you found this article helpful or have experience with Auto Money Maker, please leave a comment below. Thank you.

12 thoughts on “What is Auto Money Maker? 

  1. Oh my, that is one expensive scam! I am glad I have not run across it yet, but I do like to keep informed on all of the wacky scams out there.

    I am surprised however, that anyone would fall for someone with a name like that – obviously fake, of course – it simply screams of rip-off!

    Thanks for providing the info on this. Now I know what to look out there, when my dear husband tells me again, what an awesome thing he found on the internet, lol.

    At least he shows it to me first, and only buys it, when I agree with it, lol.


    1. Hi, Claudia!

      I agree. I wonder who is fooled by a name like Arthur McCool. It sounds like a cartoon name, doesn’t it? Sadly, the people behind Auto Money Maker must be getting results because it is offered through Offervault for affiliates to promote.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  2. Hi, Gary.

    First of all, Arthur “McCool” being the name of the individual who created this fraud company? One would be hard-pressed to devise a better “con-sounding” name for an individual trying to sell what is a bunch of garbage out to the public as a way for them to make money in an online business.

    I know that the real con involving this auto-money-maker scam program involves Mr. “McCool” trying to sweet talk truly uneducated individuals into believing, as you stated in your article, the fact that they have a “special opportunity”, they have been “uniquely selected”, they could easily earn tons of money; yet somehow this joke of a person does NOT want to sell you anything! Really? So why does this program cost $250 to join?

    Yet another scam that can be found on the Internet, and still visible because there remains so many naive people located throughout the world who all seek to make money as simply as possible with little or no effort being required on their behalf.

    This program also purportedly takes the guesswork out of insider trading. Pardon me but unless Mr. McCool has some type of license to do so, wouldn’t getting involved in his bogus opportunity be illegal?

    Participating in the stock market, and unless a person is either trained to do so or partnered with a licensed broker could easily lead to money being lost in the blink of an eye. Thus why in the world would any sane, rationale behaving individual choose to get involved with a fraud opportunity available with McCool that even a 5 year old child could recognize as being something to avoid – like a rotten apple?

    Gary, yet again you presented another fraud program that through research being conducted by you, it all but screams out to your readers that this venture would be something that everyone needs to avoid!


    1. Hi, Jeff!

      McCool sounds like a cartoon name for a mobster or a DJ. I can’t understand how it would win anyone’s trust. You bring up some great points and you have to wonder why Arthur McCool’s scheme hasn’t been shut down. It may be because binary options are not regulated by the SEC and that the website is hosted outside the United States.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  3. There are so many of these sites out there on the internet, it sad that they are taking advantage of people the way that they are.
    I really appreciate you pointing out their disclaimers. This is something I have started reading anytime I go onto a new site. They basically are telling on themselves. Glad to know you are looking out for us.
    Thank you

    1. Hi, Melissa!

      Unfortunately, schemes like Auto Money Maker are popping up like weeds across the internet.

      Yes, always read the disclaimer. If you can’t read the disclaimer because there isn’t one or because when you click on the disclaimer link it takes you someplace else, that’s all you need to know to understand the company cannot be trusted.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  4. First I am blown away that Scamavenger was available ! That is a great domain name !
    I loved the layout of your site! The images were placed just right and the backlinks to your page with the opt-in was well done! I need to take some lessons !
    Great job!

    1. Hi, Mike!

      I appreciate your kind words. ScamAvenger is a labor of love. 

      You should have seen the first website I built. It looked like homemade sin. It’s taken me a few years to get to this point. 

      Thanks for stopping by,


  5. I have honestly never heard of the Auto Money Maker, but now I know to stay away from it. I like that your sight points out the scams, but then you are promoting what I am assuming is your own product. I found it hard to trust your reviews. Maybe it is just me though. I signed up to receive the free 10 lessons so I can check out the product for myself! Otherwise I think it is great you are pointing out scams since there are a ton out there!

    1. Hi, Kayla!

      Why do you find it hard to trust my reviews? Is my language too forceful? Schemes like Auto Money Maker are extremely dangerous and can cost people tens of thousands of dollars. I use forceful language to break the spell unethical copywriting typically casts on their prey.

      I realize that most people who are searching for a way to make money online don’t want to do the work necessary. Instead, they hope to find magic software that will make them rich. That is what Auto Money Maker promises but does not deliver.

      I’m glad you are trying the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. It’s free to try and will show you how to build a profitable online business on a shoestring. It doesn’t cost a lot of money to make money online, but it does take work, commitment and patience.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  6. oh gosh thanks for this review Gary!

    How many of these auto trading scams are there?

    I seem to be stumbling upon one every other day. And they are all called something different but all involve forking out an intial $250 before supposedly making you money on auto pilot after that.

    Good on you for pointing this scam out for what it is!

    1. Hi, SJ!

      Auto-trading schemes like Auto Money Maker are popping up like weeds across the internet. It seems that more appear each day. And, like you mentioned, they all want $250 of your money. That’s just the beginning. If you fall for their scam, you could easily lose $10,000 or more.

      Thanks for stopping by,


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