What is 1K Daily Profit?

what is 1k daily profit

According to Mr. Becker, the 1K Daily Profit software will funnel a $1000 into your account every day and has made members of 1K Daily Profit more than a $100 million. However, a closer look reveals something much different. Follow me as I reveal the Devil in the details.

Product Name: 1kdailyprofit
Product Website:  1kdailyprofit.com
Product Cost: Free (with a BIG fat sneaky Gotcha!)
Product Owner: Cannot be determined
Opinion: Not Recommended

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What is 1K Daily Profit?

what is 1k daily profit

When you land on the 1K Daily Profit website, a video begins, and a voice claims to be John Becker, a former partner of Goldman Sachs who developed a highly accurate trading software that earns an average $1000 a day on auto-pilot.

John Becker says you are one of the very few who have been specially invited to use this extraordinary software. Mr. Becker carefully explains how 1K Daily Profit is not a scam and assures you he is not trying to sell you anything.

According to Mr. Becker, the 1K Daily Profit software has earned the members of 1K Daily Profit more than a $100 million, and if you use the software, it will funnel $1000 into your account every day.

To make a $1000 a day, all you must do is download the software and click “on.” The 1K Daily Profit software does the rest. In the video, Mr. Becker invites us to watch over his shoulder as he funds his trading account with $250 and, then over the course of about 7 hours, turns his initial deposit into more than $1500.

Becker explains that the software is 99.8% accurate so there is no risk. You can even leave it to on autopilot while you do other things and never worry about losing your money.

According to Mr. Becker, if you can point and click your mouse, you can earn $1000 a day. I wish there were a software that could earn a thousand dollars a day with a push of a button, but there isn’t.

The 1K Daily Profit Deception.

To begin, let’s look at the many ways the 1K Daily Profit website is trying to deceive us.

When I first saw the picture of John Becker, a rugged, middle-aged man, I thought how the voice in the video did not match the picture. The voice of the narrator sounds much younger than I would expect the man in the picture to sound.

The image of John Becker is probably a stock image, and the narrator is probably a voice actor.

I immediately recognized one of the people claiming to have made money with 1k Daily Profit to be an actor for hire from Fiverr.

I think it is reasonable to say that John Becker is not a real person and that the testimonies are fake.

Scroll to the bottom of the 1K Daily Profit website, and you will see in very small and very faint text their Terms of Service and their Disclaimer.

In the paragraph above these links, you can read a statement explaining how trading in binary options can result in losing all your money. You will also read that 1K Daily Profit “strongly advise that you read our terms & conditions and disclaimer page before making any investment.”

However, if you click on the Terms of Service link or the Disclaimer link you are immediately sent back to the top of the website, and the sales video starts over. In other words, you CANNOT read the Terms of Service or the Disclaimer!

Is 1K Daily Profit a Scam?

ScamAdvisor warns that the owner the 1k Daily Profit website is using a service to hide their identity and to mask where the website is hosted.

what is 1k daily profit

According to ScamAdvisor, 1k Daily Profit appears to be hosted in the United States, but that there are other countries involved in the hosting and that there is an 88% chance the site is hosted elsewhere.

While hiding the ownership of a website and the country where it is hosted is not proof of a scam, it is a strategy scammers often use.

What is 1K Daily Profit, Really?

1K Daily Profit is a scam trying to get you to deposit at least $250 into a so-called trading account with an unregistered binary options broker.

As we have seen from the ScamAdvisor report, we have no idea who this broker is and where in the world it is located. But we can safely assume it is unregistered because a registered broker is not permitted to market with lies as witnessed on the 1K Daily Profit website.

The United States Securities Exchange Commission warns that unregistered binary options brokers are known to steal people’s money, steal their identities and to manipulate software to create losing trades. (Source: CFTC Fraud Advisories)

The Last Word on 1K Daily Profit.

1K Daily Profit is a scam designed to take your money.

There is no magic software that will turn the internet into your private ATM spitting out a $1000 a day.

Anyone who tells you that there is a magic button or software or guru who will make you rich is only trying to scam you.

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If you found this article helpful or have experience with 1K Daily Profit, please leave a comment below.

46 thoughts on “What is 1K Daily Profit?

  1. Hi Gary, I need your comment about statement by Thedailyharrison.com. published on April 8, 2017… the team said 1K Daily profit is a legit, highly profitable binary options trading system. the daily harrison highly recommend. their experience invest $300 and after 3 weeks their balance is $3590.

    1. Hi, Tajul!

      There is no such thing as a “highly profitable binary options trading system.” 99% of the binary options systems online are scams. I know of only one legitimate binary options trading exchange and you won’t make money with them either.

      1K Daily Profit is a classic scam. They are not a registered binary options broker. The US SEC has specifically warned that unregistered brokers, like 1K Daily Profit, are known to steal people’s identity, manipulate the software to force losing trades and lock people out of their accounts.

      Read the “Risk Statement” at the bottom of the 1K Daily Profit website. It says you COULD lose ALL of your money. Understand that to mean you WILL lose all of your money.

      Read the Disclosure. You will find the link at the bottom of the 1K Daily Profit website. The Disclosure clearly states that the sales video is FAKE. Everything they tell you about 1K Daily Profit is a LIE!

      Money only flows one way with binary options scams like 1K Daily Profit and that is OUT of your pocket and into theirs. You will not make money with 1K Daily Profit. You will only lose money.

      To understand how a binary options scam works, read this article. The Binary Option Scam.

      Don’t do it!


  2. I bet in the terms and conditions they strongly advise you to read carefully as this is binary options but if there’s not the option of reading them as you say, well it’s another scam.

    If Mr Becker is not a real person, the image is false, the narrator is an actor and the testimonies are fake – How do these people get away with this?

    Binary Options is one heck of a risky business even for the so called experts out there so how they can claim 1k will be rolling into your account daily mystifies me, there’s simply no laws protecting people. There’ll be many who do get attracted into this only to end up losing all their investment. The web is full of these scams, quite depressing.

    Like the authorities say, unregistered binary options brokers simply steal money.

    I’m going to stick with affiliate marketing,

    1. Hi, Simon!

      Yes, affiliate marketing is much, much better than binary options and infinitely better than giving your money to an unregistered broker, who really isn’t a broker at all.

      I too wonder how these scams get away with it. Their websites are cloaked with multiple layers of misdirecting code that make it appear that the website is in the US when it is actually in another country far, far from any regulatory agency. Still, sometimes, they get blocked from the US.

      But because their reputation quickly catches up with them, the websites are usually short lived. Then the scammer get a new website, changes the name of the scam and give it another go.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  3. I enjoyed reading your information here.

    I will admit I have been scammed in the past.. but it was only one. That is all it took to never fall for another one,

    The problem is, these people are good at what they do. They create the image, the portray confidence, and they have you believe you are onto something good.

    But how are these people allowed to operate. Does google not recognize them as a scam?

    Thanks to people like you with a good eye and nose to see and smell deception, the warnings are there for people to read too.

    Thanks for the great work!


    1. Hi, Chris!

      Yes, indeed! Scammers like 1K Daily Profit are pros. I wouldn’t say they’re good, because they aren’t. They are good at scamming people, but they’re not good. Of course, I’m sure that is what you meant.

      Thanks for sharing your experience about being scammed. Wear it as a badge of honor. Getting scammed is a right of passage for anyone trying to earn an income online. It’s the ones who are scammed so badly they are crushed and can’t recover who suffer the most.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  4. Thank you Gary for this comprehensive review!
    You have very thoroughly mentioned every aspect of this scam site and probably saved many people and their money.
    Your video is also great. Illustrations are entertaining, your voice is pleasurable and background music is appropriate.
    Hope that you’ll continue to investigate and write lots of quality blog articles in the future.

    Best regards,
    Dan Coly

    1. Hi, Dan!

      I appreciate your kind words. Yes, 1K Daily Profit is a real stinker. I do hope I’ve save some people money and wish more people would understand there is a lot of money to be made on the internet, but you still have to work for it.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  5. Hey Gary, thx for this enlightening review. I am glad I never fall for such bullshit and I am sorry for anyone who did. It’s unbelievable, that they can deceive so many people. But if you think about it twice, this can’t be true, because if it’s really that fast and easy to get money everyone would do it. Isn’t there a way to stop such scams? Why is it even legal?

    1. Hi, Svenonroad!

      You’re right. The internet is not an ATM and it has not changed how money is made. The same principles of business still apply. People will give you their money when you give them something they want. There is no magic software that will make you rich and no magic button that turns the internet into your private ATM.

      And 1K Daily Profit surely will not make you rich. It will make you broke and humiliated.

      No, these scams are not legal on so many levels. The most obvious is their tactic of bait and switch. The problem is that most of the owners and operators of these scams are in countries where no one can touch them.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  6. As someone who routinely searches for ways to make supplemental income, I was happy to come across your review! It is unbelievable that this website could potentially scam people out of their hard earned money with the promise of daily riches. What action can be taken to get these scammy sites off the web?

    1. Hi, Ashley!

      I’m so glad you found my website and my review of 1K Daily Profit. I’m as puzzled as you are about why the search engines continue to index these scams. While the owners of binary options scams are often concealed, the footprint of scam websites is obvious.

      It might be that the search engine people think that market forces will expose these scams. Perhaps so, but unfortunately only after many people have suffered financial ruin.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  7. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of 1K Daily Profit, by this John Becker guy, but I’m certainly glad I ran into your review. I’m not new to the industry, but evidently I am new to many of the never-ending scam companies that yet exist. By reading this review, it should educate many to know some of the things to look for, when it comes to companies that may not be on the level. I now know if I ever run into this company to steer, clear away, thanks for your review. I love that reviews are helpful “time savers” when searching to build more income. Hey, just one question for you…What is the number one major way to discover right away, that a company wants to pocket your funds or ID? Becasue these are the main two things when it come to online opps that I fear the most.

    1. Hi, Bev!

      As I imagine you have figured out already, John Becker is not a real person, at least not the John Becker presented on the 1K Daily Profit website. Scams like this are usually short lived as their reputation as a scam soon travels across the internet, but they can be very damaging to a lot of people.

      You asked what is the number one way to determine if an offer is a scam. In my experience, if an offer triggers a sense of greed, it is probably a scam. Scammers intentionally try to make you feel greedy for the pig in a poke they are selling. A scammer knows if they can get you to feel greedy for what they are selling you will make a foolish decision.

      Also, if the offer expects you to commit your money or personal information before you can see what the offer is truly about.

      A legitimate offer knows they must prove their value to you and will not expect you to trust them. In the end, if the offer doesn’t allow you to try it before you buy, I would not bother with it.

      Most legitimate online businesses offer a free trial without asking for a credit card or personal information. This is how Wealthy Affiliate operates and is why I consider them to be the best way to learn to make money online.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  8. Hi Gary. Awesome coverage of the 1k daily profit scam. Nobody in their right mind will genuinely help people like this. If John Becker (if he really exist) do created this software, there is no reason whatsoever for him to send this for free to anyone! That would be the number one telling of a scam lol =)

    1. Hi, Isaac!

      I agree. Sometimes, depending on our circumstances, we hear what we want to hear. My mother is 87 years old and still thinks everyone is as nice and innocent as she is.

      She called me once and said a nice man from Russia was working on her computer. It turns out she had gotten caught in some phishing scheme and the jerk was searching through her computer files for bank information. I had to call her neighbor to go over and disconnect her computer. The only thing that kept her from getting ripped off is that she banks the old fashion way.

      A friend got scammed for thousands and he’s a smart guy. Later, when he was confining in me, he said his wife had been pressuring him to make more money and he thought he could do it with the scheme. It wasn’t long after this his wife left him anyway.

      A lot of people are desperate to earn more money and scammers know it. Everyday I come across scams I can’t believe people fall for, but we all have a weakness. Scammers are geniuses at finding it.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  9. Hi There

    I was introduced to something else very similar some months ago and as soon as I began to watch the video which was very similar to the one you have shown I immediately came away!

    I find it quite hard to believe that people do actually sign up to these programmes and think they are going to generate $1000 a day by not having to endure some hard work and determination.

    Great review! and lets hope it encourages some to steer very clear.


    1. Hi, Carla!

      Scams like 1K Daily Profit are popping up like weeds. Unfortunately, people do fall for them and it is usually people who can least afford it. Also, I’m convinced some people are addicted to make money offers and get a high from believing the sale pitch of getting rich fast, at least until reality sets in.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  10. The author clearly states that 1k Daily profit is a scam. There is enough proof to steer you in the direction of completely steering clear of this scam. I like the investigation work into the terms of service or disclaimer link and how it loops back into the start page with the video instead of the information that you should be getting. Overall the article is done well and clearly let’s you know which way to go as far as 1k Profits are concerned,

    1. Hi, Patrick!

      1K Daily Profit is typical of binary options scams. They all have outlandish promises of easy money. Of course any time you can’t read the disclaimer that’s a dead give away their hiding something. Unfortunately, most people never even look for the disclaimer.

      Thanks for stopping by,


    2. Hi Gary, I got a call from a guy that works at 1K daily profit and he asked me to increase my credit limit

      1. Hi, Mikhaela!

        Thanks for joining the discussion. Any money you give 1K Daily Profit will be gone forever. Don’t give them a nickel.


  11. Thanks Gary invaluable work here, i have been caught by a few of these binary options scams through the years, we all have to hold up our hands and admit it when we have been taken for a ride.

    Like you though, i have learnt from my mistakes and it has made me very savvy to the sales techniques used from online scam systems.

    I can see the actors, stock images, rehashed thin air promises, and the smell of pure BS a mile away now with online scam systems.

    And one look at that 1k daily profit system and i have the exact same perspective as you – scam, clearly intending to take peoples money without providing a real product or any real business building knowledge that the average man wants to learn.

    Great post!

    1. Hi, Marley!

      Sorry to hear you learned about binary options scams the hard way, but like you mentioned, it’s the cost of education. I would say your scam radar is finely tuned. Unfortunately, what looks like an obvious scam to us, like 1K Daily Profit, may look like a dream come true for someone else. They won’t see the truth until it’s too late.

      There is an excellent book called “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” by Dr. Robert Cialdini.

      The author is a psychologist and began studying how we fall for scams after he had been taken for a ride. In the book, he says that even though he now knows all about scams and how they get us, he still falls for them. He reasons that we continue to fall for scams because the scammers know how to short circuit our brains so we make decisions without thinking about it. I highly recommend the book. It was a real eye-opener for me.

      Thanks for stopping by


  12. Hi Gary,

    It is good to know that there is a website like yours that looks into these scams. I myself have run into some before beginning blogging. I found that there is no get rich quick scheme like many advertise here online. I found the best way is to relax take a deep breath and take two years studying blogging and the online world. I think the best way is not to think about money but rather try to live on what you have at the moment. make affarmations along the way. SOmething good will crop up. Blogging is good and I believe will make money but first one has to study and surrender. Money does not grow on trees. thanks for the advice. I will subsciribe to your news letter


    1. Hi, Rachel!

      Thanks for your kind words and your wise insight.

      Your idea of surrendering to the process and studying the internet for two years makes perfect sense. Unfortunately, most people are not as patient as you are. However, the truth is any profession that pays more than a living wage takes time to learn. With an internet business the rewards are much greater than a job, but, as you mentioned, it takes time to get there.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  13. 1k Daily Profit has an interesting business model. I can imagine some people who are in desperate times jumping into this as a risk or step of faith just hoping it works out and they’ve chosen the right only company. I find it interesting that the voices don’t match up and now that you point it out I hear it as well! Would you say that it is always a good idea as well to stay away from companies whose terms and conditions are not viewable on their site?

    1. Hi, Wedding Connector!

      1K Daily Profit is a poorly put together sales page, but it must be making money for somebody. Unfortunately, it is at the expense of trusting souls who can least afford to lose their money. My guess is that the sales page was created by a non-English speaker who is simply following a proven formula of pasting in stock photos.

      Thanks for asking about the terms and conditions. Always read the small print. In this case, the Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer. If you can’t read it the TOS or Disclaimer, that’s a dead giveaway the offer is a scam.

      Legitimate companies know they must prove that you can trust them and will go above and beyond to establish their integrity. Any online company that doesn’t assume full responsibility for earning your trust should be avoided.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  14. Wow, very impressive and informative.

    Gary, that is one of the best websites I’ve seen joining WA two weeks ago. The content is clean, well described and well laid out. I also like your use of the WA ad’s.

    I’m interested to know how long you’ve been here and did you build the website after signing up for WA?


    Leon Barnes

    1. Hi, Leon!

      Thanks for your kind words about my 1K Daily Profit article and my website. Congrats on joining Wealthy Affiliate and welcome aboard. You’re in the best place to learn how to build a profitable online business.

      I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for two years and built ScamAvenger.com soon after joining WA.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  15. Scary how there are so many scams out there! I know I wouldn’t be comfortable giving my bank information to these scammers. People just need to realize there are very few quick money makers like this. It takes hard work and generally a lot of time to generate revenue, and this seems 1k daily profit definitely seems like a very poorly constructed scam.

    1. Hi, Lauren!

      The scammers are getting smarter by the minute too. What I find so disturbing is how quick other people will join in and help scams like 1K Daily Profit. To pull off their ruse, they need actors, copywriters, telemarketers and an army of affiliates.

      An affiliate who sends a referral to the 1K Daily Profit website is paid a commission ranging from $200 to $350. It’s blood money really and it comes directly out of a traders account.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  16. Thanks for the heads up Gary. Although I haven’t seen this scam before I have seen many others. I think it’s the responsibility of all reputable online business to expose scammers and frauds. Their copy is very enticing and unless someone (like you) exposes them many of us might waste money we really need for other legitimate ventures. Great job and keep up the good work!

    1. Hi, Doug!

      I agree, the more we shine a light on these scams the better it will be for legitimate online businesses. Unfortunately, I’m afraid there will always be those who fall for schemes like 1K Daily Profit. After two years of investigating online scams, I’m convinced there are people who are addicted to the fantasy of easy riches.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  17. It’s amazing to think how many people can be lured in by these get rich simple schemes. If it sounds to good to be true, it usually is. I’ve heard that so many times. With any program you are about to venture into, take at least 15 minutes and really delve into some investigation. After 15 minutes, wait 24 hours, then make an informed decision. No sense in wasting time and money on scam sites like 1k Daily Profit trying to get your money. Thanks Gary for doing some digging for us!

    1. Hi, Jen!

      You are so right. The real opportunities do not evaporate overnight. On the other hand, scammers love to create artificial scarcity to push people into hasty decisions. Scammers know if someone has time to think about their scheme they will back out.

      Scams like 1K Daily Profit capitalize on intense emotions too. Apparently, there are people who flock to these schemes to get the emotional rush. I suspect part of them knows its a scam, but like any obsessive behavior they have lost control.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  18. I’m so pleased that you have this site. After being ripped off myself with an unscrupulous Internet marketer I would like to see more people giving correct information about dubious marketers. I researched the guy I bought off before I bought and I found only good things, but I’ve since come across other who have been similarly ripped off. Maybe not as blatantly as your Mr Becker but sometimes subtlety is worse because it lulls you into a false sense of security. Anyway, good job and I agree with you that WA is a great community and a very safe place to begin an Internet business

    1. Hi, Deb!

      I’m sorry to hear you got ripped off, but I’m not surprised. I’ve lost more than I want to admit on scams and junk products. As a copywriter, I should have known better.

      By now, I’m sure you realize that even the worse scam will have glowing reviews recommending it. That’s how the affiliates make money. It’s no different with 1K Daily Profit. Once you learn to see through the sales pitch, it gets amusing, except of course that these scammers are stealing from people who can least afford it.

      I appreciate your endorsement of Wealthy Affiliate. It’s the only place I recommend for anyone interested in learning how to make money online. The free starter membership makes it totally risk free so anybody can try it out.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  19. Hi Gary, thanks for this review. I am new to the online business world and I have seen a number of these “Get Rich Quick” schemes. Thankfully I have never been taken for a ride due to my innate skepticism about things like that. I know that if it’s too good to be true, it usually is. However, I did run into Wealthy Affiliate which you recommend in this post and I have to say WA is too good to be true, but it is TRUE! I started as a newbie for free, and after 24 hours I had seen enough to buy into the premium membership. I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for one month and have a real functioning website with content. I am on my way to my own online business thanks to WA and the community. Great recommendation on your part.

    P.S. I absolutely love your super woman character. Is she single? 😉

    1. Hi, Scott!

      Yes, ScamAvenger Girl is single, but she’s a tough character.

      Don’t you wish you could make millions with just a push of a button like 1K Daily Profit promises. If only it were true!

      I chuckled when I read that you thought Wealthy Affiliate was too good to be true. I thought the same thing and did not join for nearly a year after I found it. What a dummy I was! I’m glad you had better sense.

      I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for two years and now wish I had joined a long time ago. It’s the only place I recommend for newbies and intermediates.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  20. Gary,

    I continue to be amazed at how people still fall for these scams! The ability to earn 1K per day through some phony binary options trade promotion is something only a complete fool would believe to be possible.

    When will people stop believing the absolute lie that money can be made in get-rich-quick schemes such as this one?

    The info that you provided about the site itself should be a warning to everyone that something sure smells foul.

    Being an unregistered site also should set off alarm bells ringing. Yet because people are greedy, desperate and just plain sloppy regarding their mindset it is why the person, (one named John Becker who as you say is a non-person) who created this scam is probably able to bankroll money.

    If people would only do their homework, conducting complete research on these scams, and in addition understanding that the odds of a person making $1,000/day is nothing but a pipe dream, then one day (probably way off into the future) these scams will all permanently disappear.

    Thank you again Gary for informing your readers about an opportunity that’s not worth even a moment’s glance!


    1. Hi, Jeff!

      I agree. Unfortunately, scams have a long history.

      Ironically, the setup and execution of scams are the same as they’ve been for years. Setting up a scam is very much like weaving a story, or perhaps a fairy tale. Some people need to believe the unbelievable.

      And, some people are addicted to the emotional high these scams give them for a very short period of time. When someone believes these phony stories, for a day or two, they can pretend they will soon be rich. Unfortunately, they are in for a cruel let down in the end.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  21. Hi Gary.
    Loved this piece on 1K Daily Profit.
    What’s the old saying if something sounds too good to be true it probably is!
    It angers me that people get away with these scams and people are still getting burnt by them. At least you are educating people on what scams are out there.
    Great work.
    Can’t wait to read more of your reviews.

    1. Hi, Chadd!

      Thanks for the kind words. I do hope somewhere someone’s money is still in their wallet because of my site. Occasionally, I do get thank emails from people who have dodged a bullet because of one of my reviews.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  22. Hey Gary and awesome review. I’m not convinced from the man in the video, compared to the voice either. Sounds way off so thanks for pointing that one out! Also, even the thought of me being able to click on a mouse, and make %1,000 a day, sound’s ridiculous. You definitely put that in it’s place with your details. Not to mention your point about there Terms of Service and Disclaimer’s page. If there’s a glitch in that, and that’s normally something serious to have to agree to before joining anything, usually there’s something off about the site. Wow, thanks for helping me doge a future bullet Gary and awesome review once again.

    Take care

    1. Hi, Hassan!

      1K Daily Profit has been around for about 18 months. I can only imagine they are making money, but, as you mentioned, the voice in the sales video sounds nothing like you’d expect the John Becker character to sound like. Of course, it’s all staged. The image is a stock photo and the voice is an actor.

      Something I wanted to add was that the minimum deposit to start trading the 1K Daily Profit scheme is $250, but the commission affiliate earn for referring someone to this scam is $350. This makes me think that anyone who gets involved will be talked into depositing a lot more.

      Thanks for stopping by,

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