Vindale Research, Scam Or What?

Dollar bills, symbolic of the money Vindale Research promises. Vindale Research, Scam or What?

Vindale Research is not a legitimate research company. Continue reading to learn the truth about Vindale Research and the risks you are taking when you participate in their surveys.

How to Really Make Money Online and Never Get Scammed.

Image of Vindale Research Signup PageName of Product: Vindale Research
Price: Free to join, but purchases may be required.
Rating: Not Recommended

Vindale Research, Scam Or What?

Vindale Research is not a research company. It’s a marketing company cleverly disguised to make you believe it’s a research organization.

Vindale sells the personal information it gathers through its surveys to other businesses. And it earns commissions on products members are required to buy before completing many of the surveys.

What Vindale Research pays you is a fraction of the commission they receive when you buy a product or service. Vindale Research gets you to buy products and services under the illusion that you have to evaluate them before you can complete a survey.

The truth is, you will be spending more than you will be earning.

According to an online complaint, you may not be aware that your credit card or debit card has been charged.

“I signed trusting that Vindale was an honorable company. Was I ever wrong! So far, it means $89 added to my credit card for supposedly writing a review on a pet product for a company called Vetz Pets.” Margaret G (Source)

Vindale Research Terms of Service.

Vindale Research LogoIn the first line of the TOS for Vindale Research, it clearly states that the website is and that it is a web property that is managed by Vindale Media LLC. Nothing in this legal document indicates that Vindale Research has anything to do with research.

What Is Vindale Research?

Before Vindale Research pays you, you will have to accrue $50 in earnings. Earning $50 is difficult unless you do product and service evaluations, which means you must buy products or services. Which, in turn, means you are spending more money than you are earning.

If you only do the surveys, remember Vindale Research sells your personal information to other companies at a much higher rate than they pay you.

While you might make pennies for completing a survey and revealing your private information, Vindale Research makes several dollars.

How You Make Money with Vindale Research.

Image of money symbolic of the money Vindale Research promises. Vindale Research, Scam or What?There are only two ways to make money with Vindale Research. You can either give them your personal information, in which case you will earn about twenty-five cents.

Or, you can buy a product or service to evaluate. In which case, Vindale Research will give you back a fraction of the money you gave them and then claim they have paid you.

And because Vindale Research claims that they paid you, you may be liable for taxes for what you receive.

The bottom line is that Vindale Research doesn’t have to pay you at all. Read their Terms of Service and you will see that they have given themselves many ways to justify not paying you.

Prepared to Be Spammed.

Because Vindale Research will sell your email far and wide, your inbox will be spammed to death, and there is little you can do about it.

In the Vindale Research Terms of Service, they clearly state you must monitor your inbox to receive surveys and notices from Vindale Research. If you do not respond to their emails, your account will be deemed inactive, and they will not pay you.

Read Vindale Research Terms of Service here.

Vindale Research BBB

Image of man staring at computer. He looks worried.Complaints against Vindale Research with the BBB are evident under the umbrella company that owns Vindale Research. The umbrella company is SAYFOREXAMPLE, INC.

There are 42 complaints against SAYFOREXAMPLE, INC.

The details of most of these complaints are not available. However, of those that are available, the complaints appear to be about not getting paid.

Read the BBB record of SAYFOREXAMPLE, INC here.

Vindale Research Complaints.

There is an abundance of complaints online about Vindale Research. I’ve included a few here.

Ripoff. Waste of time. The true epitome of chickenhawks. They ask intrusive questions and always say you do not qualify for one reason or another. Suzanne P.

This is a completely ridiculous waste of time.  They’ll put you through 15 or 20 minutes of questions, just to tell you that you don’t qualify for the survey.  I’m on a lot of panels and I have never encountered an operation this bogus.  Do NOT participate!  Rose W.

This company is fraudulent and unethical. Jay S.

It has taken me about four months to make $10.55, and this is with me going to the site daily. Mandy S.

This company is a SCAM. They Will Cheat you out of your pay.
Gary B.

The above Vindale Research complaints and more are available at

Additional Vindale Research complaints are available at

And still more Vindale Research complaints are available at

How the Vindale Research Scam works.

A Slick Salesman with a cigarette in his mouth.Before you can even take a survey, you must first be evaluated.

Vindale will not pay you for completing the evaluations.

In other words, by completing the evaluation, you are giving Vindale Research your personal information for FREE!

Once you are deemed qualified to complete surveys, it gets worse.

For example, you might try to qualify for a survey regarding a payday loan company, but to qualify you must first take out a payday loan.

Another example is a survey that requires you to join a streaming video service before you qualify to take the survey. You will have to give them your credit card information and incur an expense, plus spend 20 minutes of your time to fill out a survey before you can earn a couple of dollars.

The truth is, you aren’t earning anything. You are only getting a little bit of your money back. It’s a shell game!

What Is Vindale Research?

Vindale Research is a marketing company. They draw you in with a promise of making easy money completing surveys.

Ultimately, they get your personal information which they sell to other companies. And they also get you to buy products and services.

When you do, Vindale Research is paid a commission, and you get a little of your money back.

How to Really Make Money Online and Never Get Scammed.

The Last Word About Vindale Research, Scam Or What?

If you still want to try Vindale Research, please follow these three rules to protect yourself.

  1. Image of a little boy dressed up like a superhero with a red cape.Create a separate email account just for your interactions with them. Once Vindale Research has your email account, it will get spammed relentlessly.
  2. DO NOT give Vindale Research, or any of the third party websites linked to it, your credit card or debit card information.
  3. Do NOT enter into any contracts with Vindale Research or any of the third party websites linked to it.

At best, Vindale Research is a waste of time. At worse, it could cost you dearly, compromise your personal information and open your email inbox to spammers.

I understand the need, the urgency and sometimes even the desperation to earn cash. I’ve been there more than I want to admit.

Please realize that your desire to earn money makes you vulnerable to every scam imaginable. The truth is, there just isn’t a quick and easy way to make money online.

If you want to make an extra $20 or so, you will do better finding something offline. Running errands for people or doing small repairs will earn you more.

Black and white photograph of Gary HortonHowever, you CAN make money online if you take the time to build a legitimate business. With the right help and support, you can make a full-time income and even replace your job. Some people earn much more. Millions of people make money online every day with businesses they built themselves. You can too.

Building a profitable online business is more simple than you might expect. I explain how this works in my article How to Really Make Money Online and Never Get Scammed.

I’m here for you,

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10 thoughts on “Vindale Research, Scam Or What?

  1. Not another online paid survey program! LOL.

    In my personal experiences, survey sites are not rewarding at all because you invest a lot of your free time for very little in return that will never earn anybody the income they need!

    I have no idea why online companies such as Vindale Research are allowed to stay in business on the internet when they operate in an unethical way!

    It’s also absurd to buy something or give out your credit card details before participating in any survey.

    Thank You for your review on Vindale Research, and I too recommend that people stay well clear of this online scam!


    1. Hi, Neil!

      Thanks for stopping by. I don’t know how these survey sites can stay in business either. It only takes a little effort to search online and learn how rotten they are. Vindale Research, at first, appears to be legit and they make it seem easy to earn a hundred bucks a day. The truth is, the only way to earn a hundred bucks a day with Vindale Research is to spend three hundred bucks a day. It’s a losing proposition.

      I wish more people realized that to make money online, they will need to build an online business that creates value. I write about how it’s done here.

      All the best,


  2. HI Gary thanks for going into so much detail about this company, I was actually shocked reading this and I have read many reviews of different scam companies.

    For someone who has no idea about making money online this company is your archetypical criminal preying on vulnerable people. At least they should be obliged legally to state how they actually make money, although they probably claim they do if you know where to look.

    Thanks for highlighting this and I’ll be sure to pass it on to others.

    1. Hi, Marie!

      Thanks for stopping by. Usually, a survey company’s Terms of Service will reveal what they are really all about. Although, they would say it straight out. However, in the Terms of Service that mention getting paid, they will usually have several ways to justify not paying. Another place in the Terms of Service to look is how they relate to third party sites. They mention something about how the survey company is linked to third party sites, but that they are not responsible for anything on those sites or for paying for anything the third party promises.

      The bottom line is that the survey companies are at best a total waste of time and probably much worse than that.

      If someone wants to learn how to really make money online they should go here.

      Thanks again Marie,


  3. Why oh why do so many people and companies want to just rip you off. Thank you for this post. I have been looking for legitimate opportunities for making a living at home and have found only a small handful of reputable opportunities. The info you have provided is most helpful and i hope it gets in the right hands quickly. Thank you>

    1. Hi, Bethany!

      Thanks for commenting. I’m like you. I can’t understand why scammers have to scam. It seems to me that it’s easier, safer and more reliable to build an honest to goodness business that creates value instead of running a scam.

      I’ve only found one place online that teaches how to really make money online. It’s where I learned and continue to learn and it’s become my online home.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  4. Thanks for the warning of such a scam. Vindale looks like a “con” trap to trap people into their scam. It is sad to see such company are still in business. We need more people like you to find and expose them so others will not be scammed by them.

    1. Hi, Vincent!

      It’s good to see you here. Thanks for commenting. Like you, I’m amazed these survey companies stay in business. There are complaints about them all over the internet. Vindale Research has tons of complaints about it in the usual places like Yelp and ScamReport. But, somehow, the beast lives on and continues to steal people’s information while lying to them about making money online.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      All the best,


  5. Hi Gary,
    Wow! Thanks for posting such an in-depth look at this company! This looks like one of those organizations I would have simply avoided due to the smell of it. I really like how you get the human factor in making a decision like this. You’re absolutely right! In desperate times, people tend to do desperate things. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is, but when you’re at the end of your rope sometimes you make bad decisions to try and ease the pain. I am grateful for people like yourself who are looking out for the best interests of the rest of us!

    Thanks for the post!

    1. Hi Chris,

      It’s good to see you here. Thanks for commenting.

      True, once you know what a legitimate online business looks like, you can usually spot the scams right off, but so many people are in desperate financial straights and their desperation drives them to try anything. That’s how these scammers draw them in. Once the scammers get all they want from their target, the person is locked out of the system, dazed and confused.

      Like anything of value, making money online is not easy, but it can be done. Millions of people make money online every day. The secret is to build a legitimate online business. It takes time and consistent effort, but the rewards are more than worth it. To learn more, go here.

      All the best,


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