The Cash From Home Scam

The Cash From Home Scam

The Cash From Home website promises you can make real money and change your life starting in five minutes. However, a closer look reveals a carefully executed campaign of deception. Keep reading to see the Devil in the details.

Product Name: Cash From Home
Product Website:
Product Cost: $97
Product Owner: Cannot be determined.
Opinion: Not Recommended

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The Cash From Home Scam.

The Cash From Home Scam

The Cash From Home website claims you can change your life and be making real money within 5 minutes of signing up. It even claims you don’t need any experience and you can start immediately, but there are limited “spots” available in your area.

It almost sounds like a job opening, doesn’t it?

To get started with Cash From Home, you must enter your name, email address, and phone number. Don’t do it!

Cash From Home is not what it appears to be. If you give them any information, it will be a mistake.

Is Cash From Home Legit?

At the time of this writing, the Cash From Home website featured icons for major news networks across the top of their website and the bottom. The implication is that reputable news networks featured Cash From Home.

However, that is not true. If you read carefully, you’ll see it says “Work from Home Opportunities have been featured on.” Not a word about Work From Home being featured.

In fact, in the Cash From Home Terms of Service, in a paragraph about trademarks, it says; “The example companies, organizations, products, people and events depicted herein are fictitious. No association with any real company, organization, product, person, or event is intended or should be inferred.” (CFM)

In other words, Cash From Home was just kidding about those impressive news network logos on their website.

Deception is the stock and trade of a scam.

More Cash From Home Deception

The Cash From Home Scam

While the Cash From Home website promises you can change your life and could be making real money within 5 minutes of signing up, the earnings disclosure tells a much different story.

There are several lines in the Cash From Home earnings disclaimer that waffles out of the claims of making money. You’ll find the following backpaddling sentence about 5 lines down from the top of the Cash From Home earnings disclaimer.

“Who knows you may never make any money.” ( CFM)

And what about the limited number of spots mentioned on the website? You know that line that made it sound like you had an opportunity for a job? Apparently, they were just kidding about that too. Here’s what the Earning Disclosure says;

“By purchasing the Cash From Home program, you are not purchasing a business, business opportunity, or job.” (CFM)

The Last Word on Cash From Home.

What is Cash From Home really about? It’s impossible to tell. Would you trust your name, email and phone number to a stranger who has intentionally lied to you?

It’s impossible to know who owns Cash From Home. The Earnings Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and Terms of Service each refer to a different parent company or simply to Cash From Home.

Cash From Home has a striking similarity to a company that the FTC investigated for fraud. Like Cash From Home, this company concealed its true identity behind numerous company names and addresses. The company the FTC prosecuted for fraud was named APPLY KNOWLEDGE, LLC, among about a dozen other names.

The findings of the FTC in their case against APPLY KNOWLEDGE, LLC are helpful to surmise the true nature of Cash From Home. Here’s what the FTC determined.

SuperHero giving a thumbs down

APPLY KNOWLEDGE operates a multi-million dollar, internet & telemarketing scheme that preys on consumers hoping to earn money via a home based Internet business. APPLY KNOWLEDGE, using a multitude of corporate names and deceptive tactics, induce consumers to pay thousands of dollars—much of it borrowed on their credit cards. Consumers make these purchases believing they will end up with an online business generating substantial revenue. Most do not end up with a functional online business, earn little or no money, and end up heavily in debt. (Source: FTC)

To be clear, you will not make money with Cash From Home. If you try it, you will lose money and may go “heavily in debt.” And any personal information you give Cash From Home will probably be sold to the highest bidder.

That’s all I’m going to say about Cash From Home. Just don’t do it. If you are searching for a legitimate way to make money online, keep reading.

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10 thoughts on “The Cash From Home Scam

  1. I must admit as soon as I see these promises flash up my first reaction is to curse followed by leaving the site. They make me so angry and they lower the trust levels out there of the genuine offers that can help you.

    I always spot a scam in the first seconds. Anything that offers you money in the first hours of signing up is rubbish!

    I have never heard of this one before so I thank you for bringing it to the attention of potential customers of the online money making world!

    How do these sites get away with this? Google states it looks to rank quality material and this clearly is not!

    What do you think?



    1. Hi, Chris!

      It’s good to see you here. Yes, unfortunately, when they are promising easy money or fast money or fast, easy money, you know it’s a scam. The scammers also know there are a lot of people desperate to work from home, but don’t know where to start. And, of course, so of us want to believe the lies because when we do, we can pretend we’re rich. The Cash from Home scam is one of the worst I’ve seen.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  2. Wow, these scam people are really good aren’t they? How devious to use legitimate news sources and websites with the trickery that they use in their wording. You really have to be careful out there when you’re looking for ways to make money online. I’m glad I saw this so I can steer clear of this one. Great review and warning! 🙂

    1. Hi, Shannon!

      The company behind Cash From Home uses the news network icons a lot. For me, it has become a telltale sign of their scam.

      he odds of websites like this being legitimate are tiny. The problem is that many people are so desperate to improve their finances that they want to believe the lies. And, for many people, these so-called “make-money-opportunities” are addictive.

      At some level they know it’s a scam, but they need the high of believing they can make lots of money fast. It doesn’t work, of course. They end up losing money, but for a brief moment they are pumped with endorphin and on top of the world.

      When they crash, they search for the next “make-money-opportunity” fix and the scammers are there waiting for them.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  3. Hi Gary
    I am amazed about this. Scams are real especially if somebody isn’t informed on real opportunists out there.
    I have always thought Cash from home is a genuine business entity. So sorry for those that have been robbed. Gary now which is the best legit place can a person make mode from home? or where can somebody learn how to do it best?

    1. Hi, Bruno!

      I’m convinced that 99% of the so-called make money online training is either a scam, outdated or otherwise worthless. I’ve found only two legitimate places to learn how to build a successful online business. Only one is suitable for newbies.

      I recommend Wealthy Affiliate. They offer a free starter membership so anyone can try it and see if it’s right for them.

      Please keep in mind that building a successful online business takes commitment, patience and perseverance. Yes, the rewards can be phenomenal, but most people quit before they reach the promise land. If you join Wealthy Affiliates and stick with it, you can do very well.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  4. Gary, thanks for sharing your review. The number one test for me when commenting is: “Have you provided the audience with helpful information?”

    The resounding response, in my opinion, is “Yes!” You have made very good use of a video to open and images to provide a compelling case for your review.

    Keep up the great work!


    1. Hi, Miles!

      Thank you for your kind words about my Cash From Home Scam post. I do try to make it worth a visitor’s time. The video is for the those who prefer to watch instead of read. I keep them short and to the point. Also, they are a lot of fun to make.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  5. Hi Gary

    It’s good to know there are people like you out there, protecting others from terrible scammers like these. I can’t believe these scam sites do what they do just for the money, without a care in the world of how it affects others. Cash From Home sounds like big trouble, and I won’t be going anywhere near them, that’s for sure.

    Is there a way to shut down sites like these? And if there is, what do they generally do to do so?



    1. Hi, Luis!

      Yes, Cash from Home is bad news. The company that owns it is hidden behind several corporate names. The FTC does investigate these companies but it is expensive and time consuming. When they are busted they tend to re-incorporate under new names and start over. Some have moved off shore to countries that do not investigate them.

      There is a growing number of people who investigate and published information about these scams. As the search engines get smarter, I’m hopeful they will de-index the scam sites.

      Thanks for stopping by,


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