The Best Keyword Search Tool

The Best Keyword Search Tool

SEO w borderIf there’s a secret to online success, it’s give people what they want.

The right keyword tool makes it easy. But you need to know more. You also need to know how fierce the competition is for each keyword and if you can rank for it.

Buying a keyword tool is like buying vitamins. How do you know if it works?

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The best keyword search tool is easy to use.

Years, ago, in the dark ages of internet marketing, I used the Google Keyword tool to search for keywords. That didn’t work for me. Later I found out that the Google Keyword tool and the Google Keyword Planner are skewed toward businesses that pay for advertising on Google.

The data from Google is just a guess for PPC clients. Who wants to spend months building a website based on a guess?

I then started trying free keyword tools. That didn’t work. You get what you pay for.

After that, I bought some name brand keyword tools I had to download to my PC. Big mistake. The paid for keyword tools were a nightmare of useless data. It turned out those keywords tools were just taking data from the Google Keyword tool. Duh! I was right back where I started, only poorer.

I lost count of the number of loser websites I built based on loser keywords I got from loser keyword tools. So much time, money and energy down the drain. All the keyword tools claimed to be the best, and I bought it, hook, line and sinker.

What is the Best Keyword Search Tool?

It was only after I joined Wealthy Affiliate and started learning how to really build an online business that I discovered an absolute workhorse keyword tool. Wealthy Affiliate has a keyword tool inside the member’s area and that’s a darn good tool, but it’s not my first choice.

Brainstorming sign, symbolic of brainstorming for keywordsMy first choice is Jaaxy.

Jaaxy was created specifically to give the user a clear advantage over the competition. Once you use it, you’ll quickly see how powerful this benefit is. Hands down, Jaaxy is the best keyword search tool out there. But, don’t take my word for it. You can try it for free.

What makes Jaaxy the best?

While the proprietary logarithm is known only to its developers, I do know that Jaxxy draws data from all the search engines plus several other sources as well. Most importantly, I know it works, because the keywords I get with Jaaxy bring traffic to my sites.

Jaxxy takes the guess work out of keyword research and it’s lightning fast. Honestly, keyword research is so fast and so easy with Jaxxy; it’s addictive. Rarely does a day go by that I don’t play on Jaaxy.

 Cartoon super hero giving a thumbs upJaxxy simplifies finding profitable keywords.

Jaaxy streamlines and simplifies finding profitable keywords. There are only three things you need to know to determine if a specific keyword has potential. You need to know:

  1. The competition for the keyword.
  2. How much traffic is searching for the keyword.
  3. Does the keyword sounds logical.

The competition for a keyword and how much traffic it gets is quantifiable metrics, and Jaaxy Enterprise is dead-on accurate with these two metrics. Whether or not a keyword sounds logical is more subjective. In other words, would you use that keyword in conversation? If not, it’s not a money making keyword.

Here’s where the money is. With Jaaxy Enterprise, you can quickly find keywords that have low competition and a good amount of traffic. These are money keywords. If you can find them, you can rank for them by simply creating relevant content. And with Jaaxy Enterprise, you can find money keywords all day long.

There’s a ton of good niches to be found.

Newbies often fear that all the good niches are taken. With Jaaxy, you’ll soon realize that you have the power to find money making keywords at will. In fact, you simply will not be able to create content for all the money-making keywords you find.

And, you’ll know that the work you do will be profitable. You won’t waste time, energy and money on loser keywords.

 Here’s what the Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool looks like:

what is the best keyword search tool - Jaxxy


Everything at your fingertips.

You can brainstorm with Jaaxy, see where your site ranks, find affiliate programs, analyze the websites of your competition, create keyword lists and more. It’s based online so you can access it from anywhere. You can even get to it on your phone, so if you see something while you’re out and about that triggers a potential keyword, Jaaxy is right at your fingertips.

My favorite thing about the Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool.

The red, yellow and green lights tell me with a glance if a keyword is worth my time or not. If it’s not green, I don’t go after it.

Jaxxy Green light

Here are the three levels of Jaaxy.

Jaaxy Starter = Free (This is limited, but it will give you an idea of the power of Jaxxy).

Jaaxy Pro = $19 per month, ($199 per year)

Jaaxy Enterprise = $49 per month ($499 per year)


Take Jaaxy for a spin. It won’t cost a dime. Use the keyword research box below and you’re in!



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