Success by Health-Is Success by Health a Good Opportunity?

Success by Health | Is Success by Health a Good Opportunity

Success by Health claims you can make money while making a difference. But, is it a good opportunity? And, is it right for you?

Is Success by Health a good opportunity? The Success by Health website does not provide enough information to make an informed decision about the opportunity.  The SBH website does not provide an Income Disclosure showing the average commissions earned by affiliates. Without a detailed Income Disclosure, due diligence is impossible.

In this article, I take an objective look at the Success by Health business opportunity. My goal is to help you figure out if the SBH opportunity is right for you.

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The Success by Health Opportunity.

The only sure thing about the SBH opportunity is that it will cost you money.

Success by Health | Is Success by Health a Good OpportunityWhen considering the SBH opportunity, you must, first and foremost, protect your assets. Proper due diligence is essential.

Because Success by Health does not publish an Income Disclosure, proper due diligence is not possible. We can’t know how much affiliates are earning or what your probability of success might be. And, we cannot determine if the opportunity is genuine or not.

It costs money to join SBH. Depending on the option you choose, it might cost a lot of money.

Success by Health has a strict no refund policy. Once you spend money with SBH, you cannot get it back.

Ganoderma coffee and tea, similar to the products sold by Success by Health, are available from competitors for a lower price.

Cool Your Jets.

The Success by Health website has a lot of feel good and exciting messages. In the videos, the speakers say all the right things. And the Commission Plan shows the potential for earning millions of dollars. It’s all very exciting.

Success by Health However, to properly evaluate the Success by Health opportunity, it is essential that you cool your jets, take a step back and look at the opportunity like a professional business person.

In his book, The Art of the Deal, Donald Trump reminds us that “Sometimes the best investment is the one you don’t take.”

Success by Health has a strict no refund policy. Before you spend money with SBH, you owe it to yourself to take time to make the right decision.

Sleep on it and consult with a friend or family member whose judgment you trust.

If you decide not to join Success by Health, you can always join later. However, if you rush to join and discover it isn’t for you, you cannot get your money back.

Read Why Affiliate Marketing is Better than MLM.

What Do You Hope to Achieve?

If you are considering joining Success by Health as an affiliate, first determine what you hope to achieve with the opportunity.

What do you hope to get from the SBH opportunity?

Do you hope to earn supplemental income? Replace your job? Or become wealthy? Be very clear about this. Write it down.

Moving forward through this article, as you discover new information or insights, ask if Success by Health can help you.

Most business opportunities require an investment. Anytime you make an investment you risk losing it. This is true for Success by Health too. If you join Success by Health as an affiliate, you will spend money and you will risk losing it.

As we look more closely at the Success by Health opportunity, ask yourself; Is it worth the risk?

The Costs.

The minimum cost for becoming a Success by Health affiliate is $49. This fee permits you to sell SBH products retail. As a retail affiliate, you will only earn commissions on the sales you make.

There are other ways to earn money as an affiliate, but they may require additional investments.

You might be encouraged to enroll in auto-ship where you agree to buy a minimum number of products each month. A minimum dollar amount for auto-ship suggested in the Success by Health Commission Plan is $60 a month.

You may be encouraged to purchase an Accelerator Pack for $500 or a Super Accelerator Pack for $1,995.

You may also be encouraged to pay for training events and workshops. The Red/Millionaire Workshop Combo costs $1,590 and is non-refundable.

In addition to these direct costs, you will probably have additional business expenses too.

The Risks.

Success by Health Success by Health has a strict no refund policy.

If you join SBH as an affiliate, be prepared to invest time and money and to accept the possibility of failure and loss.

It’s possible that you could pay to join SBH and purchase products, and maybe pay for a training event, but never make back the money you spent.

Do not put money into Success by Health you cannot afford to lose.

Don’t borrow money.

If you borrow money to invest in SBH and then discover the opportunity is not for you, you might be stuck with a debt that takes months or years to pay off.

Beyond the money you might lose, you may also risk your credibility and relationships.

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Protect Your Relationships.

Direct sales sometimes encourage affiliates to approach family and friends about the opportunity or to buy products. This sales tactic might put an unhealthy strain on relationships.

Personal relationships are essential to your mental health and enjoyment of life; don’t try to make money from them.

If you are successful with SBH, the people in your life will naturally ask about your success.

Success by Health Due Diligence.

Before committing to any opportunity or investment, it is essential to conduct thorough due diligence. It is your responsibility to determine the truth about an opportunity and if it is right for you.

Remember, Jay Nolan, the CEO of Success by Health, is a businessman, and as a businessman, he is committed to maximizing his profits. There is often a thin line between ethical and unethical behavior. And, what is fair or unfair is typically a matter of perspective.

When considering the SBH opportunity, you must first and foremost, protect your assets. Proper due diligence is essential.

Unfortunately, the SBH website does not reveal anything specific about the company, the products or the opportunity. The lack of transparency on the Success by Health website is concerning and makes it impossible to conduct proper due diligence.

According to fine print found on the Success by Health Commission Plan, you are NOT guaranteed an income.

The only sure thing about the Success by Healthy opportunity is it will cost you money.

What is Success by Health?

According to David G. Eisenstein, an attorney representing SBH, Success by Health is a direct sales company which distributes its products through affiliates.

Ironically, Mr. Eisenstein’s website states that he has “40 years of nationwide experience as a practicing lawyer with an emphasis on (MLM) network marketing litigation.” (Source:

Not a Member of DSA.

Although Mr. Eisenstein defines Success by Health as a direct sales company, it is not a member of the Direct Selling Association.

Success by Health is not required to be a member of the DSA. Many direct sales companies are not members. However, the DSA does set the ethical standard for the direct selling industry.

All members of DSA commit to following a Code of Ethics that protects salespeople and consumers from false earning and product claims, and unethical sales tactics. Read the DSA Code of Ethics.

DSA Requires an Income Disclosure.

Two specific requirements of DSA members is to provide an accurate Income Disclosure and to buy products back from affiliates.

An accurate Income Disclosure is essential to conducting proper due diligence on an opportunity. Without an accurate Income Disclosure, it is impossible to determine the probability of success or if anyone is succeeding with the opportunity.

DSA Requires a BuyBack Program.

Direct sales companies that are NOT members of DSA may exploit affiliates by persuading them to buy large amounts of products with the promise they can sell the products at retail and earn a profit.

Unfortunately, when an inexperienced affiliate buys a lot of product, they are often stuck with surplus product they cannot sell. This tactic of encouraging new affiliates to buy lots of products is profitable for the company but often causes the affiliate to lose money.

To protect affiliates, the DSA Code of Ethics requires all members to buy back surplus products from affiliates.

Success by Health is NOT a member of DSA and it does NOT have a buyback program. In fact, it has a NO REFUND policy.

A no refund policy combined with the Success by Health product bundles, Accelerator Pack for $500 and Super Accelerator Pack for $1,995 could cause a new affiliate to get stuck with a lot of surplus products they cannot sell.

And, since Success by Health does not have a buyback program, the affiliate could money.

No Income Disclosure.

Because Success by Health does not have an Income Disclosure, there is no way to determine if the opportunity is genuine or not.

No Refunds.

Success by Health No Refunds

Not only does Success by Health not have a product buyback program, it specifically states that it has a NO REFUNDS policy.

When you give Success by Health your money, you won’t get it back.

Success by Health Sells a Dream.

Success by Health sells a dream of living to 120 and enjoying success on multiple levels, including mental, emotional, physical, social, financial and spiritual. That sounds good, but you won’t find any substance behind these feel-good assertions on the Success by Health website.

The foundational message implied on the Success by Health website is that it’s possible to make money by selling the Success by Health brand Ganoderma coffee, tea and supplements.

The Success by Health Affiliate Business Tour (PDF) shows that it’s theoretically possible to earn $1,000,000 a month by building a team of 10 affiliates who build teams of 10 affiliates down to six tiers.

However, the fine print states that the figures shown in the Commission Plan are just examples to show how the plan works and are not “guarantees of any earnings or income.”

Although Success by Health claims to be your “guide and resource” for success on all levels and to offer products and programs to build your body, mind, and spirit, it doesn’t explain how.

Second to None?

Success by Health | Is Success by Health a Good OpportunityIn the Company Vision Message video found on the Success by Health website, Jay Noland introduces himself as the founder and CEO of Success by Health. He states Success by Health is a “financial opportunity second to none.”

Unfortunately, there is nothing on the Success by Healthy website to substantiate Noland’s claim that the Success by Health financial opportunity is unique.

Without an Income Disclosure Statement, it is impossible to compare the Success by Health opportunity with any other opportunity.

Success by Health Sells the Opportunity.

Product claims about the world’s most powerful and potent form of the king of herbs, to earning enough to be financially independent, to empowering people, to supporting a school in Kenya; it all directs a visitor’s attention to the Success by Health opportunity.

And, yet, the most convincing evidence the opportunity is genuine would be to show us how much Success by Health affiliates are earning. Unfortunately, Mr. Nolan does not show us how much affiliates are earning or if they are earning anything at all.

If the Success by Health opportunity were indeed “second to none” as Mr. Nolan claims, an Income Disclosure would prove it.

Jay Nolan MLM Experience.

Before founding Success by Health, Jay Nolan co-founded Organo Gold, a multi-level marketing company that promotes Ganoderma coffee.

After leaving Organo Gold, Nolan launched SereniGy, an MLM which also promotes Ganoderma coffee. SereniGy was purchased by Rain International, a large MLM company.

After selling SereniGy to Rain International, Nolan launched Success by Health which promotes, you guessed it, Ganoderma coffee.

The pattern of Nolan’s experience with MLMs and Ganoderma coffee is well established.

Not an MLM?

Although Jay Nolan has an extensive and undeniable track record with multi-level marketing, the Success by Health website does not describe the company as an MLM.

Success by Health is not an MLMIf you visit the company page on the Success by Health website, you won’t find any information about the company at all. None!

You will find a bold statement that WE BELIEVE…THE HUMAN BODY CAN LIVE TO 120 YEARS OF AGE.

An intriguing belief to be sure, but that’s all it is. It doesn’t help us to evaluate the company or opportunity.

There is a video on the company page, but it’s not about the company. It’s about the fungi Ganoderma, Success by Health products and the opportunity.

It ends with the promise “You can now have it all.” And, “Giving you more of the life you deserve.”

Success by Health Products.

Success by Health promotes “MycoCafe” a beverage line which contains roasted Coffee Beans, Ganoderma, and other Myco-herbs. Product claims include reducing the negative effects of caffeine and helping to build the immune system.

SBH also promotes Ganoderma teas and a line of nutritional supplements.

I was unable to determine the ingredients in the MycoCafe line of beverages, other than it’s a proprietary blend. Without looking at the listed ingredients, we cannot be sure how much Ganoderma each beverage contains. Or if it contains an effective dose.

Heavy Competition.

Success by Health has heavy competition from several MLMs and countless retail outlets, including Amazon and eBay.

Two large competitors are Organo Gold and SereniGy, now Rain International, the MLM companies Jay Nolan helped to create.

A competing brand of Ganoderma coffee is available on Amazon for $8 for 30 servings, free shipping included.

Also, half a pound of pure Ganoderma powder is available online for $15.

With this kind of competition, it might be challenging to build a retail business promoting the Success by Health brand or to build sales teams.

Dr. Amos Abuga, MLM Guru.

Success by Health Success By Helping FoundationOn the “Foundation” page of the Success by Health website, we are introduced to the Success By Helping Foundation, which is said to be supporting a children’s home in Kenya. According to the website, this project was spearheaded by Dr. Amos Abuga.

Without detracting from the charitable work of Dr. Abuga, it’s interesting to know that he also has a history in MLM and that the same children’s home was used for marketing Jay Nolan’s former company, SereniGy.

Dr. Amos Abuga is described as an MLM Guru in this online article.  At the bottom of the article, you’ll see a video of Jay Noland as the CEO of SereniGy using the children’s home in Kenya to promote that opportunity.

Incidentally, Success By Helping Foundation is not listed as a charitable organization in either or

Five Essential Questions.

Jon Taylor, who has extensive experience with direct sales companies and who writes critically of the industry, established five questions we can use to analyze a direct sales opportunity.

According to Taylor, when one of these questions is answered with a ‘yes,’ it indicates that the commission payout favors large team builders.

There is not enough info available on the SBH website to answer all five questions conclusively. I post the questions below. Read Taylor’s explanation of each question and what it reveals.

In your investigation of SBH, you may find the information you need to better answer these questions.

Jon Taylor's 5 Questions

Is Success by Health dependent on recruiting?

Success by Health has a retail sales program. Where an SBH retailer sells to family and friends or through home parties, trade shows, and kiosks. Retails sales generate a straight commission.

SBH is careful to state that customers are the foundation of their commission plan. A $15 theoretical commission is given in the SBH Affiliate Business Tour (PDF) detailing retail sales.

The Simple Example given on the business overview shows that it’s theoretically possible to earn $4,500 a month with straight retail sales.

However, SBH offers powerful incentives to build a team of affiliates, and the theoretical example of possible earnings with a strong team of affiliates is $5.5 million! That’s a big difference.

The Success by Health Affiliate Business Tour is careful not to use the word recruiting, but it does encourage building a team that is six tiers deep. How those team members are acquired is not clear.

It’s worth comparing the commissions earned by retailing products to customers with the bonuses earned from selling “Accelerator Packs” to new affiliates.

The example commission earned by retailing products to customers is $15.

The example an “Accelerator Bonus” earned by selling a $500 “Accelerator Pack” is $125.

The example of an “Accelerator Bonus” earned by selling a $1,995 “Accelerator Pack” is $400.

Big money is made by “building a team” and promoting Accelerator Packs.

Jon Taylor urges caution with opportunities that require building teams because participants in such programs might lose both time and money.

Does Success by Health Permit Unlimited Recruiting?

Success by Health CoffeeAgain, Success by Health does not use the word “recruiting,” so I’ll use the phrase “team member acquisition” instead.

I did not find information on the Success by Health website to indicate that the acquisition of team members was limited or restricted in any way.

Where Team Member Acquisition is not limited the market may become saturated. Newer team members might find it difficult to build a team. And there is a clear advantage to team members who join the organization early and position themselves at the top.

Are Success by Health Affiliates Required to Spend Money to Get Started and then Continue to Spend to Qualify for Commissions or Bonuses?

Joining Success by Health at the lowest level costs $49. This entry level gives you the opportunity to sell SBH products at retail. Beyond that, it isn’t clear from the SBH website if an affiliate is required to keep spending money to qualify for commissions or bonuses.

Is SBH Right for You?

Investing in an opportunity is not about rolling the dice and hoping for the best. It’s about bringing value to the marketplace.

Ganoderma is an interesting fungus, but it’s probably not the secret to living to be 120 or a magic ticket to success.

If you want to sell Ganoderma coffee, you can do it today and not have to pay anyone for the privilege. There are thousands of affiliate programs online that are free to join. They will happily pay you.

Earlier, I suggested that you write down what you wanted from Success by Health. Do you think you can get it with the SBH opportunity?

Think about what you will risk if you join SBH. What will it cost you and is it worth it?

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The Last Word on Success by Health.

Joining Success by Health is like rolling the dice.Because Success by Health does not publish an Income Disclosure, we cannot determine how much affiliates are earning or determine a statistical probability of success.

Nor can we determine how much it will cost to build a successful business with Success by Health or how long it will take to be profitable.

An Income Disclosure is essential to performing proper due diligence. Without thorough due diligence, if you join Success by Health, you are just rolling the dice and hoping for the best.

We do know that it will cost money to join SBH and that it may cost a lot of money, depending on the options you choose.

We know that SBH has a strict no refund policy. If you spend money with SBH, you cannot get your money back.

We know that competition for Ganoderma coffee and tea is extensive. People can purchase similar Ganoderma coffee and tea elsewhere for less. Basic economics tells us if people can get it cheaper somewhere else, they will.

Because SBH has a strict no refund policy and because people can purchase similar products cheaper somewhere else, there is a reasonable chance an SBH affiliate might get stuck with products they cannot sell and thus never earn more than they spent on products.

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If you found this article about Success by Health useful, please leave a comment below. Thank you.

19 thoughts on “Success by Health-Is Success by Health a Good Opportunity?

  1. Hi,

    Success by Health was recommended to me, but I could not find much information about it online until I found your article. I really don’t like the idea of buying a lot of product and then trying to sell it. I never heard of ganoderma coffee before and I don’t know anyone who drinks it.

    If ganoderma coffee was as healthy as Success by Health says, wouldn’t the major coffee outlets, like Starbucks sell it?

    Thanks for answering my questions about the SBH opportunity. I think I’ll pass.

    1. Hi, Md moinul Islam!

      I’m pleased you found my article about Success by Health helpful. While it is challenging to properly evaluate Success by Health because they do not provide enough information to make an informed decision, there is a degree of risk for anyone who joins.

      As I mentioned in the article, it is possible that someone might join and as a result of their enthusiasm purchase one of the accelerator packs for $500 or $1995 and then discover they can’t sell the products. At that point, they’re stuck because SBH does not make refunds or buy back products.

      Getting stuck with product you can’t sell or spending $1,500 on an event and then realizing the opportunity is not right for you are the biggest risks I see with Success by Health.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  2. Thanks for your honest review of this Success by Health. It’s so painful how people fall for such cheap lies all in the name of want to make money online. You can make money online but it requires effort and time to be successful in the business just like in any other business be it online or offline. The get rich quick syndrome is the only reason people get scammed by stuffs like Success by Health. My philosophy has always been “If it’s too good to be true then it’s not true”. Once I see unreasonable and unrealistic promise or return I always take cover!
    So many red flags! though they maybe legit but definitely not something a newbie can make money with in fact even for “advanced” affiliate marketer its going to be a bit tedious! 

    Thanks for sharing.  I love your expository skill

    1. Hi, jaykaynigltd!

      Thank you for your kind words.

      There are people who can sell anything to anybody. They might be able to take the Success by Health opportunity and run with it. However, I think most people would struggle to earn their money back with SBH.

      I agree, the get rich quick angle gets a lot of people. It seems every day more “opportunities” come online make promises of fast easy money.

      Success by Health dangles a $5 million carrot as “theoretical” earnings. That’s a massive incentive for someone who doesn’t realize the work involved. It might be tempting for someone to charge the cost of SBH to their credit card only to discover they can’t do the business. That would hurt.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  3. Yeah, there are a lot of red flags here Gary. 

    This has all of the exact criteria of another MLM scam in my book and I really hope people can read a review like this to know to stay away so they don’t get burned, because, sure enough, you will get burned if you get involved with this one!

    The biggest turn off for me is the “no money back policy”

    No matter what the product is… if there isn’t a money back guarantee then you should not look twice at it!

    Thanks for keeping people informed about scams such as these!

    1. Hi, John!

      I’m pleased you found my article about Success by Health useful. 

      I was corrected by the Success by Health attorney that SBH is not an MLM. He contacted me by letter to tell me that SBH is a direct sales company that distributes its products through affiliates. The attorney’s 40 years of experience with MLMs and Jay Nolan’s experience in two MLMs are apparently is coincidental.

      Indeed, the no refund policy is a deal breaker.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  4. Hi Gary Horton,

    I have just finished reading your article with all necessary information about “Success by Health-Is Success by Health a Good Opportunity?”

    This is an informative and educative article.After reading this article, I have no doubt that this is not a perfect scam but not suitable for the beginners who want to earn money while they learn a consistent method.It has no refund policy, and this is very unlike method for me.I will share this great article with my friends and relatives.Thanks for sharing this wonderful article.

  5. Kudos to you for sharing this insightful review on Success by Health. Your time and effort in putting this article together is much appreciated. The name success by health doesn’t ring a bell so I took my time to go through your article on it. It unfortunate that there is a debt that I haven’t cleared up till now when I fell victim of scam of some online business platform. As it is now I just have to thank you for opening my eyes to the reality about Success by health. Seems I just dodge another bullet. Thanks for sharing this article.  

    1. Hi, Fortune!

      I’m sorry you are still paying a debt from a scam you fell into. 

      Creating debt while trying to build an online business is one of the biggest traps I see. That would be easy to do with Success by Health too. There is nothing to stop someone from charging the cost of an accelerator pack and event to their credit card. That could total about $3,500.

      If after charging this amount to their credit card they discovered the business wasn’t for them, they would be stuck with that debt.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  6. Thanks for writing out this lovely article and I must say its a must for everyone to read and digest.success by health isn’t worth trying, it has many red flag that makes it looks somehow to me. Not an MLM but they permit recruitment of member. It can’t be compare with affiliate marketing. Success by health prepares members heart invade of loosing money

    I would be more diligent in my affiliates marketing than joining not transparency  platform 

    1. Hi, Adamu2!

      I agree. If Success by Health was a member of the Direct Selling Association and offered to buy back unsold products, I would have more confidence in their opportunity.

      Unfortunately, the way Success by Health is structured, it would be too easy for an affiliate to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for products and then not be able to sell them.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  7. Wow – so many red flags! No transparency, ridiculously high fees, no money back, not apart of the DSA, unrealistic claims and promises (120? LOL…ok. Prove it). This seems like a company who makes money off of people’s gullibility and greed/desire to make money. It’s very clear this is a dangerous program for beginners. Not necessarily a scam as they are clear about prices and not getting your money back and making money is possible. However, unless you have experience with affiliate marketing and a good reader/buyer base….run away! Thank you for going so in depth and allowing your readers to make an informed decision!

    1. Hi, Sherry!

      Indeed, there are many red flags with Success by Health. I think opportunities like Success by Health bank on getting people so excited about making money that they miss the red flags.

      We humans are emotional beings. One of the easiest emotions to trigger in a prospect is the emotion of greed. We all are vulnerable to our emotions and Marketers know if they can trigger our greed our rational mind will shut down. 

      We cannot be emotional and logical at the same time.  So, if an offer like Success by Health can make us greedy to make money, our brains skips the rational thought process and we make decisions based on our emotions which is usually a mistake.

      My job here is to show people the red flags and to remind them to make a logical decision.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  8. This might be a legit mlm opportunity with some real possible achievements, but there are too many red flags to me. I respect when a company is registered with the DSA, even though it’s not required. I also want the most information available when making a decision to add a new opportunity into the mix, and they just don’t provide enough. Due diligence, as you stated in your review, is super important. If one is not even given the ability to properly complete their due diligence, then how can one consider joining, especially when there is cost involved?

    I’m not against mlm. I’ve been there, done that, made money, and that’s fine. But this is lacking the right pieces to the puzzle for me. Those thinking about joining should tread carefully, and be prepared for possible (almost seemingly inevitable) loss. Great write up, Gary.

    1. Hi, Cris!

      I agree. There are hundreds of MLMs that are members of the Direct Selling Association and who abide by the DSA Code of Ethics. There is no reason to take a chance with a direct sales company like Success by Health who evades basic analysis.

      Building a business is difficult in any field. Before launching a business, it is essential to know what to expect and how long it might take to be profitable. Unfortunately, Success by Health does not give us even the most basic information we need to make an informed decision. That is reason enough to avoid the opportunity.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  9. Hello Gary,

    A friend recommended Success by Health, but when I visited the website, I could not find any helpful information. Then I saw that SBH does not make refunds. That scared me and I knew I had to be careful. I did an online search and most of the so-called reviews either said that Success by Health was a great opportunity or they said it was a scam. I didn’t know who to believe.

    Your article about Success by Health was the only one I found that presented the facts I needed to make a decision. For me, all I needed to know was if I could get my money back if I made a mistake. Now, I know I can’t and I didn’t want to get stuck with a lot of products I could not sell.

    My friend has already spent about $2,500. He still thinks he’ll make a lot of money with Success by Health and he really likes Jay Nolan too. If he starts making money, I might change my mind, but right now, Success by Health scares me.


    1. Hi, Ranao!

      I know what you mean. The Success by Health no refund policy should be respected. 

      I hope the opportunity works out for your friend. If he succeeds with SBH maybe he can show you how to do it.

      I read in a bio of Jay Nolan that said when he started with MLM, he simply asked friends to buy one product to support him. I doubt my friends would do that, but it might work.

      If Success by Health was a member of the Direct Selling Association, I might have more confidence in their opportunity. Judging from what I found on the website, it looks like a sales funnel that encourages affiliates to buy the $500 and $1995 Accelerator and Super Accelerator Packs. I suspect that once you’re a SBH affiliate, you will also be encouraged to attend the training events which are pricey too.

      Experienced business people usually put no more into a business than necessary until it is earning a profit. If I was to join Success by Health, I would join at the lowest level and attempt to sell the products. If I found there was a demand for products, I would use the profits from the first products I sold to purchase more.

      By degrees, I would build my business from the commissions. I think it would be a mistake to go all in with Success by Health until after I had proved to myself there was a demand for the products. As I built my business I would keep my financial exposure to a minimum and make the business pay for itself.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  10. Thanks for reviewing Success by health. I hadn’t heard of it before, but am glad you brought it to my attention. I have done a lot of research about starting an online business and I probably don’t have to tell you how many times I have run into programs that promise minimal work will lead to huge amounts of money but the unfortunate part is that i always get scammed. Thanks for sharing this insightful review with your blog readers

    1. Hi, Wealthfather!

      Thanks for commenting on my Success by Health article. 

      Indeed, the internet can be a dangerous place. It seems that getting scammed a few times is part of the learning process. Unfortunately, some scams can cause so much financial damage it’s difficult to recover.

      I’m not a fan of the Success by Health business model, but if someone wanted to pursue that form of business, I’d recommend that they first go to the Direct Selling Association and find a company that is a member of DSA. As an affiliate for a DSA member company, a person has some protections against getting exploited and stuck with a lot of products they can’t sell. Also, as an affiliate with a DSA member company, if they are mistreated they can appeal to DSA to remedy the situation.

      Success by Health is not a member of the DSA and its affiliates are not protected by the DSA Code of Ethics.

      Thanks for stopping by,


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