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  • Why it’s a scam
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20 thoughts on “Report a Scam Here.

  1. Hi Gary Horton

    can you please check if this link legitimate i got an email from a lady on face book advert claiming the have a legitimate online business costing 149 US dollor

    1. Hi, Mahamoud!

      That is not a legitimate offer. The website where this comes from is concealing much of
      its information, this is typical of scam websites.


  2. Sorry I forgot to post all the details the first time, it was a man called Andrew G Davis, he is on Instagram and he had beautiful photos of himself and his daughters, he immediately asked me to join Hangouts, silly me I did because this as it had never happened to me before and I had never heard of Hangouts. He claimed he was working for the UN and that he needed to get money to his daughters, who were supposedly in a school in the UK and that their credit card had been damaged and needed $3,600 immediately because they were starving. I didn’t send any thank goodness. But he now wants me to buy him 2 Steam gaming cards, which I again didn’t do. How could I be so stupid!!!

    1. Hi, Leanne,

      Don’t beat yourself up. This guys are pros and they know how to pull our heartstrings.
      If you’re a US citizen, you can report your experience to the at the internet crime complaint task force

      I’m glad you didn’t give the guy any money.


  3. I have had a man try to scam me out of $3,600, I didn’t give it to him but now he is asking me to buy him a Steam gaming card., which I won’t do but I’m so upset with myself for falling for this I didn’t think it would ever happen to me. How can I report this, it started so innocently, I thought, through Instagram.

    1. Hi, Leanne!

      I’m sorry you had this experience. This article will tell you who to contact:

  4. Hot mature affairs .com another scam site stealing photos from the internet and using them as their own with fake profiles .

  5. Hey Gary,

    Thanks for your services regarding fraudulent sites. I’m Mr. Shah, and I mistakenly came across a site address of:

    They are using off site photos and information to sell product from their site which is unfortunately not legit. Once I placed an order with them, I quickly found I was not able to contact them in any way, nor would they reply to any of my emails. The product I purchased they utilized PayPal for the processing. They are very tricky in how they have been able to come across as a complete legitimate site. It has a ton of product and details regarding their shipping, return policy etc. I can’t imagine how much money they must be raking in from so many people!

    Please do what you can to have them reported properly and hopefully investigated!


    L, Shah

  6. The company that owns Victoria Hearts has at least 50 other mirror sites. That uses the same women profiles ID numbers on their mirror sites.

  7. This all began when I was searching online in order to locate some n95 masks. In searching for the masks I came across a good deal online for the mask that we were looking for. By clicking the image of the mask that seemed like a good deal it then brought me to the website which was “”. The product was basically like half off and they were claiming to have a “super sale” with the price being around 24.99 which of course went up in price after about a week to 29.99 for the masks. Upon viewing the website everything appeared to be fine as if it were a legitimate website. Although, the one main thing that stuck out to me was the fact that they always want you to contact them via email. When you would call the number listed on their page it would always go right to a generic voicemail answering service which then would prompt you to email them. My employer and I both emailed em general to the email provided but never heard back from them. We ended up paying for the masks ($361.12) which long story short ended up getting double ordered because once the first order had gone through they had brought up another screen saying that we had qualified for a bigger discount which we then proceeded to order the rest of the masks that we were looking to buy but in doing so it was actually completing a whole different order so we ended up being charged twice. Upon researching em general they were using false pictures on their website because I had done some google image searches and the “CEO” was actually some common model who’s picture you can find all over the internet along with the other fake employees that they listed on their website. One thing that is definitely strange is that they have already been changing and editing their websites layout to include the popular “n95” masks even giving it it’s own special category to click on along with even a different phone number and email address. The original email address was now it’s and their numbers are 616-419-8342 and now it’s switched to 1-800-913-8548.

    1. Hi, David!

      Thanks for bringing EMGeneral to my attention. It appears to be a scam site based in China.
      I wrote a full review of it here:

      I’m sorry you and your employer lost money with these guys, but thanks
      for sharing your experience so others can be warned.


  8. Wanted to buy what I knew to be a “like the designer” handbag. It’s no longer made and the website is very well developed. I paid through and sent verification of my funds to the instructions per the website. They display a portal of status and other contact info that isn’t real. Looks like they copied another site soup to nuts.

    They were very responsive right up until they received my money, which thankfully wasn’t but a few hundred dollars. They respond when I email them from other email addresses, so still scamming people. I hope you can prohibit these crooks from making more money. I’ve found out a lot since going through this.

    1. Hi, Kimberly!

      Thanks for sharing your experience with
      I’m sorry you lost money but will post your experience to our list of
      scam sites.


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