Is Zrii a Good Opportunity?

Is Zrii a Good Opportunity?

Zrii promises you the ultimate opportunity for financial and personal freedom. But what are the chances you’ll succeed with it? Here’s what you need to know.

Is Zrii a good opportunity? According to the Zrii Income Disclosure, most distributors lose money with the Zrii opportunity. Zrii also withholds the information needed to make an informed decision about the opportunity. For these reasons, we conclude that Zrii is NOT a good opportunity.

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In this article, I reveal why Zrii is not a good opportunity, how much it will cost you, how much you can expect to earn, and what you must do to succeed.

Is Zrii a Good Opportunity?

The Zrii opportunity will probably cost you more than you earn. The Zrii opportunity is not about helping you make money. It’s about getting you to buy boatloads of expensive Zrii products, so the company makes money.

The promise of opportunity is just marketing. It isn’t real.

Is Someone Trying to Recruit You?

If you are considering the Zrii opportunity, it’s probably because someone is trying to recruit you into the business. If you choose to join Zrii, you’ll be expected to recruit other people into the business too.

The person trying to recruit you earns bonuses when they get you on board. They may also make a fat commission if they can talk you into buying a $1000 starter pack.

Although the person trying to recruit you might claim you can make money by just sharing the products, you’ll have to do much more than that if you want to succeed with the Zrii opportunity.

Why You Can’t Win with MLM (Video)

If you don’t see the video, Click Here to Watch It.

​​​​Zrii’s Gradual Manipulation.

The process of recruiting you into the business is one of gradual manipulation. By promising you an opportunity to make money, perhaps even to achieve financial freedom, Zrii can get you excited about giving them hundreds, and maybe thousands of dollars.

The person who is trying to recruit you into Zrii may not be aware they are being manipulated too.

The Zrii Bait.

It begins with a promise of opportunity, bonuses, luxury cars, and more while the hard facts of the business are withheld from you.

For example, you might be told the Zrii opportunity only costs $29.95. Technically, that’s true.

Zrii charges all distributors an annual enrollment fee of $29.95. However, the basic enrollment fee only makes you a Zrii distributor, otherwise known as an Independent Executive.

At that level, you won’t earn bonuses.

​​​​You MUST Buy Products.

Before you can begin earning bonuses, you must “qualify.”

Qualify is code for “you must buy Zrii products.” Getting you to buy Zrii products is the game you are playing.

To qualify, you must buy a starter pack and enroll in the monthly auto-ship program to purchase at least $50 worth of products every 4 weeks.

The price of starter packs ranges from $120 to $500 to $1000.

Zrii What You Need to Know

To be clear, first, you will be encouraged to buy the $1000 starter pack called “Premier Z-Pack.” Zrii has built-in incentives to entice you into buying the most expensive starter pack.

What It’s All About.

In my opinion, getting a recruit to buy the $1000 Premier Z-Pack is the primary purpose of Zrii. Everything else in the Zrii sales machine serves to make this happen.

As a Zrii “Independent Executive,” you are expected to buy a $1000 starter pack and then try to talk other people into buying $1000 starter packs.

That’s what it’s all about. Selling $1000 starter packs appears to be the focus of the entire Zrii marketing machine.

Zrii General Rule of MLM

​​​​Fall Back Sales.

The other starter packs are fallback positions. If a distributor can’t sell the $1000 Premier Z-Pack, instead of losing the sale, they can push the $500 Executive Z-Pack or, if necessary, the $120 Basic Enrollment Pack.

If You Go ALL-IN.

As we’ve seen, the Zrii opportunity will cost you at least $29.95, but if you go “all in,” it will cost you at least $1029 to get started.

Then, you’ll need to buy at least $50 worth of product each month to continue to be “qualified” to earn bonuses.

If you join Zrii and play the game to win, your first year can cost $1629 or more.

Zrii 1 Percent

How Much Will You Earn with Zrii?

Probably very little.

You’ll be lucky if you don’t lose money.

According to the Zrii Income Disclosure, most Zrii distributors earn less than $1,015 a year.

If they went all in and purchased the Premier Z-Pack for $1000 and then bought $50 each month, they lost nearly $600 their first year, not counting other expenses they may have incurred.

Why You Will Lose Money with the Zrii Opportunity.

The Zrii marketing is designed to convince you that you have an extraordinary opportunity to earn a lot of money and to enjoy an exclusive lifestyle.

The Introduction of the Zrii Prosperity Plan boldly claims to provide you the ultimate opportunity for financial and personal freedom and a chance to live without limits.

However, the reality is that the majority of people who try the Zrii opportunity will never achieve these goals.

Most Zrii distributor lose money because they have been misled.

Zrii promises opportunity but delivers expense after expense until the distributor quits.

The Psychology of $29.95.

If the person trying to recruit you into Zrii told you the opportunity will cost you $1629, you probably would not join.

But, if they told you the ultimate opportunity for financial and personal freedom only cost $29.95, the cost of the annual enrollment fee, you might be interested.

$29.95 may seem like a small expense for the opportunity to be financially free, drive a luxury car, travel to exotic places, and earn $25,000 bonus checks.

Unfortunately, $29.95 doesn’t get you any of this. All it does is psychologically set you up to spend more money. That’s its purpose.

​​​​Justifying a Bad Decision.

A funny thing happens when we spend money, we want to believe we made the right decision. If we’re faced with a second decision after making the first, we’ll usually make a choice that reinforces and justifies our first decision.

Zrii knows this and uses it to exploit you.

For example, if we get talked into spending $29.95 for the Zrii opportunity and are then faced with spending another $1000 to get the Premier Z-Pack, we are mentally predisposed to buy it.

Otherwise, we must admit we foolishly spent $29.95.


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Starter Packs and Auto-ship.

If the $1000 is too much, the person trying to recruit you can drop back to the $500 starter pack or even the $120 starter pack.

If you stay in the game and purchase a starter pack, you will be faced with another decision, enrolling in auto-ship to buy a minimum of $50 worth of products each month.

At this point, do you admit you foolishly spend $1029.95, or do you sign up for $50 auto-ship? Most people would sign-up to spend more money.

​​​​You Start Out in a Hole.

Day one of your Zrii opportunity, and you’re in the hole over a thousand dollars.

That’s not an opportunity, and you’re not in business.

You’re a customer locked into buying overpriced products.

Water Sweetened with Fruit Juice.

Zrii has a modest catalog of products, including coffee, a protein shake mix, moisturizing drink powder, nutritional supplements, skin creams, and a facial exfoliator. 

Zrii was launched with Zrii Amalaki Botanical Beverage, The Great Rejuvenator, said to have a high level of antioxidants.

Zrii Amalaki continues to be the company’s flagship product.

A single 750 ml bottle of Zrii Amalaki sells on Amazon for $40. A 750 ml bottle has 25 servings or $1.60 per serving. Zrii recommends that you consume 3 servings a day, which will cost approximately $4.80 a day.

What are you paying for? Mostly water sweetened with fruit juice.

​​​​What’s in Zrii Amalaki?

We don’t really know.

According to the Supplement Facts found on the back of the bottle, Zrii Amalaki contains a proprietary blend of Amalaki, Turmeric, Tulsi, Jujube, Schizandra, Haritaki, and Ginger.

It also contains a proprietary blend of purified water and various juices.

Three of the botanicals listed as ingredients; Amalaki, Turmeric, and Ginger are well studied and have documented health benefits.

However, because the Zrii blends are proprietary, we don’t know how much Amalaki, Turmeric and Ginger are in each serving.

It’s suspicious that Zrii hides how much of the ingredients are in their products. Especially since Zrii Amalaki is the most expensive way to buy AmalakiOpens in a new tab., Turmeric and Ginger ever conceived. And, it’s not even organic!

We have no idea how much of the blend we are paying for or if it is an effective dose.

Effective Dose?

Consider this, Dr. Gregor, of, recommends a teaspoon of turmeric powder and a teaspoon of Amalaki powder each day.

The proper dose for Tulsi has not been determined, but WebMD states that the dose is dependent on age, health and other conditions and that Tulsi should only be consumed for short periods. It doesn’t sound like the thing that should be added willy-nilly to a beverage.

The effective dose for Jujube has not been determined either, and research is scant. However, there is evidence in rat studies to suggest that jujube may inhibit pregnancy.

Zrii Turmeric condensed

Sliced fresh turmeric rhizomes and powder.

Jujube is yet another ingredient you don’t want to add to a beverage anyone might consume, including women who are trying to start a family. (Source:

The effective dose for Schizandra has not been established for humans. In one study, a dose of 6 grams/day was used to increase athletic performance. 6 grams is 1.4 teaspoons.

According to, the daily dose for haritaki is 1 teaspoon of powder a day for cleansing and rejuvenation.

Ginger is generally considered safe, but there is evidence according to the WebMD that ginger may boost “the risk of having a baby that is stillborn.”

Ginger is also known to interfere with some medications. The dose for ginger varies, but according to 1 teaspoon of ginger powder has been used in clinical studies.

​​​​Where’s the Sludge?

The ingredient list on the Zrii Amalaki bottle lists 7 botanicals. Each ingredient is either a fruit, root, or leaf. Since none of the ingredients are extracts or tinctures, we are left to assume they are powdered.

Since a daily dose of Amalaki, Turmeric, Schizandra, and Ginger is 1 teaspoon each, I would expect to see about 32 teaspoons of solids at the bottom of the bottle.

That would be more than 5 ounces of sludge. Where is it?

​​​​Expensive Water.

It’s always challenging to sell an overpriced, non-essential product. How overpriced is Zrii Amalaki?

We’ve established that a recommended serving costs approximately $4.80 per day or $144 per month.

The retail value of every botanical said to be in Zrii Amalaki COMBINED is about 59 cents a day or approximately $18 a month.

Amalaki is NOT Rare or Expensive.

Contrary to Zrii’s marketing claims, Amalaki is not rare. It’s easy to get and dirt cheap. So are the other ingredients in Zrii Amalaki.

Every botanical in Zrii Amalaki is available on Amazon for a fraction of the price Zrii charges



# of Servings


Amalaki Powder, Organic



6 cents

Turmeric Root Powder, Organic



2 cents

Holy Basil Powder, Organic



4 cents

Jujube Fruit Powder, Extract

$24/3.5 oz


29 cents

Schizandra Fruit

$5/100 caps


5 cents

Harnaki Fruit Powder, Organic

$11/.5 Lb


9 cents

Ginger Root Powder, Organic



4 cents

Bring Your Own Juice.

Nothing in Zrii Amalaki is magical or essential to your health. Also, nothing in Zrii Amalaki can make you healthy if you live an unhealthy lifestyle.

We aren’t fat, sick, depressed, and lethargic because we haven’t been drinking enough Zrii Amalaki. There are other reasons.

Still, consuming a teaspoon of Amalaki, Turmeric and Ginger each day would be a great foundation to a healthy lifestyle, and it will only cost you about 20 cents a day if you buy the powders in bulk.

An eight-month supply of Amalaki, Turmeric, and GingerOpens in a new tab. TOGETHER costs less than 1 bottle of Zrii Amalaki.

If you wanted to take every botanical listed as an ingredient in Zrii Amalaki, it would cost you about 67 cents per day, if you bought the ingredients in bulk and used your own juice.

A daily serving of Zrii Amalaki costs $4.80 or $144 a month. Bring your own juice and do it yourself for 67 cents a day or about $20 a month.

Amalaki is also known as gooseberry and amla. Buy Amalaki powder on Amazon.

The Hard Way to Make Money.

If you knew you’d never make money with the Zrii opportunity, would you buy Zrii Amalaki or any other Zrii product? Most people wouldn’t.

Think about that.

The only reason most people buy Zrii’s expensive products is that they believe they are building a business and will one day be financially free and live without limits.

And, that is the only way you’re going to sell Zrii products by first selling the dream of financial freedom and living without limits.

Once you’ve sold the dream, you then walk people through the cycle of gradual manipulation, pushing the $29.95 enrollment fee and then the $1000 starter package and finally the $50 monthly auto-ship.

Zrii Secret of MLM

What is Zrii?

Zrii is a privately-owned direct marketing company that uses a multi-level compensation plan. Best Company describes Zrii as a Multi-level Marketing company.

Rocket Reach estimates Zrii earns more than $35 million annually. Much of that revenue comes from new distributor enrollment fees, the sale of starter packs, and monthly auto-ship to distributors.

Zrii does not publish the number of distributors it has, but Best Company estimates there were 10K Zrii distributors as of June 2019.

Zrii is an MLM.

Zrii is an MLM

What You Need to Know about MLMs.

Like every other MLM, Zrii sells the dream of making money and winning prizes.

The promise of financial freedom and living without limits is dangled like bait to attract people to the business and motivate them to buy $1000 starter packs.

The promise of financial freedom and living without limits is just marketing.

It’s selling the dream.

​​​​Selling the Dream.

Selling the dream is using every known psychological trick to persuade you to give Zrii your money.

It’s how Zrii gets people to pay $40 for a bottle of filtered water, fruit juice, and an unknown quantity of botanicals.

It’s how Zrii sells $1000 starter packs.

It’s why distributors willfully destroy their closest relationships, chasing after family and friends to make a buck.

MLM Isn’t All Bad. It’s Crazy Too!

If you join Zrii as a distributor, you will legally be an independent commission sales agent.

In every other sales situation, an independent sales agent does not PAY the company for the privilege of selling the company’s products and making the company money, but in MLM they DO!

That peculiar arrangement is unique to MLM.

Zrii MLM is Unfair...

Zrii Doesn’t Play Fair.

While Zrii is bold about promising you financial freedom and a chance to live without limits, but it’s secretive about the important stuff you need to know about the opportunity.

At every junction where you need to decide, Zrii gives you tons of glitz and glitter, but nothing of substance.

Zrii fails to reveal its refund policy or the percentage of all distributors who fail to earn anything with the opportunity.

What if you buy a $1000 starter pack and change your mind? Can you get your money back? We don’t know.

There’s a reason Zrii keeps this information secret. If people knew they wouldn’t join.

The lifeblood of Zrii is recruiting and selling $1000 starter packs. Without new distributors regularly joining, Zrii would be a much smaller business.

How to Succeed with Zrii.

According to the Zrii Income Disclosure, most people who try the opportunity will fail to earn a profit. To beat the odds, there are two things you must do to succeed with Zrii.

  • Fund your Zrii business out of pocket until it’s profitable.
  • Recruit lots of people.

If you have never succeeded with MLM before, you must learn how to recruit large numbers of people. This means getting good at selling the dream and persuading people to spend money they don’t have on an opportunity that isn’t real.

You’ll also need the skills to manage and motivate your downline.

Until your Zrii business is profitable, you’ll need to draw on personal resources to keep it afloat. This may take years and thousands of dollars.

You’ll also need a system for recruiting a massive amount of people into the opportunity. You need enough people in your downline to populate a modest city, for example, Bailey’s Crossroads, Virginia, population 23,166.

Most people quit MLM within the first few months, very few last more than a year. This means you must recruit people into your organization faster than they are dropping out.

​​​​​​​​A Business Inside a Business. 

After you have funded your Zrii business out of pocket and recruited everyone from Bailey’s Crossroads, you’ll have a business that you don’t own and don’t control.

After all your trouble and expense, you have a business inside a business. To stay in business, you must follow Zrii’s rules and dance to the company’s tune.

Zrii can take your business any time it wants. Or, Zrii may go out of business or get shut down by authorities.

The Zrii Compensation Plan.

Zrii calls its compensation plan the “Zrii Prosperity Plan.” The first line promises you the ultimate opportunity, financial freedom, and a life without limits.

However, as we’ll see when we review the Zrii Income Disclosure, very, very few people achieve financial freedom with the Zrii opportunity.

You MUST Buy a Starter Pack.

The first line of the first chapter tells us that when we join Zrii as an Independent Executive, we “must purchase one of three enrollment packs.”

If you buy a starter pack and change your mind, you may not be able to get a refund.

Soon after telling us we must buy one of the enrollment packs, aka starter packs, the Plan begins talking about bonuses QV points.

It’s all very confusing, and that’s the point.

Smoke and Mirrors.

The purpose of the Zrii Prosperity Plan is to create the illusion that a lot of money can be made with the Zrii opportunity while at the same time creating a sense of confusion.

When we are confused, we cannot make a logical decision, but instead, make emotional decisions. When it comes to money and business, the last thing you want to do is make an emotional decision.

Remember, Zrii is angling to sell you a $1000 starter pack.

Also, when we’re confused about the Zrii Prosperity Plan, we need to speak to someone more experienced with it. This opens the door for an experienced Zrii Independent Executive to talk us into buying a $1000 starter pack. Sneaky!

The Zrii compensation plan is NOT a legal document. It’s a hypothetical assumption of what you might earn if you jump through all the hoops and properly “qualify” at each level.

Mostly, the Zrii compensation plan is a brilliant piece of creative marketing.

The Zrii Income Disclosure.

Consistent with Zrii’s theme of smoke and mirrors, the company’s income disclosure is not what it appears to be.

If you didn’t read the income disclosure carefully, you’d get a much rosier picture of your probability of success than is supported by the facts.

For copyright reasons, I will not reproduce the Zrii Income Disclosure. But, click on this link: Zrii Income Disclosure. It will open in another tab, and you can follow along.

Zrii 1 Percent

As you look at the numbers, remember Zrii has promised you the ultimate opportunity for financial freedom and living without limits.

The Income Disclosure is a matter of historical record, it shows how the Zrii promise has worked out for most of the people who try it.

Also, think about how much it costs you to pay your bills each month; $2000, $3000, or more?

On the Income Disclosure, find the “Monthly Average” heading at the top of the table. Follow down the “Monthly Average” column until you get to $2,347.27.

Zrii Shock and Dismay condensed

Let’s assume that’s the minimum most people would need to pay their bills each month.

Now, track over to the right-hand column that shows the % of Active Distributors. If we add up the percentages of active distributors who earned a monthly average of $2,347.27 or more, we find that only about 1.5% made enough to live on.

Unfortunately, that is not accurate. It does not account for expenses. Also, it is only showing the income for Active Distributors. It is not showing the income for ALL distributors.

What is an Active Distributor? Zrii doesn’t say.

Because Zrii is so secretive, we do not know how many distributors did not make anything at all. Or, worse, they went all in, spend $1600 their first year and LOST money.

Apparently, Zrii just ignores those people.

It Gets Worse.

Even with the fudged numbers of the Zrii Income Disclosure, it appears that most distributors did not earn very much money.

Below the Poverty Line.

In most regions of the United States, the poverty line for one person is $1000 a month. According to the Zrii Income Disclosure 97% Zrii distributors did not earn enough to rise above the poverty line!

And that is before deducting expenses.

At best, as a Zrii distributor, you have no more than a 3% chance of earning more than a $1000 a month before deducting expenses.

It’s NOT a Mistake.

The Zrii numbers are probably inflated by about 60% because they do not include the income, or lack of income, for ALL distributors. Across the MLM industry, approximately 60% of all distributors do not make any money, and only 1% earn a profit.

Still, the inflated numbers show only a mere 3% earn a respectable income with the Zrii opportunity.

The pathetic return on investment Zrii pays its distributors is NOT a mistake. It’s programmed into the compensation plan and typical of the MLM industry.

For a company that promises you financial freedom and living without limits, it’s disturbing to witness the true nature of the beast.

Zrii has been in business since 2007. If they were concerned that their distributors were not earning enough, they would have adjusted their compensation plan.

Zrii is not about helping you make money. It’s about maximizing company profits.

Zrii is a privately owned company with revenues of $35+ million a year, while most of its distributors lose money.

You Have Options.

Zrii is not a genuine opportunity.

For the cost of joining Zrii and buying the Premier Z-Pack, you could could get everything you need to launch and master an affiliate marketing business for 3 YEARS!

The internet is the greatest opportunity most of us will ever have to be financially independent.

See Why Affiliate Marketing is Better than MLM.

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