Is Xyngular a Good Opportunity? What You Need to Know.

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Xyngular promises you the freedom to be your own boss. But is Xyngular a good opportunity or are the promises just marketing hype? Here’s what you need to know.

Is Xyngular a good opportunity? According to the 2018 Xyngular Income Summary, 80% of all distributors did not earn anything, and less than 1% made more than a poverty-level income. For these reasons, Xyngular does not appear to be a good opportunity.

In this detailed analysis, I show you why you won’t earn a profit with the Xyngular opportunity.


Is Xyngular a Good Opportunity? 

Xyngular is a multi-level marketing company that sells wellness products and weight loss supplements. As with any MLM, the probability of success is extremely small.

MLM is the only industry where the sales force must pay the company for the privilege of buying its products, selling its products, and making the company money.

How crazy is that?

The promise of opportunity is nothing more than a marketing ploy to hook you into buying overpriced products.

There are no good MLM opportunities. Xyngular is NOT an exception.


Why You Can’t Win with MLM (Video).

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Xyngular Will Cost You. 

As a Xyngular Independent Distributor, it will cost you to join.

First, you must pay a $14.95 membership fee and then a $49.95 Distributor Fee. You’ll have to pay the Distributor Fee every year you’re a Xyngular Distributor.

Most people quit their first year anyway.

Remember, there are thousands of companies outside of MLM that will PAY YOU to sell their products. 

It’s insane that Xyngular expects you to pay them. And you must buy tons of overpriced products before you can earn bonuses.

It’s a rigged game you cannot win.

Xyngular What You Need to Know

Xyngular Sells a Dream.

MLM is a moneymaker for the owners of the company and a few distributors at the top of the salesforce. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of MLMs and the income numbers for the distributors are consistent across the board.

99% lose while the top 1% wins.

The numbers are consistent because the business model is the same throughout the industry.

The massive revenue earned by MLM companies is based on selling the dream of success and a better life. The products are secondary.

Like every other MLM, Xyngular sells a dream.

Xyngular never make a profit

Ask yourself, would you pay $14.95 to be a member and another $49.95 to be a Distributor, and then spend another $549 for a boatload of diet stuff, and $120 a month to get more diet stuff if you didn’t think you’d make money from it?

Most people wouldn’t. There are tons of cheaper alternatives on the market without the hassles of MLM.

But if you believed that Xyngular was your ticket to a better life, you’d pay the price and keep paying until you discovered the disappointing truth that you are the customer.

Xyngular You are the customer

You are the Customer.

Selling the dream is how Xyngular turns you into a captured customer.

The dream creates an emotional bond between you and the company, and until you realize you made a poor decision, you will keep giving Xyngular your money and trying to make the opportunity work.

Xyngular’s promise of opportunity and to “help you” is a highly sophisticated marketing ploy designed to lock you into buying over-priced products.

The emotional bond the dream creates and the relentless manipulation to buy products is the reason many Distributors go into debt.

Once you drink the Xyngular Kool-Aid, it’s easy to charge it all to a credit card.


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The Psychology of $14.95.

Every detail of the Xyngular recruiting process has been meticulously planned to draw you in.

Xyngular’s founders and executives have decades of experience with Multi-level marketing. Xyngular employs marketing professionals who specialize in MLM and who continue to refine the process to perfection.

It starts by selling the dream of financial success and a better life. With Xyngular, you can get started for $14.95.

$14.95 seems like such a small price to pay for a better life, to earn extra income, and to be your own boss.

But, after paying the $14.95 to be a member, you’ll quickly learn, you must also pay $49.95 to be a Distributor.

At this point, a curious thing happens.

You have a psychological dilemma.

You must either admit you made a poor choice when you paid Xyngular $14.95 and abandon the dream you have been sold OR pay $49.95 to continue to chase the dream.

Psychologically, we humans value consistency. We are reluctant to admit we made a mistake. Instead, most of us will pay the $49.95 to reassure ourselves we made the right choice.

And then, another curious thing happens.

As a newly minted Xyngular Distributor, you must now purchase a starter kit.

Technically, buying a starter kit is “optional,” but you’ll quickly see that Xyngular has incentives for you to get the most expensive starter kit for $549. 

Remember, this is Xyngular’s game. They make the rules and they want you to buy as much stuff as they can manipulate you into buying.

You’ll be encouraged to purchase the most expensive starter kit for $549, but if that’s too much, there are two less costly kits to choose from.

Do you admit you wasted your money on the $14.95 and $49.95 fee? Do you abandon the dream of a better life? Or, do you continue to chase after it?

Most people would continue to chase the dream and purchase a starter kit.

Once you purchase a starter kit, another curious thing happens.

You’ll be told, if you want to earn bonuses, you must enroll in auto-ship and commit to spending $120 each month on products.

Again, do you abandon the dream you’ve been sold, or do you enroll in auto-ship and continue to chase the dream.

Most people will continue to chase the dream they’ve been sold.

This psychological trick is the reason Xyngular earned $111.5 Million in 2018, while 99% of its distributors lost money.

Xyngular ER Visits

Do Xyngular Products Work? 

Xyngular has a modest catalog of wellness and weight loss products.

When you visit the product page on the Xyngular website, you’ll find several carefully worded claims about how Xyngular products can help you feel more energized, slim down, and maintain wellness.

However, legally, Xyngular makes NO HEALTH CLAIMS at all.

Plus, there is no evidence that Xyngular can help you with anything.

We don’t even know what’s in the products! It’s a proprietary blend.

There is no way of knowing what you are paying for when you buy a Xyngular product.

Before purchasing Xyngular products, check out the reviews on Amazon. Some of the reviews are quite alarming.

Xyngular General Rule of MLM

You’ll Spend More on Products than You Make. 

After you’re enrolled and signed the Xyngular Independent Distributor contract, you’ll be encouraged to purchase a starter kit. There are three to choose from.

  • Ultimate Transformation Kit $549
  • Xyngular Ignite Fat Burning System Kit $349
  • CORE4 Bundle $199

Xyngular has incentives to encourage you to buy the most expensive starter kit and to recruit people to do the same.

You’ll also be encouraged to sign up for $120 worth of products to be auto shipped to your home each month, so you’ll be “qualified” to earn bonuses, etc.

If you go “all-in,” become a distributor, buy the Ultimate Transformation Kit and enroll in auto-ship, your first year will cost you over $2000.

According to the 2018 Xyngular Income Summary, 80% of all distributors did not earn anything. If they went all in, as they are encouraged to do, they lost $2000+!

Above the 80% that did not earn anything, another 16% made only an average of $832 for the YEAR! In other words, they lost $1100!

In the next section, we’ll take a closer look at the Xyngular Income Summary and see that the numbers are actually much worse.

Because the Xyngular opportunity is so expensive and because it has such a small probability of success, it is NOT a good opportunity.

It’s not an opportunity at all.

The Xyngular Income Disclosure.

Math Alert!

In the next few sections, I’ll be throwing numbers around. If numbers aren’t your thing, you can just accept my conclusion that you don’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell of succeeding with Xyngular.

If you want to know how I came to this conclusion, follow the numbers.

Preferably before you get involved with Xyngular, be sure you understand the Xyngular Income Summary. That’s the name Xyngular gives its Income Disclosure.

For copyright reasons, I will not reproduce the Xyngular Income Summary in this article.

Click on this link: 2018 Xyngular Income Summary, and it will open in a new tab so you can follow along.

Now that you have the tab open and can see the Income Summary, start by scrolling to the bottom of the Summary and read the definition of an active Distributor. It says;

An active Distributor has at least 30PV in sales volume in 90 days AND sponsored at least one other member.

Xyngular Opportunity is worthless

Xyngular Ignores the Losers

In other words, all the members who paid the $14.95 Membership Fee and the $49.95 Distributor Fee and purchased a $549 Starter Kit and enrolled in $120 a month auto-ship but did not sponsor anyone DO NOT COUNT!

Isn’t that convenient?

The 80% who obviously LOST MONEY are ignored.

Ignoring the people who lost money makes the opportunity look much better than it is.

Look at it another way, Xyngular admits that only 20% of its Distributors earned a commission.

That figure is horrendous but dig a little more, and you’ll see it gets much worse.

The Xyngular Income Summary Does Not Include Expenses.

In the second paragraph beneath the Income Summary, you’ll see that the income figures do not include “expenses incurred by the member in operation of his/her business.”

We can only speculate about how much a Distributor spends to promote his or her Xyngular business. However, it’s safe to assume they paid $14.95 for a membership fee and another $49.95 for a Distributor Fee.

If we assume they went all-in and got everything they were encouraged to buy, they spent at least $2000 their first year as a Distributor.

If you look at the top line of the Income Summary table, you’ll see that at the Distributor level, the average income for the year was only $832. They lost nearly $1,200.

Xyngular MLM is Unfair...

Xyngular Fudges the Numbers.

Just looking at the Income Summary, you might think that 78.64% of all distributors earned $832 for the year (actually they lost money as we saw above).

Remember, Xyngular did not count the 80% of its Distributors who did not make anything at all.

The 78.64% figure is the percentage of the 20% of Distributors they did count.

In other words, only 15.73% of ALL Distributors earned $832 before expenses.

At Least 96% of ALL Xyngular Lose Money!

When we combine the 80% of Distributors who did not earn anything and the 15.73% who earned an average of $832, and factor in the known expenses, we see that nearly 96% of ALL Xyngular Distributors LOST MONEY!

How can a company that promises you a proven way to wealth let 96% of its Distributors lose money?

Xyngular has been in business for 10 years. It was created by Marc Walker, a veteran MLM executive with over 25 years of experience in the industry.

If Xyngular wanted more of its Distributors to make money, they would have adjusted the compensation plan by now.

In 2018, Xyngular earned $111.5 Million in annual revenue, while 96% of its Distributors lost money.

Xyngular isn’t about helping you make money. It’s about helping the company make money.

The promise of opportunity is just marketing to entice you into paying Xyngular for the privilege of buying and selling its over-price and dubious products, but mostly it’s about buying products.

Xyngular Nightmare for women

99% of Xyngular Distributors Fail.

In most regions of the United States, the poverty line for one adult is $12,000 a year.

Look at the Xyngular Income Summary, and you’ll see that 15.82% (11.22%+4.62%) earned an average of $11,813 for the year, just under the poverty line for the US.

Remember, 15.82% is the percentage of the 20% Xyngular Distributors counted in the Summary.

15.82% is 3.16% of ALL Distributors.

In other words, when we add the 80% of all Distributors who did not earn anything with the 15.73% who lost money and then add the 3.16% who made less than the poverty line, we see that approximately 99% of ALL Xyngular Distributors failed to earn more than poverty level.

That leaves only 1% who may have earned more than poverty-level income BEFORE Expenses with the Xyngular opportunity.

Where’s the Wealth?

Earning just above the poverty line is a hard way to go.

Remember, Xyngular claims to be founded by a group of passionate individuals dedicated to changing lives for the better. They promise the “Xyngular way to Wealth.”

Any way you look at it, a minimum wage job beats the Xyngular opportunity hands down.

According to UC Davis, a minimum wage job pays $15,000 a year. You’d have to be in the top 1% of Xyngular Distributors to beat that and probably work a lot harder too.

An All or Nothing Game.

One thing that is abundantly clear from the Xyngular Income Summary is that big money is concentrated at the top.

It’s an all or nothing game where only a few people win big while everyone else loses.

How Many Xyngular Distributors Earn a Living Wage?

Not many.

If we add up the percentages for Distributors earning an average of $48,000 a year or more and adjust to the percentage of ALL distributors, we get .06%!

Only .06% of ALL Xyngular Distributors earn $48,000 or more per year BEFORE deducting expenses.

And where does this money come from? It comes out of the pockets of the distributors in their downline.

Xyngular Skinny Jeans

Xyngular and the Industry Average.

In-depth research published on the FTC website shows that across the MLM industry, less than 1% earn a profit.

Most people who try MLM lose money. This is true throughout the industry, and it is valid for Xyngular too.

Even if you don’t follow my math, you can see from the Xyngular Income Summary that at least 80% of Distributors failed. And, that is IF you accept the fudged numbers as accurate.

Like lipstick on a pig, that’s as pretty as Xyngular could make its numbers appear.

What is Xyngular?

On its Linkedin profile, Xyngular describes itself as a health and wellness company led by executives with over a century of combined Network Marketing experience.

The co-founder of Xyngular, Marc Walker, is said to have an extensive career in Network Marketing. One source states Walker has been in Network Marketing for over 25 years.

Network Marketing is another, perhaps less tainted, name for Multi-level marketing.

The Linkedin profile also notes that Xyngular is privately owned but does not reveal the names of the owners.

Because Xyngular is a member of the Direct Selling Association, a known lobbying organization for the Multi-level industry, and because Xyngular has a multi-level compensation plan, I think it is safe to conclude Xyngular is an MLM.

A $111.5 Million Company. reports that Xyngular earned annual revenue of $111.5 Million in 2018.

Where does the revenue come from? Without a thorough audit, we can’t know. However, because Xyngular’s focus is on recruiting distributors and selling them products, much of the company revenue apparently comes from the pockets of their distributors.

Remember, according to the Xyngular Income Summary, 99% lose money, so the top .06% can make a killing.

You Won’t Build a Business.

Although Xyngular promises you the opportunity to take control of your finances and build a business by recruiting new distributors, the truth is, it’s doubtful you’ll succeed.

The game is rigged against you.

As we’ve seen, only a small percentage at the highest levels earn a profit. Everyone else in the sales force is merely buying products and recruiting new customers for Xyngular.

MLM is in Decline.

People are tired of Multi-level marketing. The truth is out.

In North America, MLM is in decline. According to the Wall Street Journal, investment managers are dumping MLM stocks because the business model is becoming increasingly unworkable.

In August of 2019, Coty, a multi-billion-dollar international cosmetic company, sold its controlling shares of the MLM YouniqueOpens in a new tab. because of increasing consumer awareness of the “risks of participating in MLM schemes.”

Thanks to the internet, the absurdity of MLM is common knowledge. When an industry cannot survive the light of truth, it is doomed.

While Xyngular enjoyed phenomenal growth since it launched in 2009. However, recruitment will become increasingly difficult as more people discover the truth about MLM.

Cherish the People Who Love you.

Xyngular, like every other MLM, expects you to sell its products and opportunity to your warm market. Your warm market is the people who know, love, and trust you, your family members and friends.

You’ll be pushed to immediately sign them up before you discover the products don’t work and the opportunity isn’t real.

If you do sell the Xyngular opportunity to the people who love you, they will lose money, too, just as you will. That will probably damage, if not break, your relationship.

When you’ve been sold the Xyngular dream, you might honestly want to share it with the people who are close to you. But, ask yourself, how ethical is a company that expects you to exploit your most valuable relationships?

Your personal relationships are far more valuable than the commission you might earn from selling them over-priced Xyngular products or recruiting them into the business.

Xyngular Damaged Relationships

Why We’re Fat.

We aren’t overweight because we have not been consuming enough Xyngular products. We’re overweight because we live in an age of abundance where calorie dense food is cheap and convenient.

No pill, potion or powder will change that.

Weight management begins will understanding proper nutrition and learning to live a healthy life in an increasingly unhealthy culture.

Visit to learn the truth about nutrition and weight loss based on scientific and medical research.

Read the book, “How Not to Diet,”Opens in a new tab. by Dr. Michael Greger, M.D. FACLM, Founder,

Meet Dr. Gregor in this videoOpens in a new tab. as he speaks about Evidence-Based Weight Loss.

Xyngular Sustainable Weight loss

The Last Word of the Xyngular Opportunity.

Your desire to make a better life for yourself is admirable, but Xyngular is not the answer.

The MLM business model never has worked for the rank and file. From the beginning, it was designed to turn people into captured customers with a false promise of opportunity.

Over the years, MLM became more efficient at selling the dream and exploiting its sales force by making the Distributors buy endless amounts of dubious, over-priced products and paying for the privilege of making the company money.

It’s an astounding premise that fooled people for over 70 years.

But people are now tired of MLM. They are tired of the lies, false promises, and manipulation. MLM cannot escape its online reputation.

Also, the FTC is beginning to investigate MLMs more closely.

Here’s the thing to remember about Xyngular, if by some miracle, you beat the odds and succeeded as a Xyngular Distributor, all you have done is build a business inside a business.

Xyngular controls you and can take your business away any time it wants.

The Crazy Thing about Xyngular.

Don’t you think it insane to pay Xyngular for the privilege of selling its products and making the company money?

That’s a very twisted way to start a business. With that scheme, you will always be in the hole.

You don’t have to pay Xyngular, and I would recommend that you don’t.

There are 1000s of companies who will PAY YOU to sell their products. You don’t have to jump through hoops or chase after your family and friends either. 

Right now, you can go the Best Buy website, or Amazon or WalMart, or ClickBank or a thousand other sites and sign up to sell their products for FREE.

It won’t cost you a dime.

Commissions range from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. Once you have the necessary skills, you can earn commissions 24/7 from a laptop and an internet connection.

Call it Affiliate Marketing.

True Unlimited Income.

Imagine you could earn as much as you wanted from your home without risking a dime and without harassing your friends and family.

You can.


No tricks. No gimmicks. No gotchas.

If you want a real opportunity where you can earn more with less effort, I encourage you to consider Affiliate Marketing.

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If your finances are a train wreck, if you need retirement money, if you’re sick and tired of your boss, Affiliate Marketing can turn things around for you.

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