Is Traci Lynn a Good Opportunity? What You Need to Know.

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The privately-owned direct sales company, Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry, LLC, promises you can earn extra income while doing something you love and, perhaps, even achieve financial freedom. But, is Traci Lynn a good opportunity or just another MLM peddling false hope?

Is Traci Lynn a good opportunity? The direct sales company, Traci Lynn, does not disclose the information required to properly access its opportunity. Without this information, proper due diligence is impossible. Tracy Lynn’s lack of transparency is suspicious. Caution is advised.

To fully understand how the promise of opportunity is really just a marketing trick, watch the video Why You Can’t Win with MLM posted in this article.


Is Traci Lynn a Good Opportunity?

Traci Lynn, a member of the Direct Selling Association, is required to follow the DSA Code of Ethics. The DSA Code of Ethics states potential recruits must be given enough information to evaluate the company’s opportunity.

Before anyone can realistically evaluate the Traci Lynn opportunity, they need to know how much the opportunity costs and how much the average Traci Lynn Consultant earns.

Traci Lynn does not publish the full cost of its opportunity. And, it fails to publish how much its Consultants actually earn.

The company has this information. It’s required for tax purposes. There’s a reason Traci Lynn does not make this information known. If this information was available, it may prove that the Traci Lynn opportunity is not an opportunity at all.

Traci Lynn Name

Traci Lynn’s lack of transparency is a breach of trust and reason enough to avoid the so-called opportunity.

We know the Traci Lynn opportunity will cost at least $199 to get started. However, there are additional expenses that are not disclosed. Also, there no evidence you will earn anything or even make back your initial investment.

Because Traci Lynn is a direct selling company with a multi-level compensation plan, aka MLM, we can look at the averages of the MLM industry to determine how much you can expect to earn as a Consultant.

Through the analysis of the top 300 MLM companies, it was been determined that only .4% of the people who try the opportunity will earn a profit. Only .4%.

In other words, there is a 100% chance the Traci Lynn opportunity will cost you money, and less than a 1% chance you will earn a profit.

That’s not a good opportunity. That’s not an opportunity at all.

You are 5X more likely to win at a slot machine in Vegas than you are to succeed as a Traci Lynn Consultant.

You would do much better with a part-time minimum wage job.

Why You Can’t Win with MLM (Video).

If you can’t see the video, Watch it Here.

Did You Join Traci Lynn?

If you have already joined Traci Lynn, keep a record of every dollar you spend on your business and the time you spend on your business as well.

Direct sales companies, like Traci Lynn, use marketing and psychological tricks to bond you emotionally with the company.

Keeping a record of your expenses and the time you invest in the opportunity will reveal the truth.

While you might occasionally sell a piece of jewelry and make some money, it is doubtful you will ever earn a profit.

Also, when you track the time you spend on the opportunity, you may soon discover that you are wasting your life on something that will never pay off.

Once you see your losses and how you have been manipulated, it may be easier to break free of the emotional bond tying you to Tracy Lynn.

Did a Friend or Relative Join Traci Lynn?

Direct sales companies like Traci Lynn require constant new blood. Without continual recruitment, the company will collapse.

If someone you know has joined Traci Lynn, understand they are a victim of a highly sophisticated recruiting machine.

This recruiting machine exploits the trust between friends and family.

Every sophisticated psychological available has been used to sell your friend a dream. It is as if they have been seduced and fallen in love with Traci Lynn.

They sincerely believe Traci Lynn is the answer to a better life.

As much as possible, try to understand why your friend has fallen for the Traci Lynn sales pitch. Above all, do not criticize them.

She needs your love and understanding.

As gently and as kindly as possible, encourage your friend to keep a record of the time and money they spend on the Traci Lynn opportunity.

Eventually, the truth will become evident to them.

Suggest they read this article and watch the video Why You Can’t Win with MLM.

Traci Lynn Forbes

Traci Lynn’s Unstated Goal.

The good people at Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry, LLC, know that only a tiny fraction of their Consultants earn a profit.

And they know that the few who succeed with the Tracy Lynn opportunity are usually professional marketers who know how to recruit and motivate on a large scale.

If Tracy Lynn wanted more of its Consultants to succeed, it could reduce the cost of the opportunity and increase commissions.

In the 13 years that Tracy Lynn has been a direct sales company, it doesn’t appear to have made an effort to improve the success rate of its Consultants.

Helping Consultants make money is not the primary goal of Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry, LLC.

The Traci Lynn website is very slick with an empowering and upbeat message. Much of the jewelry is attractive. And, it could be fun hosting parties and helping women look their best and feel good about themselves.

With all the positive messages on the Traci Lynn website, you might believe the company was created to help you make money and succeed.

However, you are not the reason Ms. Lynn created her company.

Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry, LLC, was created to help Ms. Lynn make money.

Clearly, Ms. Lynn is an extraordinary businesswoman who deserves all the praise she has received for creating a privately owned $42 Million jewelry empire.


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As a highly-skilled CEO, Ms. Lynn’s primary objective is to maximize company profits. That’s the goal of every competent CEO, corporate executive, and employee.

Maximizing profits is the heart and soul of capitalism, and Ms. Lynn does it very well.

However, were Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry, LLC profits come from is an issue and a valid point of criticism.

As a typical direct sales company with a multi-level compensation plan, it appears that much of the company profits come from the pockets of its Consultants.

If you become a Traci Lynn Consultant, the odds are you will spend more money on buying jewelry than you earn in commissions. That’s how MLM works.

The promise of opportunity is really a marketing trick to snag customers.

That’s MLM’s dirty little secret.

Traci Lynn You are the customer 500

You Are the Customer.

Before you earn your first dime with Traci Lynn, you must first buy a starter kit. Starter kits are typical for the MLM industry.

Outside of the MLM industry, most companies that want you to sell their products do not offer starter kits. And, they certainly don’t expect you to spend hundreds of dollars for the privilege of selling their products and making the company money.

Only MLM companies sell expensive starter kits to their salespeople.

In typical MLM fashion, Traci Lynn offers three starter kits. An experienced Traci Lynn sponsor will try to sell the most expensive starter kit first, the Executive Kit. It costs $649.

If they can’t push the most expensive starter kit, an experienced sponsor will fall back to the mid-range kit, the Basic Kit. It costs $349.

If that doesn’t work, she’ll push the Starter Kit. It costs $199.

In addition to buying an expensive starter kit, you must generate a minimum of $100 worth of business each month, and to be a “Qualified Consultant,” you must have “generated” at least $500 of business.

“Generated” is code for either selling that much or BUYING that much. In other words, Traci Lynn leaves the door open for you to buy your way to the rank of Qualified Consultant.

Throughout the MLM industry, most people who try it quit within a few months, and very few last more than a year. The good people at Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry, LLC, know this.

That’s why they grab for as much of a new Consultant’s cash as they can get right at the beginning.

Here’s a possible scenario. Imagine you join Traci Lynn as a new Consultant. You’re excited. It’s easy for your sponsor to talk you into buying the Executive Starter Kit for $649. You charge it to your credit card because you just know you’ll soon be making money.

While you have your credit card out, your sponsor talks you into buying another $500 worth of jewelry, so you instantly achieve the rank of “Qualified Consultant.”

You thought you were starting a business, but so far, you’re a customer and $1,149 in debt.

Based on MLM statistics, that’s as far as most people get.

And, that’s how Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry, LLC, a privately owned company, earns $42 Million a year.

Here’s an interesting mathematical experiment. In 2017, Traci Lynn had 35,000 active Consultants. If you divide $42 million by 35,000, you’ll see that Traci Lynn earned $1,200 per consultant.

That’s close to the cost of an Executive Starter Kit plus the cost of becoming a Qualified Consultant.

Traci Lynn Tracy Coenen II

Proper Due Diligence.

If you joined Traci Lynn as a Consultant and later realize you were misled about the opportunity, you might decide to sue the company.

The first thing your lawyer might ask you is, “Did you conduct proper due diligence?”

Lawyers who specialize in MLM, know it is the individual’s responsibility to thoroughly investigate an opportunity before committing their resources and time.

I’m not a lawyer, but unless Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry, LLC actively prevents you from conducting due diligence, you probably won’t have a case against the company.

In other words, don’t join Traci Lynn unless you first conduct a thorough analysis and find the opportunity worth your time and treasure.

I have noted several times in this article that Traci Lynn does not publish the information you need to properly evaluate its opportunity. However, it may make the information available at the end of the recruiting process, perhaps in tiny print in its policies document or Consultant agreement.

Ask yourself; do you want to risk your time, energy, and money with a company that doesn’t play fair?

Traci Lynn MLM is Unfair (2)

The Traci Lynn Opportunity.

Traci Lynn claims to offer a business opportunity selling affordable fashion jewelry through party plans and person-to-person. It promises explicitly a chance to earn “extra income” and “the lifestyle you always wanted.”

As we’ve seen, the odds of making a profit with Tracy Lynn are practically zero. It’s telling that you will not find the word “profit” mentioned anywhere on the Traci Lynn website.

If you buy the Executive Starter kit for $649 and the Qualified Consultant position for another $500, then sell $49 worth of jewelry at a party; you technically made money.

But, you’re a long way from making a profit.

Traci Lynn women driven into debt

Is Traci Lynn a Typical MLM?

Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry, LLC, promises you a business opportunity. Such a promise is typical of all MLMs. It’s the hook that draws people into the scheme.

Who doesn’t want to make more money or work from home?

Direct sales, combined with a multi-level compensation plan, can be very lucrative for the company. A handful of professional marketers at the top of the sales force can also make a fortune.

Unfortunately, the revenue that the company and top salespeople enjoy comes from the pockets of the rank and file distributors, aka Consultants.

The game is rigged against the rank and file Consultants. They cannot win because they must spend money from the start and, every month and, at every level, they must spend more money.

As we’ve seen, the Consultants are the customers.

The result of the rigged game is that 99% of the sales force loses money.

The company’s profits and the commissions earned by the topmost salespeople come from the losses suffered by the rank and file Consultants.

This is the typical MLM game plan.

Traci Lynn offers no evidence to suggest it is anything other than a typical MLM.

Traci Lynn, a Failure of Ethics?

Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry, LLC is a member of the Direct Selling Association. As a member, Traci Lynn is expected to adhere to the DSA Code of Ethics.

However, it appears as if the DSA Code of Ethics is just for show as it is not enforced. In my experience, most of the members of DSA ignore the Code of Ethics, although they will link to it from their website as if to create credibility.

In the bottom left corner of the Traci Lynn website, you’ll find a link to the DSA Code of Ethics.

Follow that link and scroll down to Section A, Paragraph 8, Earnings Representations, you’ll find that as a member of the DSA, Traci Lynn is required to provide prospective salespeople the information they need to evaluate the business opportunity and the potential for earning an income.

Traci Lynn does not provide such information.

The information we need to properly evaluate the Traci Lynn opportunity includes an Earning Disclosure, Company Policy and Procedures, and documents showing the total cost of the opportunity.

None of this is available to the public.

An Earning Disclosure would show how much Traci Lynn Consultants truly earn based on historical company accounting records.

Company Policy and Procedures will show if Traci Lynn buys back excess inventory when a Consultant quits, or if the Consultant has been loaded with products they cannot sell.

Instead of these documents, a typical direct sales company will show a prospective recruit its compensation plan.

A compensation plan does not include the information you need to properly evaluate the Traci Lynn opportunity.

Traci Lynn MLM damage relationships

The Traci Lynn Compensation Plan.

Traci Lynn does not publish a compensation plan on its website. The only Traci Lynn compensation plan I found was on a third-party website.

The Compensation Plan is NOT a legal document, and it provides very little useful information.

It’s essential to know how many levels are in the compensation plan. The more levels a Compensation Plan has, the more it exploits the rank and file Consultants.

A non-MLM direct sales company only needs 4 levels to operate worldwide. Traci Lynn has 10 levels!

Excessive levels reward the company and the professional marketers at the top at the expense of everyone else in the sales force.

If someone tries to recruit you into Traci Lynn, they will probably show you the compensation plan, because the Plan is the foundation of the Traci Lynn recruiting strategy.

The plan creates the illusion you can make a lot of money with the Traci Lynn opportunity.

Tracy Coenen Magazine Cover

Tracy L. Coenen, CPA, CFF

Meet Tracey Coenen.

Tracy L. Coenen, CPA, is an outspoken critic of direct sales companies that use a multi-level compensation plan. Like most people, Ms. Coenen refers to these companies as MLMs.

She is a highly respected forensic accountant who specializes in investigating corporate fraud. Ms. Coenen literally wrote the book on the subject and teaches several college courses on the subject as well. Learn more about Ms. Coenen on her website

Here’s what Tracy Coenen has to say about the MLM industry.

Tracy Lynn Tracy Coenen MLM

Meet Dr. Jon Taylor, Ph.D.

“I feel a moral imperative to help others avoid the pitfalls inherent in this industry.” – Dr. Jon Taylor, Ph.D.

Although Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry, LLC, does not provide the information we need to evaluate its opportunity, we can use the work of Dr. Taylor to better understand the industry.

Through Dr. Taylor’s research, we can learn what to expect as a Tracy Lynn Consultant.

Taylor evaluated the top 300 direct sales companies with multi-level compensation plans. His research is the most in-depth and thorough investigation of the MLM industry ever conducted. Dr. Taylor continues to be an outspoken critic of the MLM industry.

Dr. Taylor’s research is available on the Federal Trade Commission’s website.

In a nutshell, Taylor found that it typically costs a distributor/Consultant about $2,500 a year to operate their MLM business. And that approximately 99.6% of the people who try an MLM opportunity like Tracy Lynn LOST MONEY!

In other words, only .4% of the people who try MLM will earn a profit. Not surprisingly, the .4% who profit are the professional marketers at the top of the salesforce.

Because Tracy Lynn has not published any information to show their opportunity is any better than the industry average, we must assume the worse.

Traci Lynn FTC Chair

Traci Lynn Products.

In its DSA profile, Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry, LLC describes its products as “high-quality, affordable fashion jewelry.”

In truth, its costume jewelry made of synthetic stones and plated base metals.

According to an academic paper written by Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship, Caroline Glackin, Ph.D. of Fayetteville State University, the Traci Lynn products are manufactured in China.

The same paper states that Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry, LLC holds several non-competition agreements with their Chinese manufactures and registered trademarks in China to protect their products from counterfeiting.

The point is Tracy Lynn charges premium prices for costume jewelry made in China.

Because the jewelry is made of non-precious, manufactured stones and base metals, it is merely decorative and does not have the intrinsic value of fine jewelry.

Complaints about the poor quality of Tracy Lynn products can be found online.

Tracy Lynn Complaints.

There are not many Tracy Lynn complaints online, and most reviews of Tracy Lynn are positive. However, of the 13 reviews on, one is particularly revealing as it states; “poor quality jewelry, yet expensive.”

In the Q&A of the same website, a reviewer who appears to be a Tracy Lynn Consultant states, “Improve quality. Two of my customer’s items broke immediately after wearing.”

A complaint on states, “[Tracy Lynn] offers cheap quality products at a high price. The quality is very bad.”

Tracy Lynn Has a World of Competition.

Selling costume jewelry through a multi-level sales force must be very profitable for MLM companies. At least 20 other MLMs are doing it.

In addition to the 20 MLMs listed below, Tracy Lynn jewelry is available on eBay and PoshMark. Similar jewelry is available on Amazon for less without the hassle of in-home parties or recruiting.

This means it will be increasingly difficult to host parties, sell Tracy Lynn jewelry and build a team.

Jewelry MLMs that Compete with Traci Lynn.
  1. 1Avon
  2. 2Younique
  3. 3Vantel Pearls
  4. 4Park Lane Jewelry
  5. 5Stella and Dot
  6. 6Bead for Life
  7. 7Nikken
  8. 8Touchstone Crystal
  9. 9Compelling Creations
  10. 10Bella Shaye
  11. 11Premier Designs
  12. 12Sabika Jewelry
  13. 13Azuli Skye
  14. 14Chloe+Isabel
  15. 15Lilla Rose
  16. 16Endless Expressions
  17. 17Paparazzi Accessories
  18. 18Just Jewelry
  19. 19Fifth Avenue Collection
  20. 20Trades of Hope

The Last Word on Traci Lynn.

After reading this article, if you decide to try the Traci Lynn opportunity, keep a record of how much you spend and how much you earn.

If you’re not making a profit, quit before you lose more money.

It’s easy to understand how you might fall for the Traci Lynn sales pitch. The company has crafted its marketing and corporate image to earn your trust and seduce you into believing the opportunity is real. It’s not.

However, the more desperate you are to make money, the more easily you can be fooled by Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry, LLC, and every other MLM.

If you’re captivated by the Traci Lynn sales pitch and promises, you’ll miss the best opportunity of your life, the internet.

Your Greatest Opportunity.

In my opinion, the most significant opportunity most people will ever have is the internet. It’s a real opportunity, but you’ll need to learn a few skills before you can leverage it to your advantage.

The place to start is Affiliate Marketing because it’s easy and affordable. For the cost of the Tracy Lynn Executive Starter Kit, you can pay for all the training, tools, and materials you need as an Affiliate Marketer for 2 YEARS!

With the proper skills, a single Affiliate Marketer can sell more products than an entire MLM organization.

My FREE coaching shows you how.

An affiliate marketer does not pay the company, the company PAYS the affiliate marketer!

Instead of trying to recruit people into a downline, an affiliate marketer uses technology to make money 24/7, even when they’re sleeping or on vacation.

Once you know how to leverage the power of the internet, you will never again worry about money.

Because you are investing in yourself, it’s the best investment you can make. No one can take it from you. And, you can always build on it for still greater success.

Your life experiences, hobbies, and interests are priceless. When you match what you already know with the power of the internet, there is no limit to how much you can earn.

Simple Success.

The internet is your invitation to sell to the world. You don’t have to arrange parties or bug your family and friends. Instead, you simply help people.

My friends and I will show you how when you sign up for my FREE coaching.

Also, the skills you master as an Affiliate Marketer are valuable. You can use them to create multiple streams of income, helping offline businesses. Once you’re established, $100 to $250 an hour is typical.

My FREE coaching offer is only available through the links on this website. Enroll now. The number of people I can help is limited.

Traci Lynn Woman with Laptop II

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