Is SwissJust a Good Opportunity? What You Need to Know.

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Is SwissJust a good opportunity or just another MLM? SwissJust promises you an opportunity that will change your life, but what are the odds you can succeed with SwissJust?

Is SwissJust a good opportunity? Contrary to the Direct Selling Association Code of Ethics, SwissJust does not publish the information needed to properly evaluate its opportunity. Therefore, based on industry averages, we assume most people who try the SwissJust opportunity will lose money.

If you are considering the SwissJust opportunity, you must think of it as a business venture. It will cost you money, but you may never earn a profit. Here’s what you need to know.


Is SwissJust a Good Opportunity?

In his book, The Business Guide, James Lawrence Nichols warned us about the swindler. He wrote, “Never bet a man at his own game.”

If you join SwissJust as an Independent Consultant, you agree to play a game where SwissJust makes all the rules.

Two things you must accept as you consider the SwissJust business opportunity.

  • SwissJust was created to make money for the owners, not you.
  • SwissJust hides the information you need to determine if it is possible to succeed with its opportunity.

SwissJust has a pleasant website filled with messages about health, wellness, and opportunity. However, the one thing you won’t find on the SwissJust website is the information required to evaluate the opportunity.

Why You Can’t Win with MLM (Video).

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SwissJust Knows.

SwissJust has been in business since 1930. It knows what it pays its distributors. The SwissJust opportunity cannot be adequately evaluated without that information.

There is a reason why SwissJust is not revealing it.

In 2011, Dr. Jon Taylor, Ph.D., published his research on the top 300 MLMs in North America, including SwissJust. He concluded that, at best, 99% of people who try MLM lose money.

Because SwissJust does not publish an Income Disclosure, we must assume the odds of success with its opportunity is no better than the industry average.

For these reasons, it is reasonable to assume you will lose money if you try the SwissJust opportunity. It is NOT a good opportunity.

SwissJust name

SwissJust Products.

SwissJust USA offers proprietary formulated essential-oil based spa and wellness products, including skincare, body care, hair care, plus products for general health and well-being.

SwissJust products can be found on Amazon and eBay. Also, a SwissJust Independent Consultant does NOT have a protected territory. This may make it challenging to keep customers as they can always purchase from someone else or through Amazon or eBay.

Also, the products are priced rather high, although the products do appear to be of extraordinary quality.

Still, if you search for a SwissJust product on Amazon, you will find many less expensive alternatives.

SwissJust is an MLM.

SwissJust is a direct sales company that uses a multi-level compensation plan to motivate and reward its distributors. Because of its multi-level compensation plan, it can be considered a multi-level company or MLM.

A multi-level compensation plan creates the illusion of an opportunity, but not a real opportunity. Just the opposite. It channels profit away from distributors to the company and the highest-ranking distributors.

At the same time, the compensation plan draws most of the profit from the salesforce, it saddles the salesforce with most of the company’s expenses.

This is how SwissJust earns $600 Million a year while most of its salesforce loses money.

MLM is a brilliant business model IF you own the company. If you’re a distributor, it makes no sense at all.

It’s worth mentioning that SwissJust does not describe itself as an MLM. This may be because the MLM industry has a poor reputation and is known for promising an opportunity, but delivering only financial loss and damaged relationships.

When you look at the actual income MLM distributors earn, or more accurately, fail to earn, it is apparent that the opportunity is not an opportunity at all. It’s a liability.

SwissJust MLM

The Game is Rigged.

The more levels in a compensation plan, the more it exploits the salesforce and benefits the company. The SwissJust compensation plan has 8 levels.

The compensation plan, combined with SwissJust policies, rigs the game against the distributor and favors the company.

Because the game is rigged, it favors the company at the expense of the distributors; SwissJust earns over $600 Million in annual revenue while most of its distributors lose money.


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Why SwissJust Hides the Numbers.

Imagine for a moment that instead of considering the SwissJust opportunity, you were considering a sandwich shop franchise.

Before you put money, time, and energy into the sandwich shop franchise, you want to know what the chances are you will succeed.

Specifically, you need to know how much the opportunity will cost you, how much you can realistically earn, and how long it will take for the franchise to be profitable.

While every business offers risks and rewards, and no one can promise you success, a company like a franchise has a track record.

If a company is offering a legitimate opportunity, they will provided this information, so you will know if the investment is suitable for you.

SwissJust Tracy

SwissJust Withholds Critical Information.

SwissJust does not share the information you need to determine if their so-called opportunity is legitimate. If SwissJust were a person, we might accuse them of lying by omission.

Withholding this critical information is a violation of the Direct Selling Association’s Code of Ethics.

SwissJust must have a good reason for hiding the information needed to make a proper analysis of their opportunity.

Could it be that the SwissJust opportunity isn’t an opportunity at all?

The Federal Trade Commission.

In October 2016, FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez was the keynote speaker at the Direct Selling Association Business and Policy Conference in Washington, DC.

Chairwoman Ramirez reminded the conference attendees that the expectation of making money is the reason people join an MLM.

She stated that a legitimate MLM company must accurately represent its business opportunity and reveal what a participant is likely to earn. The information must be truthful, non-misleading, and substantiated.

We don’t see that with SwissJust.

SwissJust does the opposite and hides the information.

SwissJust FTC Chair

The DSA Code of Ethics.

The Direct Selling Association is thought to be the watchdog of the Direct Selling Industry. However, it doesn’t enforce anything, not even its own Code of Ethics.

The DSA is a lobbying group for the Multi-level Marketing industry.

In the Earnings Representations section of the Direct Selling Association’s Code of Ethics, it states a prospective independent salesperson must be provided sufficient information to enable a reasonable evaluation of the opportunity to earn an income.

Again, SwissJust fails to provide the information called for by the FTC and the DSA.

Do you really think SwissJust offers an opportunity?

A Failure of Ethics?

It would be easy to accuse SwissJust of a failure of ethics. However, I do not think that is the case at all.

SwissJust is an MLM. It is the nature of MLM to promise opportunity but deliver only expenses. It is the promise of opportunity that draws people to SwissJust.

And, it is the promise of opportunity that motivates them to pay the company for the privilege of buying its products.

The most extensive study of MLM companies ever conducted revealed that throughout the industry, less than 1% of distributors earned a profit at the expense of everyone else.

SwissJust is what it is. Respect it as you would anything that might hurt you and leave it alone.

SwissJust MLM is Unfair

SwissJust’s Ultimate Goal.

On the front cover of the SwissJust policy and procedures document, you’ll find the company’s mission statement which includes this line;

“…[an] organization filled with opportunities for professional development and personal growth.”

However, as we’ve seen, they offer no means for measuring how well they are fulfilling the mandates of their own mission statement.

Before lofty-sounding mission statements and feel-good claims, SwissJust’s ultimate goal is to maximize profits. This is the same goal for every company with a competent management team.

When a company uses a multi-level compensation plan, as SwissJust does, its salespeople are first and foremost sources of revenue for the company, not because they sell products, but because they BUY THEM!

SwissJust You are the customer

You are the Customer.

Before you make your first dime with SwissJust, you must first buy a Spa Business Kit $169 or a Wellness Essential Business Kit $100. While this may be less than many MLMs charge for a starter kit, it still means you start out in the red.

Most legitimate businesses require an investment, but only MLM companies create an upfront expense that profits the company at the cost of the distributor.

Remember, as a distributor, you will potentially be making money for the company. You shouldn’t pay them for that privilege. They should be PAYING YOU!

Because SwissJust does not share its numbers, we don’t know how much of its $600 Million in annual revenue comes from the pockets of its distributors, but we can logically surmise it is quite a lot.

In addition to buying a starter kit, you must “generate” a minimum of $300 in sales every 90 days to remain “active” and earn commissions, overrides, and bonuses.

It appears you can meet the $300 minimum either through sales to customers or through buying products for yourself. In other words, you could easily slip into buying $100 of products each month, which is probably the point.

If you have the money or room on a credit card, SwissJust makes it easy to buy your way to qualifying each month, which is probably the point too.

It’s why SwissJust sells the dream of opportunity.

SwissJust General Rule of MLM

SwissJust Sells a Dream.

Nobody in their right mind spends $100 a month on products unless they’ve been convinced that somehow, through spending money, they will make money.

Spending money to make money is an upside way of looking at business and a sure road to failure, if not bankruptcy.

However, selling the dream, getting people emotionally bonded with the company and products through the promise of opportunity is a proven MLM strategy.

When someone believes they can reach their dreams through SwissJust, they will chase it until they go broke, buying products every month like clockwork.

The dream, the promise of opportunity, is NOT real. It’s just a clever marketing trick that manipulates people into buying a lot of products they would not otherwise buy.

It’s why at least 99% of the people who try an MLM opportunity like SwissJust fail. Not only do they fail, but they also lose money.

Meet Dr. Jon Taylor.

If ever there was a hero, it’s Dr. Jon Taylor, Ph.D. Dr. Taylor and a few others who have done the hard work of analyzing the MLM industry. Their work proves that the promise of opportunity is not real.

In 2011, Dr. Taylor concluded the most extensive research and analysis of the MLM industry ever attempted. He evaluated the opportunity promised by the top 300 MLMs in North American, including SwissJust.

Dr. Taylor’s research is published on the Federal Trade Commission website and shows that at least 99% of the people who try the MLM opportunity lose money.

Because SwissJust does not publish an Income Disclosure, we must assume that its opportunity is no better than the industry average.

If you join SwissJust as an Independent Consultant, you have a 99% chance of losing money, to say nothing of your time, energy, and reputation.

That is as good as it gets with SwissJust.

A part-time minimum wage job is a better opportunity.

SwissJust Confused II

In more generic terms, the SwissJust Career Plan might be called the SwissJust Compensation Plan.

The Career Plan serves several purposes, the first and probably the most essential purpose is to create the illusion that the SwissJust opportunity is real and rewarding.

MLM Lawyer, Jeff Babaner, specializes in writing compensation plans for MLM companies. He says, “It’s important that a compensation plan is perceived to be fair.”

Notice Babaner did not say it is important that the compensation plan IS fair, only that is “perceived” as fair.

Another function of an MLM compensation plan is complexity. Complexity suspends the logical mind, leaving you to decide based on emotions. When it comes to business, emotional decisions often end in disaster.

For copyright reasons, I will not reproduce the SwissJust Career Plan here. You can open the Plan in a new tab and follow along as I analyze it.

First, notice how the first page sells the plan with phrases like “most modern and innovative,” and “important and exciting.”

Mostly, SwissJust is bragging about themselves because that’s all they can do.

If instead of bragging, they produced the hard numbers of how much their distributors actually earned, AND if these numbers proved that the opportunity was indeed rewarding, SwissJust would not have to SELL IT.

The challenge SwissJust faces in persuading people to join their opportunity without ever revealing that it isn’t an opportunity at all. It’s a liability.

That’s why they have the Plan.

SwissJust Secret to MLM Success

Focus on the First Two Levels.

As we look at the Swiss Career Plan, we’ll focus on the first two levels. That’s where you can see more of the expense of the so-called opportunity, and that’s about as far as most people will get.

Few people can sell, and even fewer people can recruit.

While the opportunity might look exciting. Instead of making sales, most distributors will buy products to remain active until that insanity becomes apparent.

SwissJust Consultant.

Notice how the Consultant Level, level 1, pays 25% commission on retail sales. However, there is a Personal Sales Volume Bonus of 5%. That means if in one month you generated $500 in retail volume or more, you will enjoy an additional 5% commission.

This might be a way for SwissJust to encourage distributors to host multiple sales parties, aka Wellness Gatherings. It may also be a way to entice new distributors into buying $500 worth of product their first month.

As a SwissJust Consultant, you are rewarded for recruiting and sponsoring new Consultants into the business.

A Self-defeating Business Model.

Recruiting is difficult, and it is also self-defeating.

Imagine you have a circle of 30 friends, and you recruit one of your friends from this circle into the business. Now they will also try to sell to and recruit from this circle of 30 friends.

Every person you recruit creates competition for you. It’s a self-defeating business model that ultimately only benefits SwissJust.

SwissJust Team Leader.

Based on industry averages, very few distributors rise above the entry-level position. There are several reasons for this.

Rising above the entry position, in the case of SwissJust, the Consultant position requires recruiting others into the business. Most people can’t recruit. Even the pros recruit very few people.

Plus, most people drop out within a few months when they discover they are only spending money, not making it.

The second level of the SwissJust Career Plan is Team Leader. To qualify as a Team Leader, you must have at least $750 in personal sales for the month and have sponsored at least 4 Consultants who have also placed at least one order.

Plus, total Team sales must be at least $3,000, including your own purchases. And, you must have met these qualifications for TWO CONSECUTIVE MONTHS!

This is an extremely high bar to reach, and it leaves the door open for a new Consultant to buy their rank through purchasing lots of products month after month. That may be the point.

The SwissJust Hamster Wheel of Death.

As a minimum, a SwissJust Consultant must “generate” at least $300 worth in sales over a rolling 90-day period. 

If a Consultant fails to meet this minimum in sales, they will be considered inactive by SwissJust and terminated. They will lose their downline and all they have built with SwissJust.

If you can’t work the business for an extended period, you can appeal to SwissJust for a waiver.

However, once you begin your SwissJust business, you will be on a hamster wheel and must perform or lose all you have worked for.

A SwissJust Consultant is NOT independent. They must dance to the SwissJust tune like an unpaid employee

Your SwissJust Business Isn’t Yours.

According to the SwissJust policy and procedure document. Your Consultant agreement is between you and the SwissJust.

This means if you die, the agreement is terminated, and your business is absorbed into SwissJust. Your heirs have no claim to it.

Likewise, you cannot sell your SwissJust business or give it to a loved one.

Essentially, your SwissJust business is not a business. It is nothing more than a contract between you and SwissJust, designating you as an independent commission sales agent.

SwissJust MLM damage relationships

The Last Word on SwissJust.

No doubt, you are interested in SwissJust because someone has introduced you to it. Perhaps you really need a chance to make more money.

SwissJust is not the answer.

There is a 99% chance you will lose money if you become a SwissJust Independent Consultant.

As we’ve seen in this article, SwissJust is a typical MLM. It withholds the information you need to evaluate its so-called opportunity.

If you join SwissJust, you will be playing a game where SwissJust makes all the rules.

It will cost you money to join SwissJust, and you will probably never earn a profit.

People can get SwissJust products anywhere, they don’t have to buy from you.

If you manage to build a profitable SwissJust sales organization, all you have accomplished is a business inside SwissJust. You do not own your business, and you do not control it.

Everything you do as a SwissJust Independent Consultant is controlled by SwissJust. And, you must perform or lose all you have worked for.

You cannot sell your SwissJust organization or give it to a loved one. If you die, SwissJust takes your organization and the income it produced.

If you are incapacitated, a time when you most need the revenue from your business, SwissJust will take your organization and the money it earns.

SwissJust and every other MLM is an extremely sophisticated marketing machine that exploits your emotions to trick you into buying products. It’s not a genuine opportunity.

MLMs, like SwissJust, attract innocent people who are merely trying to improve their finances.

The Real Opportunity.

The safest investment is to invest in yourself by learning high-value skills. With the right skills, you will always be able to make money.

The real opportunity is inside you. You already have the experience and knowledge you need to earn a life-changing income. It’s your hobbies, passions, and life experiences.

You only need to know how to bring these things to market.

That’s where the internet comes in.

When you combine the knowledge you already have with the power of the internet, you will never again worry about money.

The fastest and easiest way to leverage the internet to make money is Affiliate Marketing.

I can show you how.

It won’t cost a dime to get started.

FREE Coaching.

Unlike SwissJust, which expects you to give them a lot of money with very little chance of success, Affiliate Marketing allows you to start for FREE and build a profitable business for about $50 a month.

The key is to invest in yourself by learning the necessary skills. Once you have the basic skills, you can always make money online. I’ll show you how.

And, the skills you learn for Affiliate Marketing can be used to help local businesses and earn $100 to $250 an hour.

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