Is Sanki Global a Good Opportunity? What You Need to Know.

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Sanki Global promises to be a force of well-being in the world and to help you evolve without limits to achieve your life’s purpose. But is Sanki Global a good opportunity, or are all the feel-good promises just marketing hype?

Is Sanki Global a good opportunity? Sanki Global fails to publish an earning disclosure which is needed to properly evaluate its opportunity. Because of Sanki Global’s lack of transparency, we are left to assume it is NOT a legitimate opportunity. Caution advised.

In this article, I look closely at the Sanki Global opportunity and show you why it isn’t genuine. Here’s what you need to know.


Is Sanki Global a Good Opportunity?

Sanki Global is a privately-owned company. As a privately-owned company, the goal of its Co-founder and CEO Alejandro Lopez Tello is to maximize profits.

The goal of maximizing profits is a legitimate objective for any company.

However, you must understand that Sanki Global is NOT about helping you make money. Sanki Global is about helping Sanki Global make money.

And, the money it makes comes from people like you.

To this end, Sanki Global uses brilliant marketing, and ingenious product claims to seduce you into giving them your money.

This article shows you how they do it.

Sanki Global

Why You Can’t Win with MLM (Video)

If you don’t see the video, Click Here to Watch It.

Information About Sanki Global Is Scarce.

The company website does not provide useful information.

For a company that claims to follow the Omotenashi and Bushido Codes of selfless service and integrity, it is disturbing to witness Sanki Global’s secretive behavior and manipulative marketing.

Sanki Global is a multi-level marketing company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Like most MLMs, Sanki Global presents itself as the key to your success.

However, because it is an MLM, your success with the Sanki Global opportunity is nearly impossible.

Multi-level marketing is the only industry where the sales force pays the company for the privilege of buying its products, selling its products, and making money for the company.

Think about that.

How can you make money when you must first give money to the company?

Sanki Global’s promise of opportunity is nothing by a marketing ploy.

If Sanki Global can sell you the dream of success, you’ll bond emotionally with the company, and buy over-priced products that have no proven benefit.

What Does It Cost to Join Sanki Global?

To become a Sanki Global Distributor, you must first pay $55 for membership. This fee probably must be paid each year to continue as a Distributor, but Sanki Global isn’t clear about that.

After you pay the membership fee, according to former Distributors Anastacia Hauldridge and Richard Guzman*, you MUST do 3 more things if you want to qualify for a FAST START Bonus.

 You must:

  • Buy a Starter Pack. (Prices range are $244, $544 and $1094)
  • Sell or buy 50 PV (Personal Volume) of products.
  • Enroll in auto-ship.

Sanki Global What You Need to Know II Condensed

How much will all this cost you?

We can’t be sure because Sanki Global doesn’t publish the monetary value of PV, nor does it reveal the minimum required auto-ship order.

However, if we assume that 50 PV equals $50, we can get a ballpark figure. According to, a Sanki Global Distributor must “generate” 50PV of product every four weeks.

BehindMLM uses the word “generate,” but usually, an MLM permits a distributor to either sell products to satisfy this requirement or buy that volume of products, or both.

Although Sanki Global does not explain this anywhere on their website, I suspect that they permit Distributors to buy products to meet this qualification requirement.

This is part of the typical MLM strategy of turning their Distributors into customers.

Sanki Global MLM II

You also must purchase one of the Starter Packs.

I haven’t seen the incentives offered by Sanki Global, but typically an MLM will offer the highest bonuses and incentives on the most expensive Starter Pack.

This strategy is prevalent throughout the MLM industry, as most of the company’s revenue comes from selling Starter Kits to new Distributors.

Indeed, the entire Sanki Global marketing machine is designed to get you to join for $55, enroll in auto-ship to buy at least $50 of product each month and also purchase an expensive Starter Kit.

The fact you have three Starter Kits to choose from is part of the strategy too.

An experienced sponsor will try to get you to buy the most expensive Starter Kit, the Pro Pack, for $1,094. If they can’t get you to buy that, they’ll drop back to the Executive Pack, which is $544.

If you don’t buy that, they’ll offer you the Basic Pack for $244.

In a moment, I’ll show you how this strategy psychologically exploits you, but for now, just realize that if you went all-in with Sanki Global, your first year could cost over $1,700.

* Anastacia Hauldridge & Richard Guzman left Sanki Global and are now successful Affiliate Marketers.

What is Sanki Global’s Refund Policy?

Sanki Global does not publish a refund policy.

We advise you to assume that Sanki Global does not have a refund policy.

If you buy anything from Sanki Global, do not expect to get your money back if you change your mind.


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Sanki Global Sells a Dream.

The MLM business model is a moneymaker for the owners of the company and a few professional marketers at the top of the salesforce.

Throughout the MLM industry, there are a few thousand MLM companies. With minimal variation, the income percentages are consistent with every MLM company.

Because Sanki Global does not publish a historical record of how much their Distributors earn, we are left to assume it is no different than the industry average.

Thanks to the work of Dr. Jon Taylor, who researched the top 300 MLMs in North America, we know that less than 1% of Distributors earn a profit at the expense of the remaining 99% who lose money.

You’ll never see this painfully true statistic on the Sanki Global website.

Instead, you’ll see an abundance of feel-good hype as Sanki Global sells the dream of success, a better life, and better health.

Would you spend more than $1,700 a year for expensive products that have no proven benefit if you knew you wouldn’t make money?

It seems ridiculous when you look it that way, doesn’t it?

There are cheaper and healthier alternatives to Sanki Global products that DO have substantial science-based research proving their effectiveness.

However, if you buy the dream Sanki Global is selling, you’ll probably go “all-in.”

You might even load up the credit card to get started. Sanki Global makes it easy to give them your money.

The Sanki Global Compensation Plan.​​​​

The most powerful tool Sanki Global uses to sell the dream is its Compensation Plan, but it’s a bit confusing.

There’s a reason the Sanki Global Compensation Plan is confusing.

Before you can understand it, you must talk to an experienced Sanki Global Distributor. That’s one reason it’s confusing.

When you talk with an experienced Distributor about the Plan, he or she will try to persuade to buy the most expensive Starter Kit for $1,094.

Also, the confusion forces your logical brain to shut down. You’re left with having to make an essential financial decision based on your emotions. That’s never a good idea.

NOT a Legal Document.

The Sanki Global Compensation Plan is not a legal document.

It’s little more than marketing. It’s a hypothetical illusion of what you might earn if you successful jumped through all the hoops.

The purpose of the Sanki Global Compensation Plan is to convince you that it’s possible to be wildly successful with the opportunity.

The Plan is the reason you’ll get excited about joining as a Distributor.

It’s the reason you’ll give Sanki Global $1,094 for the Pro Pack Starter Kit.

And, it’s the reason Sanki Global earned $13 Million in 2018 while 99% of its Distributors lost money.

Sanki Global You are the customer

You Are the Customer.

Selling the dream is how Sanki Global turns you into a captured customer.

Selling the dream emotionally bonds you to Sanki Global and the so-called opportunity.

The dream is the illusion you are getting value for your money when really you are overpaying by many magnitudes for products with no proven benefit and an opportunity that isn’t real.

Sanki Global’s opportunity and promise of a better life is nothing more than a highly refined marketing trick.

The emotional bond formed when you believe the dream is real, and the continued relentless psychological manipulation employed by every MLM, is the reason many Distributors go into debt.

Once you drink the Sanki Global Kool-Aid, it’s easy to go broke chasing the dream.

Sanki Global MLMs are a Nightmare for Women.

The True Cost of the Sanki Global Opportunity.

When you believe the Sanki Global dream, you will probably open your wallet or purse and take out your checkbook or credit card.

If you think the Sanki Global opportunity only costs $55, you will quickly discover it costs much more.

Remember, the goal of Sanki Global is to maximize profits.

Once they get you to open your wallet or purse, Sanki Global expects to get as much of your money as possible.

Here’s how they do it.

The Psychology of $55.

Every detail of the Sanki Global website and marketing is designed to convince you the opportunity is real.

Sanki Global Co-founder, CEO, and President Alejandro Lopez Tello has over 17 years of experience in MLM. Also, companies like Sanki Global often hire professionals who are experts in the psychology of marketing.

They know how to get inside your head.

Drawing you into the so-called Sanki Global opportunity begins by getting you excited and proceeds to convince you it’s easy and affordable to become a Distributor.

Sanki Global can honestly say it only costs $55 to become a Distributor.

Paying this fee gives you the right to sell Sanki Global products, you also get digital files for sales material, a Sanki Global account, and some product samples.

However, it’s just the beginning.

$55 is a low entry point, and if you are sufficiently excited about the opportunity, you’ll pay it.

Once you pay the $55 and become a Distributor, you’ll be told about the bonuses you can earn if you buy the $1,094 Pro Pack Starter Kit.

By presenting the more expensive Pro Pack after you have joined, Sanki Global is exploiting you with a proven method of psychological manipulation.

You are placed in a mental dilemma.

Do you stop here and admit you made a poor choice to join Sanki Global? And abandon the dream you’ve been sold?

Or, do you reassure yourself that you made the right decision when you paid the $55 by buying the $1,094 Pro Pack too?

Most people would hold onto the dream they were sold and buy the Pro Pack too.

Once you buy the Pro Pack, you will face yet another dilemma.

You are told that to “qualify” for bonuses, you must either buy or sell $50 worth of product each month, AND you must be enrolled in auto-ship.

You can easily meet both requirements for qualification by signing up for auto-ship to buy $50 of products each month.

Isn’t that convenient?

This is how the dream leads you from paying $55 to over $1000.

Perhaps by now, you can see that as a Sanki Global Distributor, you are playing a game where Sanki Global makes up the rules.

You can’t win.

Sanki Global Secret of MLM

What is Sanki Global?

Throughout this article, I’ve referred to Sanki Global as a Multi-level Marketing company. However, if you visit the Sanki Global website, you won’t find any mention of MLM.

There is an entire page on the Sanki Global website title “Our Company,” which doesn’t talk about the company at all. It’s just more hype about the Sanki Global purpose.

The Sanki Global LinkedIn profile describes the company as an “organization” that creates entrepreneurs willing to be successful in Network Marketing.

The company profile eludes to Network Marketing too.

My point is that Sanki Global does not call itself an MLM, although that is precisely what it is.

Networking Marketing is just a slightly more socially acceptable name for Multi-level Marketing.

The business directory,, describes Sanki Global as a multilevel marketing company.

Sanki Global is a member of the Direct Selling Association, a known lobbyist group for the MLM industry. Wikipedia states that over 90% of the DSA member companies are MLMs.

The final proof that Sanki Global is indeed an MLM is its compensation plan. It has multiple levels.

Sanki Global 13 Million

A $13 Million Privately Owned Company.

Sanki Global is a $13 Million privately owned company.

It’s worth noting that Sanki Global claims to have originated in Japan. The co-founder and CEO Alejandro Lopez Tello is from Mexico, and the corporate headquarters is in Nevada.

As a privately-owned company, the profits go to the owners. Keep in mind that the profits come from the pockets of the Distributors as they buy membership, products, and starter packs.

The entire organization funnels money to the top 1% at the expense of the 99%.

Xyngular Women driven into debt

You Won’t Build a Business with Sanki Global.

Although Sanki Global promises you an opportunity and bonuses for recruiting new Distributors, the truth is, you probably won’t succeed.

Statistically, if you become a Sanki Global Distributor, you’ll spend money on a membership, products, and a starter pack.

And, you’ll sign up for auto-ship.

You might even make a list of family and friends who you will tell about the opportunity, but you probably won’t recruit anyone.

Recruiting is very difficult.

Once you stall out and realize you can’t make the business work, you’ll quit. Most people drop out within a few months when they realize the business is only costing them money.

Some might hang in for a year, but very few last for longer than that.

MLM is a rigged game you can’t win. 

Sanki Global Products

Do Sanki Global Products Work?

There is no reason to expect Sanki Global products to work. It’s not even clear what they are supposed to do.

Sanki Global has a small catalog of nutritional supplements. Sanki Global does not make any medical claims and cannot substantiate the abstract benefits they claim for their products.

In the United States, the FTC prohibits Sanki Global and its Distributors from claiming the products offer medical benefits.

Also, the volume of ingredients in the products cannot be determined because Sanki Global lists them as a proprietary blend.

If you check out the products on the Sanki Global website, ask yourself what benefit you would gain if you bought the product?

Although the products are quite expensive, the benefits of the Sanki Global products are not clear.

Sanki Global Emergency Room Visits

The Secret of the Okinawan Centenarians.

Sanki Global claims to have a laboratory in Tokyo, Japan, that investigates the Centenarians on Okinawa, who are known to be active and healthy past 100 years of age.

Implied in this story is the idea that Sanki Global has somehow managed to reduce the Okinawan Centenarians’ secret to health and longevity into pills and powders.

The secret to health and longevity is NOT pills and powders. It’s a diet rich in whole plant foods, clean water, moderate exercise, and tranquil thoughts (See the research Living to 100)Opens in a new tab..

You can’t put that in a pill, potion or powder.

In fact, a couple of secrets of health and longevity are suggested in the ingredients list on the label of Sanki Global’s Kronuit product.

Kronuit contains extracts from black beans and green tea.

Why not just eat beans and drink tea?

That’s what the hundred-year-old Okinawans do.

Love the People Who Love you.

According to the Sanki Global Fast Start Guide, if you become a Distributor, you will be expected to pitch the opportunity and products to your family and friends.

The Fast Start Guide specifically asks that you make a list of the people closest to you and separate out the people who most trust you.

According to Sanki Global, you want to target the people who trust you the most.

Isn’t it ironic that Sanki Global encourages you to betray the people who trust you?

Love the people who love you. Don’t use them to make a buck. Nobody wants to be used or exploited.

Sanki Global MLM lies

The Last Word on the Sanki Global Opportunity.

As an MLM, Sanki Global is an “all-or-nothing” game.

Making a little side money isn’t possible because you’ll be spending more than you earn on products and business expenses.

Anyone would admire your desire to make a better life for yourself, but Sanki Global is not the answer.

Sanki Global will only cost you time and money, and perhaps your reputation as well.

The MLM business model has never been a genuine opportunity for most people. As we’ve seen, only a tiny percentage of MLM Distributors earn a career-level income.

The few who do succeed with MLM are highly motivated professionals. Very few distributors climb through the ranks and succeed. Most just lose money and quit.

Don’t let Sanki Global do that to you.

Sanki Global MLM is Unfair

MLM is dying.

Thanks to the internet, people are learning that MLM’s offer little more than false hope.

Also, in the United States, the Federal Trade Commission is beginning to scrutinize MLMs more closely.

Sanki Global is a dead end.

If you manage somehow to succeed with Sanki Global and rise to the top with thousands of distributors in your downline, all you have accomplished is to build a business INSIDE Sanki Global.

Sanki Global owns you and your downline. You still must follow Sanki Global’s rules. They can take your business away from you any time they wish.

If Sanki Global goes out of business, so will you. If a governing authority shuts it down, your business is shut down, too, even if you did nothing wrong.

And that is as good as it gets with Sanki Global.

The Crazy Thing About Sanki Global.

We covered this earlier, but it’s worth repeating. The entire Sanki Global opportunity is based on the expectation that you must pay them for the privilege of making the company money.

That’s a crazy way to start a business. Because you must pay Sanki Global, and continuously buy products to “qualify,” you will always be in the hole.

I hope by now, you can see that the Sanki Global opportunity is not a real business.

The promise of opportunity is just a trick to get you to buy tons of over-priced products that have no proven value.

Don’t Pay Sanki Global.

If you want to earn enough to quit your job or pay for retirement, you need a real opportunity. Instead of giving Sanki Global your money, I encourage you to invest in yourself.

Think about your interests, passions, and strengths and how you can help other people.

Helping others creates value.

Creating a business about something you enjoy is the way to go. If you love what your business is about, your path to success will be so much easier and fun.

It does not matter what your interests may be, there are probably millions of people online who share these same interests.

If you create a website about your interests, these people will find you. If you recommend products or services to them, they will buy them, and you’ll make money.

It’s called Affiliate Marketing.

Genuine Unlimited Income.

By building a business around your interests, and promoting it online, you can earn revenue 24/7, even when you’re asleep or on vacation.

As more people discover your website and as the internet continues to grow, your income will grow too. As an Affiliate Marketer, your income potential is truly unlimited.

Unlike being a Sanki Global Distributor, as an Affiliate Marketer, you own your business.

Your Greatest Opportunity.

If you have a personal computer or laptop and an internet connection, you have a tremendous opportunity. The internet is your invitation to sell to the world from the comfort of your home.

It’s no secret that businesses are moving online. People now expect to do most of their shopping online too.

Every day, billions of dollars, Euros, and Pesos change hands online.

As an Affiliate Marketer, you can tap into this unimaginable money stream. All it takes is a little know-how.

The Key to Your Success.

The key to your success as an Affiliate Marketer is knowledge and skill. Fortunately, these are easy and affordable to acquire.

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If you found this article about the Sanki Global opportunity helpful, or if you have experience with Sanki Global, please leave a comment below. Thank you.

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