Is Saivian a Scam?

Is Saivian a Scam? Saivian International

Saivian International claims to revolutionize the cash back industry and make it easy to turn shopping receipts into cash. However, there’s a lot they don’t tell you when you sign up.

Company: Saivian International
Company Address: 1 Austin Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong (aka The A.B.C Bar).
Cost: $125 every 28 days. (That’s weird)
Opinion:  Not Recommended.

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Is Saivian a scam?

Saivian International claims to revolutionize the cash back industry with their membership company. They claim it’s easy to turn shopping receipts into cash with their cutting-edge cash back technology, whatever that is.

Is Saivian a Scam?To earn the promised 20% back on your day-to-day purchases, you must be a member of Saivian. Membership costs $125 every 28 days. Not per month. Why would they bill every 28 days? Because in a years’ time you will have paid $125 thirteen times, or $1,625 per year. How can spending money save you money?

Here’s an easy way to save $1,625 a year. Don’t join Saivian International.

To be clear, you will have to pay $125 every 28 days to save perhaps 20% on some of your purchases. You will also have to shop according to Saivian’s complex rules and restrictions and upload the Saivian app to your smartphone. They should be paying you!

In other words, you are paying Saivian for the privilege of playing their game. What could go wrong?

When you cut through the Saivian website videos of happy people spending money and sales pitches promising a whole lot of nothing, you can see the Saivian game more clearly. It goes like this, you give Saivian a lot of your money, and Saivian promises to give you back a little bit (maybe).

Saivian is beginning to look like a Ponzi scheme. It gets worse.

As a Saivian member, you can recruit people into the organization and earn a bonus. Interesting that they would call the compensation for recruiting others a “bonus” and not a commission. It sounds like they are trying to side-step a legality.

Saivian doesn’t have a product, and you must be a member before you can promote the membership to others. The United States Federal Trade Commission guide states this could be evidence of a pyramid scheme. Is Saivian International a clever Ponzi scheme/Pyramid scheme hybrid? Perhaps.

Where in the World is Saivian International?

In the footer of the Saivian website, you will find this address: Saivian International, 1 Austin Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Is Saivian a Scam?

Saivian International address in the footer of their website.

However, if you put this address into Google Maps, you will find the dilapidated A.B.C Bar in a part of Hong Kong I wouldn’t visit without a Ranger Regiment and gunship escort. This Bud’s for you.

Is Saivian a Scam?

This is where the Saivian International address leads to in Google Maps.

There’s no happy people at that address and judging by the looks of the neighborhood, not a lot of money either. I suspect Saivian International is nothing more than a shell company with a Post Office box in Hong Kong. It gets worse.

Update 13Aug17: Soon after I published this article, Saivian removed their address from the footer of their website.

Saivian International and the BBB.

Although Saivian International is not a member of The Better Business Bureau, the BBB gives Saivian a big fat “F” due to 10 unresolved complaints and because a letter the BBB sent to Saivian was returned unopened. Nobody’s home.

The Last Word on Saivian International.

Is Saivian a scam? The only sure thing about Saivian is it will cost you $125 every 28 days. It is unlikely you will get anything of value in return.

Saivian does show indications of being both a Ponzi scheme and a pyramid scheme, although it would take an FTC investigation and a court hearing to determine this conclusively.

Perhaps the question should be “Is Saivian right for you?” I think not.

You can’t save money by spending money. The so-called Saivian business opportunity is not an opportunity. Why would you want to drag your friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors into something that will cost them $125 every 28 days and make them jump through silly hoops when they go shopping? Save your money. Save your friends.

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Is Saivian a Scam? Saivian International 1 Is Saivian a Scam? Saivian International

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