Is Push Money App a Scam?

is push money app a scam

Push Money App appears to be an automatic trading software capable of earning millions of dollars per year, but is Push Money App a scam? Here’s what I discovered . . .

Product Name: Push Money App
Product Website:
Product Cost: Free, but there’s a catch
Product Owners: Cannot be determined
Opinion: Not Recommended

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Is Push Money App a Scam?

is push money app a scam

According to their website, Push Money App is a completely automatic trading software capable of earning hundreds of dollars within minutes and millions of dollars per year.

When you visit the Push Money App website, a video plays. You approach the door of a luxury home in the United States Pacific Northwest and meet the character, Dennis Moreland.

Dennis claims to be the co-founder of Push Money App and says you have come there by special invitation. That’s not true.

Dennis promises he will write you a check for a thousand dollars if you watch the entire video, but that promise soon vanishes in a blitz of luxury images and tantalizing thoughts of making a lot of money quickly and easily.

Testimonial after testimonial of average looking people making thousands of dollars a day with Push Money App is nearly overwhelming. They flash checks worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Dennis introduces us to his business partner Mike Callahan. There’s a picture of Dennis and Mike sharing what appears to be a business achievement trophy.

Dennis and Mike show us footage of their beta testers and how the testers each earned hundreds of dollars within minutes of activating the Push Money App.

What is Push Money App, Really?

You will not make money with Push Money App. You will lose money.

Watch the video carefully, and you will see the characters are actors following a script. Google the names Dennis Moreland and Mike Callahan and you will not find anything to suggest they are real people.

The address on the Push Money App checks is Push Money Company, 1500 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97201. The check is drawn on US Bank.

If you do an online search for the Push Money Company, you will not find it. If you search the address, it does not match an existing business. If you look closely at the checks flashed throughout the Push Money App video, none of them have account numbers. They are NOT real.

The luxury homes are nearly empty. There is practically no furniture. The wine rack and bookshelves are empty. There is nothing to suggest someone lives in those houses, like mail or keys or a purse on the counter. It looks staged. The houses are probably leased for the day. The cars are probably leased too.

Does Push Money App Work?

is push money app a scam

Push Money App is not a special software that will make you rich. It is a trick that will make you broke.

Everything about the Push Money App website is designed to make you feel intensely greedy to make fast, easy money.

The creator of Push Money App wants you to be so greedy that you stop thinking, mindlessly open an account with them and deposit a minimum of $250.

They want you to be so excited and so greedy you will let them trick you into depositing $10,000! Inside the member’s area, they promise to match your deposit of $10,000 with $10,000 of their money.

Don’t believe it. It’s a trick to get your money and nothing more.

Push Money App is an unregistered binary options broker. They are not licensed, and they are not regulated. Every detail of their website and video is designed to get you to give them your money.

If they get your money, it’s gone forever.

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission has issued a warning about unregistered online binary options brokers and states they may be engaged in illegal activities.

Read the Push Money App Earning Disclaimer.

All the false promises, images of luxury homes and cars, and the endless testimonials of rags to riches are designed to make you believe you can be rich too.

Take a moment to read the Push Money App Earning Disclaimer, and you will see they don’t promise you anything. It’s just a game they are playing to get your money.

The Last Word on Push Money App.

Making money with binary options is risky business. Most people lose money with binary options. Even professional traders working through legitimately registered brokers lose money with binary options.

Binary options is NOT a way to create wealth. Binary options are purely speculative. Never invest money you cannot afford to lose.

Push Money App is NOT a legitimate binary options broker, getting involved with them will cost you money, possibly a lot of money.

The Truth About Fast, Easy Money.

Chasing after false promises of fast, easy money will never make you a millionaire.

There is no magic software, and there is no kind financial genius who will make you rich. If you want to be rich, you must do it yourself.

The truth is most people who quickly make a lot of money, such as winning the lottery, often suffer because of it. If there were a magic button you could push to be an instant millionaire, it would probably ruin your life.

It gets down to learning to earn money legitimately and then knowing how to manage the money you make. It’s not difficult, but it does require commitment and focus.

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A Better Option for You.

The internet is the greatest opportunity most of us will ever have to be financially independent. Unfortunately, 99% of the online programs that promise to teach you how to make money online are scams, outrageously over-priced or simply put together by incompetent hacks trying to make a buck.

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If you found this article helpful or have experience with Push Money App, please leave a comment below.

46 thoughts on “Is Push Money App a Scam?

  1. Great article, Gary.
    I have never heard of this app before. Very interesting read. Short and to the point. Your website is clean and full of ‘white spaces’ which is great. Paragraphs are great and reading is easy. I also love the way you chose to incorporate WA.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi, Michelle!

      I’m pleased you like my site. Push Money App, unfortunately, is just one of too many binary options scams. It’s mind-boggling anyone would believe their outlandish claims of fast, easy money.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  2. Hello Gary….. i really like the way you have revealed all the corners of the ”Push money app” it’s well explained and anyone can be able to see the truth behind and make the right decision as you’ve introduced us to the community you trust the most.
    Thanks for the review

    1. Hi, Armstrong!

      I appreciate you endorsement. The Push Money App video is very persuasive until you realize it’s a lie. Clearly, the masterminds behind Push Money App, hope you won’t peek at the disclaimer. It’s all a charade where they get richer and you get poorer.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  3. I think there is no way to earn lots of money fast, without doing some work. I think its good that you share this review and I hope it will reach the people who needs to read it. I believe in hard work, learning new things and sharing experiences and that way earn money. It might take time but work does:)

    1. Hi, Linda!

      I agree. Making fast, easy money can destroy relationships and lives. Just look at lottery winners, most are broke and in worse shape within a year. Push Money App wants people to believe they’ve won the next best thing to a lottery, but no good can come of it.

      The internet IS the opportunity, but as you mentioned, it will take work and learning a few new skills. Most people can’t be bothered to make an effort.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  4. I liked your article about Push Money! I agree with you that these are scams and I love that you look at things I look when I see one of these videos or websites!

    It is very easy to be blinded by all these shiny things like luxury car, house, airplane, view, etc. People who do not pay attention join these scams because they are desperate to make quick money. I am sure you agree that with me that there is no free money or easy money.

    Good job explaining why think this is a scam! I think you should promote your article on social media websites or work from home groups where these types of companies advertise constantly.

    1. Hi!

      I think there is a part of everyone who wishes making money was easy and that all we had to do is push a button and we’d be rich. Even if that was possible, it might not be a good thing. Look at lottery winners. Most lottery winners are in worse shape a year or two after winning.

      Push Money App is a fairy tale without any redeeming qualities. The only people making money with it are the people who feed the innocent into their scam.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  5. Hi Gary and thanks for reminding and warn me to keep clear of these traps.
    I spent hundreds of bucks when first started to look towards online money. So bright future and easy money offered a variety of programs similar to your topic Push Money App. Actually, I believe the money spent as an investment in knowledge. It is so hard to prove someone that to make money online no easy way. It is hard sometimes boring, like many jobs, and time-consuming daily job.
    And patience. It is one of the main characteristics of which should be developed.

    1. Hi, Andrejs!

      I appreciate your comments about Push Money App, but sorry you got taken by a similar scam. You are right, it’s the cost of an online education.

      Making money online does require sustained effort and sometimes it might seem difficult, but really it’s much easier than some dead-end jobs I’ve had with stupid bosses who made my life miserable.

      It’s true that some of the tasks required to build an online business can be dreary and mundane, but because it is our own business we are free to find strategies to manage these tasks with some degree of sanity.

      Ultimately, we are learning to make money out of thin air with nothing more than a laptop. It’s an amazing accomplishment if you think about it. We are like the wizard’s apprentice conjuring riches from the internet. I cannot think of a more valuable skill.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  6. Hey Gary!
    Thanks for reviewing this! I’ve heard the name but haven’t dove into the research myself. You have the same approach as I do with your reviews in that you clearly lay out what it is, why it doesnt work, but then you add the nice touch of the reality of making money online, and that no “program” will automate that for you, and it begins with your mindset. Thanks for the recommendation at the end as well! It gave me direction on the next steps in my research.


    1. Hi, Cody!

      I’m glad you like how I structure my reviews. It took about a year before I settled on this approach.

      With the scams, it’s important that people know quickly that they are in danger of losing their money. With binary options scams like Push Money App, they could lose a lot of money fast.

      Once I’ve shown how they can lose their money, I want a visitor to know there are a few legitimate places to learn how to really make money online. Honestly making money online requires new skills and sustained effort, but the rewards are real and life changing. Unfortunately, as with most any endeavor, more people want some magic way to make money fast than want to do the work to make it happen.

      People who are looking for magic software or a magic guru who will bless them with instant riches will always be vulnerable to scams like Push Money App.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  7. Hi Gary!

    I’ve actually seen the push money app and Dennis moreland owes me $1000 for my time as I wasn’t interested in his scam. I did also read online that they was actors its kinda sad what some actors would do for money. This is a popular type of scam showing a luxury apartment and a get rich quick scheme.

    Interesting post! 🙂

    1. Hi, Trevor!

      Good luck getting that thousand bucks out of Dennis Moreland.

      Scams like Push Money App often state somewhere deep in their Earnings Disclosure or Terms of Service that the video is fiction and only meant for entertainment purposes. So, I guess if somehow you were to corner Moreland and demand your $1000, he would say he was just entertaining you.

      When I lived in San Francisco, I was part of group of creative writers, comics and actors. Most actors are like so many of the other creative professions, that is to say, they are starving and would kill for gig that paid.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  8. Hello! =]

    After reading your post, I feel like this is another case of false hope for many people. Instead of joining them in this scam, I truly admire you for giving us all a heads up.

    On the other hand, as a Wealthy Affiliate member, I can’t agree more with you that in order to become a true millionaire, chasing after fast, easy money online should never be the way to go.

    Instead, I feel like earning money online is just as tough as making money in real life. Wealthy Affiliate is just a path that teaches and helps us get there.

    Anyways, a truly great review on a scam site/app. Thank you!=]

    1. Hi, Rebecca!

      I appreciate your comment on Push Money App and your insight into making money.

      I was fortunate to learn investing years before the internet. The internet has brought us many wonders, but it has also shortened our attention span to next to nothing. This is unfortunate because creating wealth is rarely exciting and almost never quick. Creating wealth is a methodical process executed over time, sometimes decades.

      It’s essential to never risk the principle, that is, the money you start with. Trying to make money with Push Money App is throwing the principle away. That’s insane.

      Creating wealth begins with proper money management. If you can’t manage $100 a month, you won’t be able to manage $1000 or a million. So, it begins with managing whatever we have and then, by degrees, increasing your income and managing that well.

      Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to earn additional income. With the training at Wealthy Affiliate, it’s possible to replace a full-time income. It does require sustained effort and commitment, but the money I have made online is the easiest money I have ever made.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  9. Hi Gary

    many thanks for your detailed review. There are so many traps out there. I’ve worked as a stock trader and with a few legit binary options sites in the past but it’s really risky, even for an expert.
    I wouldn’t recommend to approach them unless you are really diligent is researching who they are, where they are based and most of all if they are registered.
    Never invest money in binary options that you can’t afford to loose.

    Keep up the great work!
    Thank you

    1. Hi, Mattia!

      You are right, there are so many traps. The sad thing is someone can lose all of their operating capital before they make it to first base. Traps like Push Money App can even put someone deeply into debt.

      Thanks for sharing your experience with binary options. Trading binary options is indeed risky as you point out. Such trading is clearly speculative and not a way to begin investing. Rather, if someone is intend on trading binary options, it is wise to do it after they have created a financial foundation with more conservative investment strategies and then, as you mentioned, trade only with registered brokers.

      Trading with unregistered brokers is not trading. It’s willful participation in a robbery when you are the person getting robbed! It would be more fulfilling to give your money to a charity than to throw it away on an unregistered broker.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  10. Hello Gary,

    I believe binary option based businesses is not recommended by anyone. Only those who are financially stable and has other passive revenues as well as risk taker would go. To them, such loss would not affect hugely on their wealth as a means of try out. That statement where you point out that internet present the greatest opportunity for success implies that it can be really useful but it can be the opposite where we are being deceived and scammed. Thanks for sharing us what basically Push Money is all about. Just one of those which makes us anticipated in the process of financial failure.

    1. Hi, Tar!

      Yes, no legitimate financial adviser would ever recommend trading binary options. Most binary options brokers like Push Money App are not registered and are really just money pits. No good can come of them.

      Even trading binary options with licensed brokers is very risky. As you mentioned, it mostly appeals to gamblers. In fact, many gambling addicts use binary options trading as a means of hiding their addiction. To the uninformed it looks like investing, but it really isn’t.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  11. These guys just don’t stop. I read a review of a binary option software and the article was raving that this system actually works and people can earn big money.

    I realized that all of it was a lie, as I tried one of them, and lost all of my money.

    I want to let your readers know, that they should NOT try Push Money. Its a scam and you will be lead down the wrong path if you sign up with them.

    Thanks Gary for letting the world know about these scam artists.


    1. Hi, Roopesh!

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience with binary options. Push Money App is like so many others. There are a few legitimate brokers but they don’t make crazy promises like Push Money App.

      Unfortunately, there are hundreds of scam sites like Push Money that try to make you feel greedy for their scheme.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  12. Hi Gary,

    Been reading all through your website, your explanation regarding how to make money online, was very clear and constructive. With the opposite view on scams, it is very easy to get sucked in. The reason they are still in existence is, many folk believe what they are saying. You are spot on with your posts, their presentation, videos etc can look very authentic. As you say if you only look at and listen to what is said, you will lose your money. Dig deep and research exactly like you, any doubts will come to the fore.
    I can tell that you have done your homework on various dodgy companies, in no uncertain terms you warn people about enticing you in. Each individual explanation of MLM, Ponzi, Pyramid and Binary options is fairly written, as you say Pryamid and Binary are similar and can work for the chosen few, but not for the vast majority. As for MLM being legal and Ponzi being illegal it is written very clearly.
    I like the way you refer to Marketers Paradise being a good online company to join for the more advanced online marketers, it then gives a fair balance when you mention how good wealthy affiliate is and what the benefits are. The cons are not really cons with WA, but I know what you are saying.
    You have a great site Gary.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi, John!

      Thanks so much for taking time to write a thorough comment. I appreciate your kind words. My website is a labor of love and exposing scams is the reason I get out of bed in the morning. Occasionally, I hear from people who tell me an article I wrote saved them from an expensive scam. That makes it worthwhile.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  13. Hey Gary
    It never stops surprising me how many scams are all around us. It is really great there are people like you unmasking them and saving lives of many other people. When people are desperate, they can (and usually they do) make unreasoned decisions and loose their money becoming even more desperate.
    I have always wondered how can such a website exist? We have diverse State organisations fighting cheaters, is there no one controlling online world?

    1. Hi, Arta!

      I also wonder why more is not being done to shut down scammers like Push Money App. Google was able to shut down millions of small websites with a flip of a switch back during their Panda days, but for some reason continues to index these out outrageous scams that often bilk people out of tens of thousands of dollars.

      The FTC and the SEC both have issued warnings about unregistered binary options brokers, but new ones pop up like weeds. It appears to me that some of these websites are shut down and some are blocked from the United States, but clearly more needs to be done.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  14. This was such a great informative read. As a person who has traveled around the internet, in search of a way to make money online, these were some of the sites that enticed me. Promising me wealth in a small amount of time, with nothing but a click of a button and some small personal information. Sadly I was let down every time. Glad people like you are here to spill the truth about these awful money grabbing schemes.

    1. Hi, Carlton!

      Part of me still wants to believe there is a magic software out there that will make me rich overnight, but in eight years of searching online, I haven’t found it and don’t expect to.

      I spent ten years married to a drug addict who was also an amazing liar. She would boldly state the most outrageous lies with absolute conviction while everyone around her could plainly see what a lie it was. It left me feeling flabbergasted that she could say such things with a straight face. I often get the same feeling when I’m watching sales videos for scams like Push Money App.

      How can these people pull off such outrageous lies without cracking up? In a different binary options scam, The Orion Code, the flight stewardess in the sales video bites her lip to keep from laughing. At least she has a conscious.

      These sales videos would be entertaining if they didn’t destroy people’s finances.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  15. The Push Money app website is really convincing. It had me believing I could make a lot of money fast. I WANTED to believe it, but then, like you said, once you get down to the nitty-gritty they want money, a lot of money! They tried to get me to charge $10,000 to my credit card!

    Thank you for helping me avoid this scam!

    1. Hi, Taq’uee Hicks!

      Thanks for telling me how my Push Money App article helped you. News like this is what I live for. I’m so glad you still have your money. Losing $10K would take a long time to get over.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  16. Hey there!

    The amount of back checks you’ve done on this scam is incredible and very well appreciated, good job!

    It’s amazing how the fast-money scheme can become so captivating. I’ve also dreamed of making quick money but luckily haven’t lost money doing so.

    A site like this one you mention definitely seems to be a scam, from the way they present it to the outright lies!

    Thanks for bringing awareness!

    1. Hi, Nico Collu!

      I appreciate your kind words. Unfortunately, the Push Money App is just one of thousands of such get rich quick schemes on the internet. More pop up every day.

      You are so right. The videos can be captivating. Who wouldn’t love to make thousands of dollars with just a push of the button? I wish it was true, but in over eight years of searching online, I still haven’t found that magic button.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  17. short and to the point, a good page to show that push money is a scam and a big one at that, everything about push money is a lie, which is good to let people know, there should be more pages like this out there on the web, so a lot more people wont fall into these traps

    1. Hi, Kevin!

      I appreciate your encouraging words.

      Unfortunately, Push Money App is just one of hundreds of these types of scams. To refer to them as unregistered binary options brokers is really too nice a term. The FTC refers to them as unregistered brokers, but the truth is they are not brokers and they have nothing to do with binary options. They are really nothing more than a mechanism for taking people’s money.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  18. Hi Gary, Thank you for highlighting another scheme to avoid. For every legit company that is trying to help people learn and grow in whatever they try to do to earn money from home, there are several scam ones that pop up to exploit the naive and desperate or greedy.

    I was lucky to find Wealthy Affiliate relatively early on in my search so managed to avoid many scams myself, plus I was really scared of losing money we just didn’t have. I could see straight away that if I joined Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member I was investing in myself, getting an education and help others to do the same. I’m pleased to say that I’m growing a business because of it.

    Keep up the great work.

    1. Hi, Jenny!

      You are luck to have found Wealthy Affiliate early in your online career. It took me six years. I don’t know why, except I’m very good at making something as difficult as possible.

      I love a good story and in the past, a well constructed scam like Push Money App could really draw me in. Fortunately, like you, I never gave them money, but I still find it amazing how a copywriter, working for the dark side, can make someone give them lots of money. Push Money App is a classic example.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  19. Great review Gary. I think you are so right. Anyone promising quick riches is normally lying. I’m one of those mugs that has fallen for a few in my time. Having seen a few scams I can see that seems to be the case here with Push Money app. when did you first start looking into making money online? I started about ten years ago!

    1. Hi, Rob!

      Thanks for stopping by. I think anyone who has tried to make money online has fallen for at least one scam or another. I know I have. It’s the price of education.

      I first tried to make money online in the early 1990s, but failed miserably. That was back in the day of dial up modems. I tried again in 2008 and managed to build a bunch of small niche sites that made a little until Google killed them.

      All the best,


  20. I have not heard of this push money app program before.. but as soon as I started reading your opening lines I knew it was nothing special.

    All these programs offering an automated system simply do not do anything except take your money off you.

    As these are not offering what they claim to offer, why are they allowed by Google?

    Google are supposed to offer their users good information and i thought this kind of thing here would not be allowed!

    Thanks for the information on this!


    1. Hi, Chris!

      I often wonder why Google, Bing, and Yahoo tolerate these scams too. Sometimes they do get closed down, but they pop up again. The FTC also goes after some of them, but there are so many FTC cannot keep up with them all.

      Originally, Push Money App had a different URL that was registered in the US. The URL they have now is registered in Colombia.

      Like you mentioned, the search engines have a responsibility to keep their corner of the internet safe. It might be a Freedom of Speech issue, like porn. It doesn’t speak well of our species that we use our technologies to scam each other.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  21. Hi Gary,
    Many thanks for the information. It’s just awful how people would go to such lengths to scam us! And worst, get away with it. Real nice how you searched and found nothing on the co-founders, nor the luxury home, not even the company itself. I can’t believe Push Money App would go to the extremes of taking $10,000 from innocent people. Really hope they get shut down again, and somehow this time for good!



    1. Hi, Luis!

      I appreciate your comment. The internet has given us tremendous opportunity. Unfortunately, it has invited the worst of the bad guys into our home. Most of these scams try to make a person feel greedy. It’s easy to do, particularly if someone has money issues, which is just about everybody.

      Making money with the internet is really simple. It’s mostly about consistently completing small tasks. And sometimes these tasks can get repetitive, but they lead to a phenomenal income.

      The point I’m trying to make is that anyone with the right training and the right attitude can build a substantial income online. Making money really is NOT exciting. When someone tries to make it exciting, they are trying to manipulate and exploit you.

      The Push Money App sales video is a classic example of triggering someone’s greed in order to scam them.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  22. Wow, you really did your due diligence when you checked out this company. Not many people would go to the trouble of looking up the address on google or seeing that there were no actual account numbers on the checks that they have flashing by on their site. Most people would just be drawn in by promises of making a lot of money fast, because that’s what we all hope for. Even their disclaimer says they don’t promise anything, but people still get sucked in and send them money that they never see again. That is just horrible! It’s easy to get sucked it by all the glitz and glamour of seeing all the fancy cars and homes and wanting that so much for yourself that you go ahead and risk sending in money. It’s a good thing that people like you are out there exposing their scams.

    1. Hi, Faith!

      Honestly, part of me wishes making millions was as easy as using the right software. Wouldn’t that be amazing? But, it’s not possible.

      Unfortunately, the people who can least afford to lose money are typically the ones who get drawn into scams like Push Money App. Hopefully, people will eventually learn to spot these scams a mile away and stay clear of them.

      There is some psycho-pathology going on with the scammer and those who help the scammers. A mentally healthy person could not destroy people’s lives for profit and feel good about it.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  23. Thank you Gary! I like that I can see all the main info about Push Money right on top. Also, your post is loaded with super helpful information. I don’t think I’ll be downloading this app 😉 I’m curious though… shouldn’t apps and sites like this get shut down if they harm people? Or is awareness the only way to fight scams online?

    1. Hi, Bella!

      I’ve also wondered why these sites don’t get shut down. Push Money App is sneaky. It appears their first website was shut down, but then they registered a new website outside of the United States. They market themselves through affiliates who are paid $350 for every signup.

      A logical question is why does Push Money App pay affiliates $350 for a sign up when the cost of opening an account with the Push Money App broker is only $250?

      $250 is the minimum, the goal of Push Money App is to get you to deposit $10,000 in the broker’s account. They entice you to make such a large deposit with a promise to match your $10,000 with $10,000 of their money. It’s a lie of course and just a trick to get you to deposit your money.

      Clearly, if Push Money App is paying out $350 per referral, each referral is worth much more.

      Either way, Push Money App is just a way to lose a lot of money.

      Thanks for stopping by,


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