Is Neo2 a Scam?

Is Neo2 a Scam?

Neo2 promises their Online Trading App can make you $4000 a week. They claim it’s because of their sophisticated use of weather satellites and highly advanced binary options trading algorithms. But, is Neo2 a Scam? My investigation reveals a surprising twist you should know about. Follow me as I expose the Devil in the details.

Product: Neo 2 Online Trading App
Product Website:
Product Cost: $250 plus as much as they can steal.
Product Owner: Unknown
Opinion:  Not Recommended

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Is Neo2 a Scam?

Is Neo2 a Scam?

Neo2 Online Trading App website with Dr. Jack Piers.

Visit the Neo2 website, and you will meet Dr. Jack Piers, Ph.D. founder of the Neo2 Online Trading App. Dr. Piers introduces himself as a weather enthusiast and explains how his keen interest in weather, particularly solar and lunar cycles, lead him to develop software for long range weather forecasting.

His interest in weather goes beyond just the activity of the sun and moon to include how climate cycles impact the earth. Early in the development of the Neo2 Online Trading App,  Piers realized there was potential for using weather forecasting to predict winning trades accurately.

According to the Neo2 website, using satellites to predict the weather and weather’s impact on the economy may change how investors trade. And, by combining weather forecasting with advanced market analysis, Neo2 may be a form of legal insider trading.

Dr. Piers states that the goal of Neo2 is to create the world’s best online auto trading software.

To ensure the highest degree of accuracy, Dr. Piers recruited Michael Freeman, said to be one of the best binary options trading strategists in the world, a leading market analyst, and an online trading mentor. With Freeman’s help, Neo2 evolved into a leading trading software, but a third player was needed.

Amit Gupta said to be a Silicon Valley prodigy and to have inherited Steve Jobs’ mantle as a cult favorite CEO is said to be the brains behind the Neo 2 Online Trading App. Through his extensive experience, it was Gupta who developed the easy to use, Neo 2 three-click auto trader anyone can use.

Neo2 promises if you use their software you can make $4000 a week with such a high degree of accuracy, you can’t lose. If only it were true!

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The Neo2 video is fake.

Read the Neo2 website agreement and you will see that the video, and everything on the website, is as fake as Hollywood and intended for entertainment purposes only.

scam-definitionDr. Jack Piers, Michael Freeman, and Amit Gupta are characters played by actors reading a script. The accounts shown in the video are dummy accounts and meaningless.

The tie-ins to NOAA and NASA are meaningless too. There is no connection between Neo 2 and these government agencies. You won’t find Neo2 on Kickstarter either.

Likewise, the apparent endorsements of various software companies and media are fake. Nobody endorsed Neo2.

Neo2 is a scam.

Read the Disclaimer!

The first line of the Neo2 disclaimer states: “‘Neo2’ allows its users  to trade in highly speculative investments which involve a significant risk of loss.”

In other words, you could lose it all.

Why the Neo2 Online Trading App is free.

There is nothing special about Neo2 Online Trading App. Dr. Jack Piers and his team of geeks did not invent it. That’s just a story.

In the Neo2 membership area, before you can use the software, four things must happen. 1. You must give them your phone number. 2. You must create an account with their broker. 3. You must deposit at least $250 with their broker. 4. A Neo2 advisor will call you.

Your adviser is NOT your friend. The adviser is a professional telemarketer who will try to trick you into depositing a lot of money into your trading account.

Also, the broker associated with the Neo2 is not a legitimate broker. The US Securities Exchange Commission would call The Neo2 broker an unregistered broker. That’s like calling a car-jacker an unregistered chauffeur.

The truth is, the Neo2 broker is NOT a broker at all. The Neo2 broker is nothing more than a stranger in a foreign country trying to talk you into giving them your money.

The Neo2 Scam.

Here’s how the Neo2 scam works. If you join and open an account, you must deposit real money into the account to “activate” it and begin trading.

The so-called broker will let you win the first time. You’ll probably make about $4,000 in the first 24 hours since that is what the Neo2 website implies you will make. However, remember the money you make with the Neo2 Online Trading App is NOT REAL!

You cannot take this money out, and you cannot spend it. With the Neo2, real money only flows one way. Your money goes into the broker’s account, and it never comes out.

Winning $4,000 of digital fake money is the setup. If you stay in the game, you will lose big-time.

Your adviser will tell you that the more money you put into your account, the more money you can make and the faster you will make it.

If you fall for your “advisor’s” pitch, you might believe you will soon be a millionaire. If you do, you might take every dollar out of savings, borrow as much as you can on your credit cards, get a title loan on the beater, get a cash advance on your paycheck, talk your mother out of her retirement money and give every dime the Neo2 broker.

If you give Neo2 your money, here’s what will happen. Once they have your cash, they will lock you out of your account and your adviser will ignore your calls. Your money is gone forever. That’s the Neo2 scam!

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Is Neo2 a Scam? 1 Is Neo2 a Scam?

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