Is JellyNova Safe?

Is JellyNova safe?

A commenter asked if JellyNova was safe. I researched and discovered several disturbing details you should know if you are tempted to buy from them.

Is JellyNova Safe? JellyNova is NOT safe. is a scam retail fashion website based in China. It has a reputation for sending inferior products or not sending any product at all and for billing credit cards multiple times. Returning products to JellyNova is difficult and expensive.

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If you do business with JellyNova, you will probably be disappointed and lose money. However, it could get much worse than that. Here’s why.

Is JellyNova Safe?

JellyNova is based in China, a country beyond the reach of regulatory agencies in North America, Europe, and Australia and  notorious for scam websites. When you buy something from JellyNova, you are sending your Why JellyNova is not safemoney to China, where it will stay.

If you do business with JellyNova, the best you can hope for is to receive a counterfeit of the product you thought you ordered. However, many people don’t get anything at all.

Fake Reviews.

The reviews on the JellyNova website are fake. They are just stars with images of products. There are no names or links or anything credible associated with the reviews.

JellyNova Has No Products.

The truth is, JellyNova does NOT have the products in stock. The images you see on the JellyNova website were stolen from other websites. If you use the browser Google Chrome, you can easily find where an image originates.

Right click on any image on A window will open. Click on the line that says, “Search Google for Image.” This will take you to where the image originated.

The point is, if you saw something on the JellyNova website you liked and you ordered it, you won’t get it because JellyNova doesn’t have it in stock. It’s just not there.

They might send you something, but then again, you might not get anything at all.

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JellyNova Returns.

JellynovaJellyNova’s claims it’s easy to return an item and get your money back. It’s not. Don’t believe anything on the website. If you try to return a product, you will be faced with shipping fees and perhaps custom fees as well.

It will take a very long time for the item to get back to China. And, then you have to trust that somebody at JellyNova will do the right thing. They won’t. Don’t expect JellyNova to act like a legitimate business because it’s not a legitimate business.

In other words, your money went to China, and it’s never coming home.

JellyNova Customer Service.

JellyNova Customer Service is an email address. That’s all you get. There is no phone number and nobody to talk with. In other words, JellyNova does not have a customer service department.

Here’s the thing, if you contact JellyNova Customer Service to return an item, all they will do is tell you to send it back. This will cost you time and money, but it will do nothing to remedy the situation.

JellyNova will not give you your money back, and they will not send you the product you ordered. They don’t have it. They never had it. The picture you saw on the JellyNova website is stolen from another website.

The sole function of the JellyNova website is to trick you into giving them money. Once they have your money, that’s the end of the deal as far as JellyNova is concerned.

Anything you do other than notify your credit card company is just busy work until you give up. Incidentally, if you paid through PayPal, PayPal probably won’t help you. PayPal is notoriously biased in favor of merchants, even when they are proven to be scams.

JellyNova Terms and Conditions.

Like all the images on, the Terms and Conditions are copied from other websites. The JellyNova Terms and Conditions is a mix of paragraphs stolen from the Terms and Conditions of several websites.

I doubt if the JellyNova people even know what is in their Frankenstein patchwork Terms and Conditions. Some of it was taken from a website selling fitness products, and some paragraphs relate to a contest website. And, there are other bits of website T&C in there too.

JellyNova is in ChinaThere is an interesting snippet in the JellyNova Terms and Conditions you should be aware of because it reveals how sneaky these SOBs are. You’ll find it in the 3rd paragraph “ACCURACY, COMPLETENESS, AND TIMELINESS OF INFORMATION.”

In that paragraph, JellyNova says they are not responsible if information on their site is not accurate and that the information on their site “should not be used as the sole basis for making decisions…Any reliance on the material on the JellyNova website is at your own risk.”

In other words, the product images, the prices, everything on the JellyNova website is meaningless. JellyNova is saying just give us your money and don’t expect anything in return because it’s your fault if you thought we were selling anything.

JellyNova Complaints.

An online search for “JellyNova complaints” will return an abundance of complaints that would discourage even the most die-hard JellyNova fan.

Generally speaking, JellyNova complaints are in three categories.

  1. Did Not Get Product
  2. Got the Wrong Product.
  3. Credit Card Billed Multiple Times.

Examples of JellyNova Complaints.

“If you bought from, CHANGE YOUR CREDIT CARD INFO, IMMEDIATELY……I lost a lot of money!”


“DO NOT BUY from Jellynova. I paid $65 for a dress I would not have bought at a second-hand store for $2. Jellynova is a disgraceful business.”

“Do not throw away your money with Jellynova. You don’t get what you ordered, and it’s very cheaply made. You can’t get your money back either.”

“Jellynova is a total scam. They sent me a knock-off, cheap item that was not what was pictured.”

“Jellynova is in China. They do not care if they rip you off.”

“I ordered 2 months ago, and the product has never arrived. I disputed the bill with my credit card. I will not order from Jellynova again.”

“DO NOT ORDER from!!!!! You will not ever get what you order!!!!! Complete RIP off. Spread the word…thieves!!!”

“ is HORRIBLE! I’ve been waiting 2 months for an order!”

This complaints were found on

ScamAdviser Warns Caution.

ScamAdviser shows that is a new website and has issued a caution warning. Although ScamAdviser is unclear where the website is based, Whois shows that is based in Guangdong, China.

If You Were Scammed by JellyNova.

JellyNova will not give you your money back. However, if you paid by credit card, your credit card company may reverse the charges. It’s important to contact them right away.

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Where is JellyNova located? The website is registered in Guangdong, China. Also, numerous online complaints about JellyNova state communications with the company came from China and that the address given for returns is in China.

Is JellyNova a Legit Company? JellyNova is NOT a legitimate company. JellyNova is a scam retail fashion website that uses images and text taken from other websites. JellyNova does not have the products it claims to have on its website. There is an overwhelming abundance of complaints online about JellyNova.

What is the JellyNova Phone Number? JellyNova does not have a public phone number. Neither do they list a physical address. The only contact information given on the website is an email address.

If you found this article helpful, or if you have experience with JellyNova to share, please leave a comment below. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Is JellyNova Safe?

  1. I ordered four items from Jellynova in February. I started to receive emails from them that the items i ordered were back ordered. I waited two months. I sent them threatening emails and they answered and today I received my order. The items are so very cheaply made it is funny. The only item I like is a sweat shirt that is cheap but it looks what I ordered. Everything else was poor quality and i will not wear them. These people also sell under cici girl, something like that, and other names. They use the same pictures and their policies are the same. Did you know that they do not want items with worms or viruses returned. If you go to pininterest you can find them there. They need to be shut down and we need to get the word out about them.

    1. Hi, Marcia!

      I agree, we need to get the word out about JellyNova. The pictures they are using on their website are taken from reputable sites. I doubt they even have an inventory.

      Thanks for stopping by,

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