Is Instant Cash App a Scam?

Is Instant Cash App a Scam?

Mark Davis guarantees you can earn $2000 a day with the magical InstantCashApp software which he will give you for free. However, there are several red flags and a disturbing pattern of false promises. Follow me as I expose the Devil in the details.

Product: InstantCashApp
Product Website:
Product Cost: $250 minimum plus as much as they can steal.
Product Owner: Cannot be determined
Opinion: Not Recommended

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Is Instant Cash App a Scam?

When you visit the InstantCashApp website, you’ll meet Mark Davis who guarantees you can earn $2000 a day with his magic software. Soon after meeting Mr. Davis, he will tease you with a suggestion that you can make $4000 a day if you live in the United States or another English-speaking country.

Is Instant Cash App a Scam? 1 Is Instant Cash App a Scam?

Ultimately, Davis claims you can be earning at least half a million a year with his magical Instant Cash App.

As if that wasn’t amazing enough, Davis claims you can be set up in five minutes and earn your first $2000 by tomorrow morning. All you need is his magic software, and it’s free!

Although Davis guarantees you will earn $2000 a day with Instant Cash App, there is an interesting note at the bottom of the InstantCashApp website. It’s written in tiny text, and it’s hard to read. I don’t know why they would write it that way when it’s so important to know.

In fact, I would say that tiny, difficult to read note is the most important thing about Instant Cash App. The text says, essentially, “There is no stinking guarantee, and you should read the disclaimer.”

That’s the only honest thing on the Instant Cash App website.

Mark Davis isn’t a real person. He’s a character in a sales video and nothing more. All his promises and guarantees are just words on a script he’s paid to recite.

You will not make money with Instant Cash App. You will lose money and possibly a lot of money.

Why Instant Cash App is a Scam.

Instant Cash App is not designed to help you make money. It’s designed to rob you blind. Don’t you think it’s rather suspicious that a free app will make you rich?

Instant Cash App is an unregistered binary options broker. The United States Securities Exchange Commission has issued a statement warning that unregistered brokers are known to steal client’s money and their personal identities and to manipulate software to force losing trades.

The thing to remembers about unregistered binary options brokers is that they are not a broker at all. They are nothing more than a stranger in a foreign country tricking you into giving them your money.

The Instant Cash App Scam.

On the first page of the InstantCashApp website, you get all the promises and guarantees of making a lot of money fast with just a push of a button. All you have to do to get your copy of this magical software is to enter your email address.

When you enter your email address, you are immediately taken to the second page of the Instant Cash App website where Mark Davis again appears in a video. He tells you to fill out the form on the page which includes giving them your phone number.

Why do they need your phone number? Instant Cash App needs your phone number so their phony financial advisor can talk you out of $10,000. More on this later.

Davis also reminds you that you will soon be making a lot of money and that you can make $2000 by tomorrow morning.

Davis is trying to make you feel so greedy that you stop thinking. The next thing he will tell you is that you need to open a trading account with the InstantCashApp “trusted personal broker.”

This “trusted personal broker” is the unregistered broker the SEC warns you to avoid. Imagine a scumbag in a smoke-filled room in Romania typing on a Russian-made laptop, and you’ll get the picture of the Instant Cash App “trusted personal broker.”

Before you can make money with the magical InstantCashApp software, you must fund your trader account. Davis explains this means depositing $250 to $300 with their “trusted personal broker.”

Davis promises you can take your money out any time you want, but that is not true.

Maybe you’re wondering what happens if you give them $250. I’ll tell you.

About 24 hours after you open an account with their broker and deposit $250, your account will show that you earned $2000. Wow! That’s amazing!

After you discover the $2,000 in your account, your phone rings. It’s the Instant Cash App phony financial advisor pretending to be your best friend.

Your new best friend tells you that you multiplied your money tenfold and if you deposit $10,000 into your broker account you will make $100,000 by next Thursday and be a millionaire before the end of the month.

So, naturally, you borrow from friends and family, pawn your wedding band, boat motor, and velvet Elvis until you have ten grand scraped together. You deposit all of it into your Instant Cash App account.

You’re so excited about being rich you can’t sit still.

Waiting 24 hours is impossible.

You pass the time by planning how to tell your boss where to stick his stupid job and shopping for a new pickup.

Finally, the next day arrives, and you turn on your computer to check how rich you are, but you can’t log into the InstantCashApp broker account. You are locked out, and your ten grand is locked in! You’re not rich. You’re broke And ten thousand in the hole!

You’re not rich. You’re broke. And ten thousand in the hole!

What happened?

When you thought you had earned $2000 your first day; you didn’t. InstantCashApp only typed a number into your account so you would believe that their software was magical. It’s not. Convincing you the software can make you rich is the first step of the InstantCashApp scam.

Once you think the software can make you wealthy, you are overtaken by greed to make more money. Greed makes everyone stupid.

Money only flows into InstantCashApp. It never flows out. InstantCashApp is like the Roach Motel of money. Money goes into Instant Cash App, but it never comes out.

When you deposited the $10,000 into your account, that scumbag in the smoke-filled room in Romania took it and locked you out of your account. The end.

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A Better Option.

Is Instant Cash App a Scam? 2 Is Instant Cash App a Scam?

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