Is GreenCoin a Scam? The Truth Exposed.

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GreenCoin claims to be a World-Class Investment Platform and Investment Portfolio Manager, headquartered in London. It promises World-Class returns of up to 45% per day. But, is GreenCoin a scam? Here’s what you need to know.

Is GreenCoin a scam? The GreenCoin website, found at, is highly suspicious. The company is NOT licensed in England to offer financial services of any kind. GreenCoin appears to be an investment scam. Caution Advised.

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Is GreenCoin a Scam?

GreenCoin does not appear to be legitimate. It is a new website without an online reputation.

The purpose of the website seems to be to trick you into giving them your money.

I suspect the money only flows one way on the website, out of your pocket and into theirs.

When you think you are investing with GreenCoin, all you are really doing is giving your money to someone you’ve never met and never will meet, in a foreign country.

GreenCoin is NOT Safe.

Also known as GreenCoin Invest and GreenCoin Investments, there are numerous reasons to suspect it is a fraud.

First, and perhaps most importantly, GreenCoin is not licensed in the United Kingdom to offer financial products or services.

That is reason enough to avoid them.

However, many of the other suspicious details I found on are worth mentioning, if only for their entertainment value.

Hugh Grant and Fake Testimonials.

Near the bottom of the home page, you’ll find five images of people. These are fake testimonials.

If you click on any of the images, a name and a testimonial will appear.

The second image from the right is the British actor Hugh Grant. The exact same image of him can be found on several websites across the internet.

Interestingly, GreenCoin Invest claims Hugh Grant is Justine Pete, an Athletics Trainer from Manchester, who has been using their services and thinks GreenCoin is “the best in the business.”

The fact that the creators of the website did not recognize Hugh Grant may indicate they are NOT in an English-speaking country.

An English speaker would recognize Hugh Grant and know his image would not work on the site.

Green Coin logo and fake number

Fake Phone Number.

The phone number on the website goes nowhere. It’s fake. Just look at it.


Eight, Eight, Zero, One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine.

They didn’t even bother to use a fake phone number generator.

GreenCoin Address V

Fake Address.

A Google search of the address on the GreenCoin website, 3rd Floor, Burdett House 15-16 Buckingham Street London WC2N 6DU, UK is the same address for the GreenCoat Capital.

I’m sure the similarities in the name is not an accident.

With a real investment agency, I would expect to see images of their office and staff.

Why doesn’t GreenCoin show us their offices?

Maybe because they don’t have any.

Real Biz at GreenCoin Address

This is the business at the GreenCoin address

Who is Behind GreenCoin?

We don’t know. You will not find the names of real people on the GreenCoin website.

Although GreenCoin claims to have been in business since 2012, there is no evidence that legitimate money managers or investment professionals are associated with it.

A legitimate investment firm goes above and beyond to earn your trust. That means showing us who is making the decisions.

GreenCoin is not about investing. It’s about taking your money.

What Does GreenCoin Do?

GreenCoin makes a lot of confusing claims about what it offers. It depends where you look on the website.

This lack of focus is an indication that GreenCoin is not real and that the creators do not understand the language of finance.

In some places, it claims to buy crypto mining stocks or buy and sell crypto. In one place it mentions farming, yes, farming.

In other places, it claims to offer investment management services and even real estate development advice.

They’re all over the place.

Not Regulated.

Cryptocurrencies are not regulated, and GreenCoin is not licensed or regulated.

It is probably nowhere near England either. It may be in India. What could go wrong?

Because cryptos are not regulated, they are the perfect medium for scammers.

GreenCoin is essentially saying, “Give us your money. We’ll make you rich.”

However, you have no assurance you will ever get your money back, and you probably won’t.


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Odd Use of the English Language.

Several instances on the GreenCoin website indicate that whoever wrote the content was not a native English writer.

For example, on the About page, they write that GreenCoin is headquartered in London, UK. Not to be confused with London, Arkansa, USA.

Everyone in the western world knows where London is. We don’t need to be told it’s in the UK. That’s a mistake someone outside of Europe and North America would make.

Since GreenCoin is pretending to be “the best in the business,” you would think they could afford to hire a professional writer, or at least a Fiver gig.

One Investment Banker Well-Seasoned Medium Rare, Please.

On the home page, you’ll find this little gem written in all caps;


Where do I begin? A Fiverr gig would have done a better job.

A “seasoned professional investment banker with many years experience” is redundant in about three ways. Is the “seasoned” professional being cooked?

Grammarly would have caught these mistakes and improved the writing tremendously.

An investment agency can’t afford Grammarly or Fiverr?

I suspect that whoever wrote this, first wrote it in their language and then used Google translation to get the English.

Behold the Awesomeness.

GreenCoin offers three “Awesome Plans.”

Awesome is not a word an investment firm would use to instill confidence in their clients.

The weirdness continues in the Frequently Asked Questions.

Odd FAQ Answers.

The first question in the FAQ is, “How long does it take to make a withdrawal?”

GreenCoin answers by saying, “Don’t worry about it.” Doesn’t instill confidence, does it?

The second question is, “Does GreenCoin have an affiliate program?”

By golly, they do. I’ve never known a legitimate investment firm to have an affiliate program.

The third question is; “Who is GreenCoin Invest?”

They respond by saying, GreenCoin Investment is a cryptocurrency mining and trading participant, crypto-currency asset management.”

Not only is this different than what they claim elsewhere on their website, but it also doesn’t make sense.

Greencoin no risk


The last question of the FAQ is my favorite because it exposes GreenCoin for what it is.

The last question is, “What Risk Level is Involved?”

That is just a weird way to ask how risky it is? But we’ve already established that whoever wrote the content for this website was not a native English writer.

The answer to the “risk” question is risk-free it all away.

GreenCoin claims, “Investors do not have any risk.”

Imagine that.

Everything investment has some degree of risk. For a so-called investment professional to claim there is no risk proves they are not an investment professional at all.

Do not give these people your money.

GreenCoin Plans Condensed

Unrealistic Returns.

About midway down the homepage, you’ll find their “Awesome Plans.”

Notice there are three plans. The first one promises a return of 23% with a minimum investment of $100. Payout is PER DAY!

The second plan requires a minimum investment of $1000 and pays out a 45% return on investment PER DAY!

Finally, the third plan pays out 26% ROI on a minimum $300 investment PER DAY!

Clearly, the focus is to get you to invest at least $1000.

You can play with the slider on each “awesome plan” and see what this pretend investing will payout in fantasy land.

For example, if you go for door number 2, choose the Ultimate, and invest a real $1000, you can expect to get a pretend daily payout of $450.

Notice, I said pretend.

There is no way this is real. If returns like this were possible without risk, the CIA and drug lords would keep it for themselves.

Don’t give these people your money.

How the GreenCoin Scam Works.

This looks like a very old scam with a slightly new twist.

This same scam has been presented as magical software or supercomputer investing or AI investing. It’s all nonsense.

Without giving GreenCoin Investments my money, I cannot know all the details of their scam.

However, here’s what I think will happen if you give GreenCoin your money, I won’t call it investing because it’s not investing.

It’s just giving your money to a stranger in a foreign country. You’ll never see it again, and there is nothing you can do about it.

A Scam inside a Scam.

If you open a GreenCoin account and deposit some money into it, it might appear that you have made a lot of money quickly.

You didn’t.

The scammers want you to believe you made money quickly and easily. Unfortunately, all that happened was the scammers typed some numbers into your account

If you gave GreenCoin Investments $1000 and expected to earn $450 within a day, that is precisely what will appear to happen.

This little illusion of success is to trick you into believing you could make a lot more money if you deposited more into your account.

You DID NOT earn $450. All that happened was you gave a stranger your money, and they typed some numbers into your account.

Your $1000 is already gone, and now the scammer wants more.

They will try to talk you into depositing more money.

Don’t Get Greedy.

If you believe you really made money, you might be tempted to give the scammers more of yours, maybe $10,000 or $20,000.

If you get greedy, you might mortgage the house.

And, that’s the point.

If the scammers can make you feel greedy, you’ll give them all the money you can beg, borrow, or steal.

As long as you are putting money into your GreenCoin account, the charade will continue.

However, the moment you want to take some money out, you’ll discover your account has been closed, and your money is gone forever.

Don’t give these people your money.

No Magic Buttons.

I understand why you might get caught up with a company like GreenCoin Investments. I’ve been scammed more than once, and I should know better.

Unfortunately, the more you need money, the more likely you will fall for a scam like GreenCoin.

Get Real.

There are no magic buttons or secret software or investing wizards that will make you rich.

Making money takes skill, commitment, and patience. And, yes, some work and a little luck.

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  1. I was scammed by They are still online and looking for more prey to catch. Do NOT give these scammers your money!

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