Is Fast Cash Biz a Scam?

is fast cash biz a scam

Fast Cash Biz and an associated website claim that anyone can be a millionaire with their automated trading software. They even claim to have made $16 million. The software demo is amazing, however, as I discovered, there is more to the story . . .

Product Name: Fast Cash Biz
Product Website: redirects to
Product Owner: Madison Clark & David Graham
Opinion: Not Recommended

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Is Fast Cash Biz a Scam?

Is Fast Cash Biz a Scam?

Fast Cash Biz is a software for trading binary options. The creators of Fast Cash Biz, Madison Clark and David Graham, claim the software provides real-time financial data to assist binary options traders.

I have two issues with Fast Cash Biz. First, it claims to make people money through automated binary options trading. And second, the FastCashBiz domain redirects to the ClickMoneySystem.


On the ClickMoneySystem landing page, you see pleasant scenes of London and listen to relaxing music. An attractive woman with a British accent tells us about a trading system that allows anyone to earn $16,000,000 automatically.

A man is standing beside this charming woman and a note describes them as Julia and Harold, the founders of ClickMoneySystem. Apparently, Julia and Harold do not have last names.

And with all the fanfare about London and the accent, ClickMoneySystem is based out of Miami, Florida, USA.

Do you think you can buy some software that will make you a millionaire?

And have Madison Clark and David Graham of Fast Cash Biz reinvented themselves as Julia and Harold?

The scam is binary options trading. Any software that claims to help you make money with binary options is merely selling you an empty promise.

Statistically, it is highly improbable that you will make money with binary options regardless of what software you use.

Definition of Scam

The Scam is Binary Options Trading

Binary options trading is not trading. It’s gambling.

Technically, binary options trading is where there are only two possible outcomes. The value of an asset will go up or it will go down.

To make money with binary options a person must accurately predict if the price of an asset will rise or fall within a specific period.

Contrary to what binary options websites want you to believe, predicting the movement of an asset in a specific period is nearly impossible.

While market data can help predict the trend of an asset, no one can predict the precise value of an asset at a specific time.

Binary options trading is no different than betting on the outcome of a throw of dice except that there are far more variables.

Binary options and the websites that promote them are unregulated. There are no government agencies protecting you.

If you want to gamble, that is your choice, but do not confuse binary options with investing. It’s not.

Binary options trading is gambling. You may as well bet if a fly will land on the preacher’s nose at 12:15 this Sunday.

Securities Exchange Warning.

The United States Securities Exchange Commission warns that unregistered binary options brokers, like ClickMoneySystem, are known to lock clients out of their account, steal client’s money and the identity of their clients.

Binary Options Automated Trading Systems

Binary options trading is extremely lucrative for the brokers, but not for the traders. Traders lose with predictable regularity.

Every trader who opens an account with a binary options broker brings a lot of money into the brokerage. For this reason, brokers offer high commissions to online affiliates who will bring in traders.

These commissions are like bounties and average about $500.

The binary options trading software is incidental and is usually given away for free to entice someone to open a brokerage account.

When a trader opens a binary options trading account with a broker, there is a 100% chance the broker will make money and a 100% chance the affiliate will make money. However, the trader is lucky to break even.

To put it another way, the only people making money with binary options are the brokers and the affiliates.

The Last Word on FastCashBiz.

FastCashBiz and ClickMoneySystem are merely sales funnels trying to get you to sign up for a brokerage account so they can make $500.

The software is nothing new. Madison Clark and David Graham did not create it. Neither did Julia and Harold with no last names.

Madison, David, Julia, and Harold are affiliates or they are characters created by affiliates. In other words, they are marketers trying to earn a commission.

The software was created by the brokerage house for their affiliates to give away.

You will not make money with binary options. You will lose money.

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A Better Way.

Trying to make money online is challenging and it’s nearly impossible if you try to go it alone.  The first thing you must do if you want to make money online the right way, is to abandon the idea that there is a magic button or secret formula that will make you rich overnight. As long as you believe you can make a lot of money quickly without skills or experience you will fall for schemes like FastCashBiz.

The truth is, there are countless methods and strategies for making money online. My favorite is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is easy and affordable to start. My friends and I teach the basics for free.

If you would like to know how to make money as an affiliate marketer, I recommend the Online Entrepreneur Certification  Course. The starter course is free and I’m always available to answer your questions. Click here to learn more.

If you found this article helpful or have experience with FastCashBiz, please leave acomment below.

21 thoughts on “Is Fast Cash Biz a Scam?

  1. Hi Gary

    Thanks for this review, unfortunately for me, I have fallen for a couple of binary options scams.
    The thing is their affiliates are all ranking on the first page of Google and they make it seem so legit. They will bash other binary options auto traders and call them a scam and then push the one they are promoting.
    This industry needs to be regulated a bit more, some of the claims made n their VSL’s are outrageous.

    1. Hi, Minhaj!

      I agree, some of the claims are beyond unbelievable. If it’s any consolation, most of these binary options scams also scam their affiliates. Binary options is not a way to make money online. At best, it’s a gamble, but most so-called binary options programs have nothing to do with binary options. They are just people taking your money. There is no way to win.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  2. Thank you for this information. And I totally agree with what’s been stated about the scams that are out there. I have done a little trading in the past. Mostly demo accounts that you can open. I don’t mean to down play the comments here. I have done some trading with NADEX Binary Options in the past, which they claim to be fully regulated, however I’ve never opened a live account with them. What I’ve found out is it is not easy to make money trading and personally the very realistic fact is…. there is a better time spent making it elsewhere.

    1. Hi, Jinkens27!

      Thanks for sharing your experience with NADEX. It is my understanding that they are regulated, however, that does not mean someone will make money trading binary options through NADEX. I never recommend binary options as the odds of making money with it is slim.

      As you mentioned, there are better ways to spend your time, like building a legitimate online business.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  3. It’s terrible how many money making programs turn out to be scams. And with this one reminding me of the game black jack.
    Really am glad to know about this particular binary option one.
    This review lets me know I can still find honest people like you. Who will inform me of programs out there that are designed to help others. Like wealthy affiliates.

  4. Thanks, Gary. For confirming what I had decided about Binary Options when I looked into it. When I saw that it wasn’t regulated I realized it was just too risky to bother with.

    And I will say away from now that you made the connection for me.
    I laughed at the $16 million claim. If true, it would make more sense then for them to use that system, not sell it.

  5. Wonderful work you’re doing here Gary!!

    I was scammed by Millionaire Biz Pro and also scammed by Work At Home Institute TWICE!! YIKES!! Ohh the horrors of that tricky bait!!

    So glad to have stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate in the process before I lost my shirt, quite literally!!

    I posted two comments on your website. Hope that helps you.

    Great site and thorough information!! Do you search out other scams as well? How do you find them from the good ones?


    ~Evon 🙂 (aka LadybugLove)

    1. Hi, Evon!

      Sorry to hear you got scammed a few times. It seems like that’s the cost of an online business education. It’s good to know you bounced back. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go.

      Many times I learn about a scam because someone asks me to investigate it. Most online scams follow similar patterns.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  6. Thanks for sharing this insight. I have often seen advertisements of binary options trading and Click Money System online, and I always think how unrealistic and it sounds too good to be true.

    Many people who are desperately searching for a financial breakthrough will get caught up in these scams. These scammers send out emails all the time, so some people will fall for it because it sounds enticing.

    Two years ago, I went to a seminar to learn more about trading and a gentleman told me that he lost all of his savings trading online through binary options.

  7. Another great explanation!

    I have seen the Click Money System and quite honestly can’t understand why anyone would believe a software of any kind would do as they claim. However, I have been online for a few years and constantly check around for opportunities.

    Some people are in such a place that they really need to believe things that sound to good to be true!

    Thanks for reporting and giving some of those people a chance to be informed before signing up.

    1. Hi, Connie!

      I appreciate your kind words. Yes, unfortunately some people are in such a desperate financial situation they grasp at straws. It seems the more desperate some one is to make money, the more vulnerable they are to scammers. Scammers know this and use it to their advantage.

      Also, there are people who can’t believe that other people can be so ruthless and dishonest. My mother who has taught Sunday School for 75 years, can’t believe other people will rip her off.

      I also think there is a group of people who are addicted to chasing after so-called opportunities. They get an emotional high when they start a new program that promises them riches. Naturally, it doesn’t work out and they soon go looking for another bright shiny promise of wealth.

      Binary options, Fast Cash Biz and the Click Money System all cater to these people with disastrous results. The Click Money System promises anyone can make up to $16 million on autopilot. Wouldn’t that be nice, if it were true?

      Thanks for stopping by,


  8. Thanks a lot for this very informative review of Fast Cash biz and binary options in general. A lot of people including myself are getting enticed of this so called “opportunity” because of the very attractive promotions we see online.

    Yours and other similar sites that specializes in exposing the truth behind these “fantastic” surefire income offers are doing a good job in preventing scores of people from being scammed.

    1. Hi, Rule2020!

      I agree Fast Cash Biz, The Click Money System and most binary option websites really know how to make it look easy to make money. But, the truth is, they are unregulated and can say whatever they want to get people to hand their money to a broker.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  9. Hi Gary,

    Thank you for your review of Fast Cash Biz. I have not heard of it but from what I’ve read of your review, that’s not a bad thing! I’ll also be sure to avoid it if I do come across the offer.
    I have heard of Binary Options and am intrigued as to what they actually are? I don’t know much about the Stock Exchange either, are they connected?
    Maybe I should do a little more research.


    1. Hi, Suzanne!

      Fast Cash Biz is just one of hundreds of binary options trading sites on the internet. More pop up every day. Contrary to what some people will tell you, binary options is gambling. If people want to gamble that is their choice, but to be mislead into gambling under the pretense of investing is wrong.

      A binary option “trade” is a wager that a specific thing will behave in a specific way at at specific time. The thing that is wagered on, is usually a stock, but it can be anything. Binary options trading is no different than betting that a specific dog will win a specific race at a specific time.

      Binary options trading is not regulated by the US Securities Exchange Commission or by any government regulatory body. Eventually, it probably will be because it is siphoning revenue from casinos.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  10. Hi Gary,
    Very well written and informative article. Some time ago I was also very interested in trading and even uploaded a software for trading. I wanted to test trading with play money – well, rather to say I wanted to test my luck, as this is a gambling as you say. In a short moment I lost 3000 Usd and understood this is not for me 🙂

    1. Hi, Arta!

      Wow! I hope that $3000 loss was a paper trade.

      Binary options and FOREX are both aggressively marketed on the internet because they are not regulated, and because they pay their affiliates large commissions.

      If someone wanted to truly invest, they must first stay away from any form of trading marketed on the internet. Every one I’ve seen so far is just a clever way to turn your money into someone else’s money. Most are designed to create large pools of losers so a few traders at the top can make a killing.

      True investing begins with learning to live on a budget and getting your financial house in order with enough savings put aside to cover unforeseen emergencies. Then, when you consistently have money left over at the end of the month, you can look at investing it.

      Also, do not invest emotionally. If you are excited about an investment, do not invest. You will probably make a poor decision. Wait until your emotions have cooled. In my experience, good investing is about as exciting as watching paint dry, but that’s a good thing.

      Thanks for stopping by,


      1. I sure do love your take on these scams Gary!! 😀 So many out there! I was duped by the same one TWICE!! YIKES! Then got redirected to Wealthy Affiliate…what a relief!! The one that grabbed me was “Work at Home Institute” ( They even deceived people by posting all the networks like CNN, NBC, FOX, and others to get you to grab the bait. GRRRRR!!

        I appreciate what you’re doing here Gary!! Such a much needed work these days to help people out of the mine field they find themselves in just trying to earn a decent honest living.

        How do you find these crooks online? How do you find out whether they are legit or not? I’m sure these crooks don’t appreciate your negative reverse advertising.

        Thank you for your efforts to help people in this way…Good Man!!

        I’m reviewing you from WA…you’re in my network!

        Blessings to your journey…buddy!!

        ~Evon (aka LadybugLove) 🙂

        1. Hi, LadyBugLove!

          It’s great to see you here again. Thank you for your kind words. I live for positive feedback and knowing I might be helping others.

          Unfortunately, it’s not difficult to find scams online. You asked how I know a scam is a scam. As a copywriter, I understand how language is used to manipulate. Plus, the structure of a scam is a known constant. There’s a pattern of deception combined with inciting an emotional response plus manufactured social proof.

          This structure dates back hundreds if not thousands of years. Now, the internet has multiplied scams by a g-zillion times and brought them into our bedrooms.

          Thanks for stopping by,

  11. Hi Gary.
    Thank you so much for this.Really appreciate the article.I was actually reading up about another binary option and was tempted to sign on.

    I did not know that there are affiliates for this for this sort of thing.I am aware of the broker and his cut, but affiliates.That is new to me.

    Besides how can these guys make such exorbitant claims on such a system.If that were the case, everyone would be doing it.

    I hope that your message get spread across a wider audience.Peopl need to know about these guys.


    1. Hi, Roopesh!

      I really think binary options are for gamblers. Apparently, some people do make money with it, but there are people who make money in Vegas. If you’re not a gambler, I think you will be disappointed with binary options.

      Binary options is not regulated by any governing body, at least not in the United States. Because binary options are not regulated, they can claim whatever they want. While researching for this article, I found a sales video for binary options that claimed you could make $16 million with their special software which did all the trading for you.

      The commissions are so high for affiliates that I was tempted to go to the dark side, but my guardian angel pulled me back.

      Thanks for stopping by,


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