Is DressHead a Scam?

Is DressHead a Scam? Caution Advised.

Recently, a visitor asked is DressHead a scam? DressHead may appear to be a woman’s fashion website based in Walnut, California. A closer look reveals something much different.

Is DressHead a scam? DressHead is a scam website based in China. There are many complaints online about DressHead including customers not receiving what they ordered or receiving inferior products.

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The discounts and special deals that DressHead offers are meaningless. If you order from DressHead, you will not be pleased. Here’s why.

Why DressHead is a scam

DressHead Website

Is DressHead a Scam? is a scam because they use dishonest and deceptive tactics to get people’s money and because they do not adhere to the Federal Trade Commission’s rule for prompt delivery.

The FTC’s rules establish the legal parameters about promising timely shipments of products, informing the customer when there are delays and refunding a customer’s money.

Federal Trade Commission’s “Mail or Telephone Order Rule” governs orders placed by phone, fax or internet. DressHead consistently fails to abide by these rules.

The 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is meaningless.

DressHead and the BBB.

The Better Business Bureau gives DressHead a big fat F.

DressHead ScamThe BBB has received so many complaints about DressHead that they opened an investigation into the company. Complaints filed with the BBB include not receiving the purchases they paid for, not getting any response from DressHead customer service, not getting refunds or exchanges, or receiving the wrong product or inferior products.

The BBB attempted to make contact with DressHead through the Walnut, California mailing address, but the letter was returned unopened, suggesting that the address if bogus.

If DressHead were a legitimate business, they would address the complaints promptly to protect their online reputation. However, it is apparent they are not the least bit concerned.

Bogus Address.

A Google search of the physical address given for DressHead, 20655 Golden Springs Drive Walnut, California, shows an unnamed retail space in a strip mall that appears to be vacant.

Google search the images on and you’ll see that they are stolen from other websites. To Google search an image, right click on it and choose “Search Google for Image.”

I found several images on the DressHead that linked back to Amazon and WalMart.


ScamAdviser warns that is a suspicious website based in a high-risk country, China.

DressHead Scam Warning

ScamAdviser Warning!

DressHead Complaints.

Typical DressHead Complaints are about not getting the product that was ordered, getting inferior products or not getting anything at all.

There are also many complaints from customers who are repeatedly told via email to wait. This stalling tactic continues until there is no hope of resolving the issue or getting a refund.

Read the DressHead Terms of Use!

If you read the Terms of Use, sometimes called Terms and Conditions, before you order, it will read like a comedy. If you wait to read them after you order, it will read like a tragedy.

You’ll find the link to the DressHead Terms of Use page at the bottom of the website in tiny letters you can barely see. If you have already given DressHead your money, maybe you should sit down before you read more.

The first thing the DressHead Terms and Conditions says is if you place an order, you agree to the DressHead Terms and Conditions.

Then it says something unbelievable. Here’s sentence taken from the DressHead Terms of Use. It’s all you need to know about DressHead.

“DressHead reserves the right at any time to supply less than the quantity you ordered of any item.” DressHead Terms of Use.

Can you believe it? In other words, if you place an order with DressHead, you are agreeing that DressHead does not have to fulfill that order. What kind of business does that? A scam business.

How DressHead Gets You.

There are tons of complaints online about DressHead, yet the company continues to do business, if you can call scamming people doing business.

DressHead ScamDressHead succeeds despite all the negative reviews because they bypass the search engines and go directly to your Facebook page or email inbox and appeal to your impulsive desire to look good and save money.

When you see the DressHead ad, your first thought might be how much money you can save. Honestly, it piques your sense of greed just a little bit. That’s an emotional response. We humans consistently make poor decisions when we are emotional. It’s how we have evolved.

A much as possible, remain unemotional when you are considering doing business with an online company.

You might check to see if the company is in the United States. In the case of DressHead, if you fall for their fake address in Walnut, California, you might think DressHead is a legitimate company. But we know it’s far from legitimate.

Legions of Scam Sites.

There are thousands of businesses online like DressHead that will try to trick you with the same tactics. If you get an email or see an ad that offers unbelievable discounts, it’s probably a scam.

You can also check the website with ScamAdviser has a warning about DressHead and suspects the website is based in China.

ScamAdviser is not always accurate, but it can be helpful. If it warns that a website is suspect, you can believe it. However, it will sometimes say a website is legitimate when it’s not. That’s because scammers sometimes employ advanced strategies to conceal the true nature of their websites.

Another clue is if the business has a phone number. DressHead does not have a phone number, but they have an avatar of a phone operator on their contact page to give the impression that they do have phone customer support. Very misleading.

If a retail business does not have a phone number, it’s probably a scam. If it does have a phone, call it before you trust the business and place an order.

Order from Amazon.

It’s admirable to want to look your best and to save money doing it. But because DressHead ads show up in your email inbox or you see their ad on your Facebook page, it might trigger an impulse buy.

DressHead is a scamBuying impulses aside, if you want to save money on your fashion purchases and also have confidence you are buying from a legitimate business, I recommend Amazon.

You can search Amazon for the lowest price. Many of the vendors selling through Amazon compete which drives the prices down. Also, if you are unhappy with your purchase you have several options with Amazon to rectify the situation. Click here to begin your Amazon search.

Unlike DressHead, Amazon has a reputation to protect.

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If You Get Scammed by DressHead.

If you get scammed by DressHead and paid with a credit card or a debit card, contact your credit or debit card company. Show them this article. They may refund your money. The sooner you notify your credit/debit card company, the better your chances of getting a refund.

Is DressHead a legit company? DressHead is not a legitimate company. DressHead is a scam company based in China. The DressHead guarantee is meaningless. There are numerous online complaints about DressHead alleging products that are paid for never arrive or it’s the wrong product or the product is inferior.

What is the DressHead Customer Service Number? DressHead does not have a customer service number. It’s a scam website. The only way to contact Dresshead customer service is through the email address listed on

What is the Dresshead Location? DressHead is probably in China. The exact physical location cannot be determined. The DressHead website shows 20655 Golden Springs Drive, Walnut, California as the physical address. However, a Google search of that address reveals it to be vacant retail space in a strip mall.

If you found this article helpful or if you have experience with DressHead, please leave a comment below. Thank you.


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