Is Compound Trader A Scam?

is compound trader a scam

Compound Trader wants you to believe their software can earn you $770 an hour on autopilot. However, my investigation reveals a sinister secret. Keep reading to see the Devil in the details.

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Opinion: Not Recommended

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Is Compound Trader A Scam?

Dr. Albert Henderson, the spokesperson for Compound Trader, wants you to believe that his software will be life-changing for you. He guarantees you can change $335 to $702,000 within 30 days.

That’s a big claim, but he doesn’t stop there. The secret to his amazing software is that it compounds successful trades to generate $770 an hour on autopilot. In other words, according to Dr. Henderson, the profits from a previous trade are automatically re-invested to boost the profits of a trade a thousand times, over and over again, turning a modest investment into tens of thousands of dollars or more.

Dr. Henderson opens his trading account to show how the Compound Trader software made him $5,743 in an hour.

He specifically states the Compound Trader software “is guaranteed to produce large and quick amounts of money with 98% accuracy.” Henderson claims the principle of compounding has made him $8 million and that the Compound Trader software can make you a million dollars in less than 60 days. Oh, if only it were true!

is compound trader a scam
What Is Compound Trader?

Compound Trader is part of a process that will lead you to an unlicensed and unregistered binary options broker. The SEC specifically warns against using such brokers.

While the character Dr. Albert Henderson makes big promises about how you will earn millions. The truth is, there is no substance to his claims. I suspect he is right about one thing. If you get involved with Compound Trader, it will be life-changing, but not in a good way. Losing money can be life changing indeed!

If you bite and fill out the form on the Compound Trader website, you will be taken to a second page with a longer form to fill out. In this longer form, Compound Trader wants your phone number.

Do not trust Compound Trader with your phone number!

Compound Trader tries to make you feel greedy for their pig in a poke. Other than a sure way to lose money, the software is nothing special.

If you get involved with Compound Trader, you will be betting against the broker.

At this point, it’s important to know what it’s like when you trade with a licensed broker. When you trade with a licensed broker, you are trading against other traders. It’s still risky, but you have a chance for market forces to work in your favor.

It’s much different when you trade with an unlicensed broker like Compound Trader.

When you trade with Compound Trader, you are essentially betting against the broker. If you use the Compound Trader software, you will be using the broker’s software to bet against the broker. Compound Trader controls all sides of the trade. It is nearly impossible to win unless Compound Trader lets you win.

If you win a trade with Compound Trader, it will probably be because they are suckering you into putting up more money.

Dr. Albert Henderson is like the carnival barker trying to draw you into a shady backroom where pros will quickly relieve you of your cash. And, once they have your money, there is nothing you can do about it.

The Compound Trader Disclaimer.

Everything Dr. Albert Henderson promises in the video is taken away in the Disclaimer.

While Henderson promises that Compound Trader will generate $770 an hour, boost trades by a hundred percent and guarantees his software will quickly produce large amounts of money with 98% accuracy, the Disclaimer clearly states they don’t guarantee you a darn thing.

The Last Word Compound Trader.

Compound Trader will not make you money. It’s a binary options scam. You will probably lose money, perhaps a lot of money. I suspect the reason Compound Trader wants your phone number is to have a professional telemarketer talk you into depositing a lot of money into your trading account.

Since I first wrote this article, I’ve learned a lot more about binary options scams. To see how they work and how dangerous they are to your bank account, Click Here.

Please understand, you will most assuredly lose any money you give Compound Trader, and you will have no way of getting it back.

Also, it is highly probably Compound Trader will sell your personal information.

You have nothing to gain with Compound Trader and a lot to lose. I strongly advise you to avoid Compound Trader.

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