Is Blazing Trader a Scam?

is blazing trader a scam

Visit the Blazing Trader website, and you will meet Professor Johan Strand, a self-proclaimed nerd who promises his software will make you $20,000 a day. It’s a good story, but there’s something you should know. Follow me as I reveal the Devil in the details.

Product Name: Blazing Trader
Product Website:
Product Cost: $250 plus!
Product Owner: Cannot be determined
Opinion: Not Recommended

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Is Blazing Trader a Scam?

Johan Strand, former professor of applied mathematics at the National Institute of Technologies, University of Zurich wants to make you rich. Apparently, Professor Strand’s specialty is heuristic logic minimizers and advanced computer logarithms. According to his story, he has worked for Princeton and NASA too. What a guy!

is blazing trader a scam

The most amazing thing about Strand is his promise of making you $20,000 within 24 hours of using his software and that you will continue to make $20,000 a day after that. In fact, at the top of the Blazing Trader website, it boldly states that members make $440,000 a month, thanks to worlds smartest math logarithms.

As the story goes, computer whiz Johan Strand has a brother Lars who is an investment whiz. Their mother must be proud.

As fate, would have it, one day Johan visited Lars in his luxury penthouse in New York City and noticed an imperfect investment logarithm written on a whiteboard. Although Lars had used this logarithm to make millions for himself and his clients, it was only successful about 75% of the time.

Thanks to Johan’s superior intellect, he quickly perfected the logarithm and improved its success rate to 97%. However, creating a trading software that wins 97% of the time wasn’t good enough, so he programmed in a function that turns the otherwise 3% losing trades into break-even trades.

In other words, according to Professor Strand, the software never loses. The worse it can do is break even 3% of the time. And, because the software is blazing fast, they call it Blazing Trader.

is blazing trader a scam

The Strand brothers want to take their software public but need a hundred people to test it first and are offering their software free to the first 100 people who sign up.

Jump onboard, and you too can make $20,000 a day for the rest of your life.

Except, you can’t.

Blazing Trader will make you rich like the movie Blazing Saddles will make you a cowboy.

What is Blazing Trader?

You will not make money with Blazing Trader. You will lose money, perhaps a lot of money.

American singer and songwriter, Tom Waits, told us “The big print giveth and the small print taketh away.” In the case of Blazing Trader, the sales video giveth and the disclaimer taketh away.

According to the Blazing Trader Website Agreement, the Blazing Trader sales video uses actors and demo accounts and may not be accurate. In other words, Blazing Trader is just kidding about making $20,000 a day for the rest of your life. Granny would call it a bold-face lie.

The Videos – the videos displayed on the Website are provided for informational and promotional purposes only and should not be relied upon in making decisions and are for simulation only by using actor(s) and demo accounts. These videos were made in order to give you a sense and feel for what may be achieved while using the Software. The videos may not be accurate or based on accurate past true events . . . (Excerpt from Blazing Trader Website Agreement)

And if that doesn’t break your heart, read the Blazing Trader Risk Disclaimer. It specifically says you could lose all your money.


If that isn’t bad enough, Blazing Trader is trying to get you to open a trading account with an unregistered binary options broker.

Registered & Unregistered Brokers.

There are registered binary options brokers, and there are unregistered binary options brokers.

is blazing trader a scam

Registered brokers are regulated by government agencies like the Securities Exchange Commission. Registered brokers must abide by laws and regulations. If a registered broker scams you, you can apply to the SEC or similar regulatory agency for help.

And, there are unregistered brokers who are outside of the law and probably in countries where nobody cares who they rob. If an unregistered broker scams you, there is nothing you can do about it.

Blazing Trader is Unregistered!

Blazing Trader is trying to get you to open an account with an unregistered broker who is outside of the law.

The US Securities Exchange Commission warns that unregistered brokers are suspected of taking people’s money, stealing their identity and manipulating software to create losing trades.

Blazing Trader Wants Your Money.

A little detail that Johan Strand glosses over in the Blazing Trader video is that you will need to “fund” you trading account with a minimum of $250. In other words, you will be expected to give this unregistered broker at least $250 of your money.

However, Blazing Trader wants more. When you open an account with the Blazing Trader broker, you must give them your phone number. They need your phone number so their telemarketer, pretending to be a friendly investment advisor, can trick you into putting a lot more of money into your trading account.

This so-call financial advisor will try to talk you into emptying your savings and retirement, maxing out your credits cards and borrowing from friends and family to fund your trading account.

They might even manipulate the software so it appears as if you have made a lot of money quickly. When you are convinced the software is real and put all of your money into the trading account, that’s when they close the trap and take every dime.

And, because you have given your money to an unregistered broker, there is nothing anyone can do about it. Even the Blazing Trader disclaimer warned that you could lose all your money.

The Last Word on Blazing Trader.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of schemes like Blazing Trader online. They all offer free trading software and promise to make you rich. Unfortunately, the only people getting rich are the people behind the scams. Everyone else loses.

You will not make money with Blazing Trader. You will lose money and possibly go into debt so deeply it will take years to pay it off.

There is no magic software that will make you rich.

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42 thoughts on “Is Blazing Trader a Scam?

  1. Hi Gary

    I’m glad i have came across your review for Binary Trading. Apparently I almost have deposit a $250 of money to their account, luckily my fund is not enough and they advise me to deposited the money as soon as i can, so i can start with the software they are about to send. Since i have given my Debit Card Number (16 digit) and the 3 digit number on the back of the card, is there a way that they can access my Card? i.e Withdrawing money even without the physical card? I am worried that they may hack my debit card and took money from there.

    Hope you can advise,

    Anyway thanks for your input!


    1. Hi, Connie!

      Whew! Sometimes it’s a good thing not to have much money. Blazing Trader is NOT to be trusted. They may sell your card info.

      Contact the bank that issued your debit card. To be absolutely sure that your money is safe, you may need to cancel your debit card and get a new one. This is what I recommend. However, since canceling your card can be a hassle, contact the bank that issued the card and see what they recommend.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  2. Hello, Gary.
    This is a super informative review and exposure of yet another scam I came across online.
    You have opened my eyes and others who will be reading this!
    Another scam bites the dust, thanks to your page here!
    Amazing that people believe that this can make you $ 24000 in 24 hours!! The red flag should go up! Many would take the bait, sadly to realize the consequences too late.
    I agree with your recommendation.
    Create an internet business of your own on something you will enjoy!! Hard work is the answer, not investing a few dollars in getting rich quick schemes!

    Thank you for this eye opener!

    Cheers, Jacob

    1. Hi, Jacob!

      I appreciate your comment and insight. You have to wonder what the conversion rate is on Blazing Trader. One in a thousand? They pay their affiliates about $8 per lead or a commission of about $300 for a conversion. These numbers suggest that for every person they scam they get a lot of money. Some information indicates they try to get $10K from each victim. They may also scam their affiliates too, which I’ve heard happens and would be consistent with their business ethics.

      Yes, I agree, making money online requires a real business based of solid marketing principles, sustained effort, the right training and perseverance. Here’s the best place to get the training.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  3. You know, it’s that amount of $250 that gets to me. Mostly because I found myself almost falling for a similar scam that required the exact same amount to be deposited. Luckily, with the exchange rate being the way it is, that amount was just waaaaay too much for any initial investment.
    Do you know of any binary options that legitimately work?

    1. Hi, Ryan!

      The $250 is just the beginning. If you had gotten involved with the scam you mentioned, they probably would have manipulated the software to show you made money and then “advise” you to put more money into the account. A figure I often find mentioned is they are trying to trick you into depositing $10,000. Of course, when you do, that money is gone forever.

      Remember, scams like Blazing Trader are not legitimate brokers. NADEX is the only legitimate broker I know of, but you can always go to the SEC to research a broker if you want.

      You asked if I knew of any binary options that legitimately work. No, not really, but that depends on what you mean by “work.” NADEX is legit, but I don’t recommend binary options to anyone.

      Binary Options at its best is nothing more than a side bet on the behavior of an asset at a specific time. It is almost impossible to get it right unless you have inside information. The purpose of the binary options market is NOT to help the little guy make money.

      The purpose of the binary options is to give the big guy, the hedge fund managers and pension fund managers, who DO have insider information, another source of making money. However, for them to make money there needs to be legions of little guys losing money. This is why even legitimate brokers like NADEX advertise to bring fresh blood into the binary markets.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  4. Thanks for this review of Blazing Trader Gary. First off, I really enjoyed the review, very humorous. I am absolutely dumbfounded that people can still operate something like this online. Is this not just a criminal activity? Can they actually, legally, get away with doing this kind of thing?

    The mind truly boggles to think about it but for every 100 people who come across blazing traders and just see a total scam, there are probably one or two poor souls who take the bait and ship some of their hard earned cash out to these fools. It’s disappointing it’s allowed to operate at all.

    1. Hi, Colm!

      Yes, Blazing Trader is a real stinker, but unfortunately, there a hundreds of scams that are very similar. Everyone has some kind of magic software than can make anybody rich. As if it is possible to turn the internet into you own private ATM.

      I am continually trying to understand why people fall for scams which you would think most people would recognize. Apparently, everyone has a vulnerable point. Scammers know how to find it. Also, they are probably driving hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people to their scam site. If only a very small percentage fall for the scam, the scammers still make a bundle.

      It is revealing that the commission these scammers payout to their affiliates is often higher than the $250 it costs to get started. This suggests that most people who fall for these scams are putting a lot more than $250 into the phony broker’s account. A number that I often run across online is that the scammers are trying to get $10,000 out of each victim.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  5. Well written article.

    There are too many of these scammers on the internet. You wonder how they sleep at night?

    But people still keep falling for scams like this despite all the information provided by people like yourself.

    Make $20,000 a day from an investment of $250. How do they come up with this crap and keep a straight face.

    All the best with your site Gary, your making the internet a safer place.



    1. Hi, Mark!

      I’ve often wondered the same thing. How can these scammers keep from laughing their bottoms off with the whopper lies they tell.

      In a scam similar to Blazing Trader, called The Orion Code, there is a scene where a flight steward bites her lip. I seriously think she is trying to keep from laughing.

      It would be funny if they weren’t stealing people’s money and probably ruining more than a life or two. Can you imagine a husband trying to explain to his wife where the savings went?

      Thanks for stopping by,


  6. man i tried to tell my buddy to be careful when messing with unregistered sites. with so many legitimate ways of making money online, i warned him, like anything else, there will be numerous scammers and people trying to take advantage of desperate people. i’ll be sure to keep blazing trader in mind when i tell my friends which sites not to go to when they want to find opportunities online

    1. Hi, Bob!

      Yes, Blazing Trader is a real stinker, but, unfortunately there are many more scams just as bad, if not worse. If you friend is considering getting involved with a broker of any kind, I recommend he consult with the SEC to see if that broker is registered. This link will tell him how to verify a broker.

      In the past two years of investigating online scams, the registered brokers will openly say they are registered. It’s a selling point. However, that doesn’t mean every broker who claims to register is actually registered. Also, the truth is there are very few registered binary options brokers. I think NADEX is the only one.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  7. As always I enjoyed your post and the helpful information. It’s great to have someone like you online helping newbies like myself steer away from danger like this. I am not sure if I like your posts the best or your Scam Avenger avatar. She is actually kind super hero cartoon hot. : ) I will definitely NOT be looking into Blazing Trader and appreciate your help!

    1. Hi, Scott!

      I appreciate your kind words and glad you find value in my work.Unfortunately, Blazing Trader should be named Blazing Scammer.

      ScamAvenger Girl is a tough cream puff. When she’s not busting scammers, she works as a stunt double in Hollywood or trains for triathlons. If she likes you, you’ll find she’s sweet as the girl next door. I just wish she could find a good man and settle down.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  8. Wow! This guy really sounds like a character! I have read several of your other posts and so I am becoming more adept at spotting scams, but the sad thing is, there are people out there who will fall for this and give up their hard earned money. Why don’t the authorities just go in and shut down places like these? Is it a Second Amendment Rights type of thing?
    Thanks for taking up the fight!

    1. Hi, Kathy!

      I’m not sure why the authorities do not shut scams like The Blazing Trader down. Sometimes these scams get their websites blocked and usually they only are in business for about a year. By then their reputation is shot. Unfortunately, they just build a new website with a new name for the old scam.

      I do know that most, if not all, of these scams originate in other countries where authorities cannot get to them. I suspect there might be an organized crime connection.

      Glad to hear you have learned to spot scams from reading my posts.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  9. Another good example of one of the numerous trading scams online. Here you have everything: incredible story, false promises, actor on the sales video… The perfect scam! Thanks for warning people about those systems that can, as you said it, make people go into debt. You also have a very good writing style, with a good sense of humor, I like it!

    1. Hi, David!

      I agree it’s a well scripted scam, but still, it’s a scam. Makes me wonder if there are Grammy and Oscar awards for the actors in video scams. Does the actor accept the award with a speech about how proud they are to have ruined a thousand families? How much distrust they created in relationships? How many men suffered self loathing and loss of confidence because of them? Probably not, but I wish they could see it.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  10. I always enjoy your reviews Scam Avenger! You’re thorough and speak to the consumer instead of just talking in circles pushing a product.

    I couldn’t believe it when i read that this guy is claiming $20,000/day lol

    When it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.
    Thanks again for the great review and keep up the good work.

    1. Hi, Eric!

      You have to wonder who would believe you can make $20,000 a day with the push of a button. I think about this all the time. Scammers like Blazing Trader are apparently making money. Otherwise they would be pulling a different scam.

      There is probably a psychological reason for claiming $20K a day. It’s a scary big number for some people. A prospect might think, if Johan Strand can make that much, he should be able to make a few thousand a day, even if he totally screws up.

      There’s a reason that number is used. A copywriter somewhere, may he forever burn in hell, has written the script for the Blazing Trader video to be effective and you can bet they have tested it for the greatest ROI.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  11. Hi, Gary.

    One thing I’ve learned is that any promise of “easy cash” is like an alarm of a scam product. I’ve been involved in forex and have some knowledge about penny stocks, and I have to confess that earn money by trading IS NOT AN EASY PATH.

    These kinds of “miracle software” are everywhere and tend to play with people’s emotions. If you are desperate and you are looking for a proper solution to your financial situation, this kind of “opportunities” become very attractive.

    I’ve always thought that scam products like this will always exist because there are naive people out there, but also lazy people who want to earn money without a proper work. You have done a great job by preventing us from this scam. Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi, Frank!

      Thanks for sharing your experience with FOREX and penny stocks. Blazing Trader is a full blown scam. There is no way to win with Blazing Trader.

      But even with a legitimate broker, trading on any of the markets is not a level playing field. The big traders influence the markets and the large banks outright manipulate the markets.

      I’m convinced that binary options, FOREX and to a lesser degree penny stocks are artificial markets created for the benefit of the largest traders. When a hedge fund manager dumps $10 Million in XYZ stock, he knows what it will do to the market. Likewise, if he buys $10 Million in XYZ stock.

      The smaller trader can just hope he’s timed his trade so he is not crushed by the big boys.

      In the little town I grew up in there were two farmers who both became wealthy. To meet them you would think they were just hayseeds and nothing else. One made his fortune in cotton and the other made his fortune in soybeans.

      They were no different than any other farmer in the upstate of South Carolina until the county agent taught them to trade commodities as a hedge against crop losses.

      Their secret to their success was they knew their respective market. They were not particularly bright, but the one knew cotton and the other knew soybeans.

      Knowledge of the market is missing for most people regardless of what they are trading. The movement of FOREX and binary options, which determines the outcome of trade, is not linked to the inherit value of the asset. Essentially, a FOREX or binary options trade is a bet on the irrational ripples that move through markets a thousand times a day.

      Knowing the underlying value of an asset is essential and there is no way to do that with FOREX or binary options.

      The two farmers I mentioned, knew very little, neither went to college and except for their time in the military during WWII, neither one had left the farm. But they knew their respective markets. They knew the underlying value of cotton and soybeans. They knew when to buy and when to sell. That was enough for them to accumulate a fortune and change the lives of their children and grandchildren.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  12. Hello Gary

    Your article on get rich quick scams should be used as a red flag on all of these binary beating techniques, i wasn’t ever tempted by these claims but i can see how many people would be attracted by the claims of such large earnings.

    I’m fairly new to affiliate learning and just had my 1st website indexed, this was an exciting moment for me. I’m enjoying the learning process and find it reassuring that your so positive about the wealthy affiliate program.

    your support and experience is very much appreciated..

    thank you

    1. Hi, James!

      Congrats on getting your first website indexed and welcome to the world of affiliate marketing. It is, without a doubt, the greatest opportunity most people will ever have to be financially independent.

      I’m amazed that scams like Blazing Trader fool people, but I also understand many people are in desperate financial circumstances. Still, others are so honest they cannot imagine anyone telling such lies.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  13. Hey Gary,
    What a fantastic review and a savior to my skepticism. I was wondering about this scam for quite a while. Although some people might be successful with it, this business is only out to get your money. It seems very hard to believe that anybody would want to help me make so much money. Thanks so much for saving me the trouble of finding out that this was too good to be true.

    1. Hi, Anthony!

      I’m glad my piece on Blazing Trader has confirmed your suspicions. The only people who are successful with Blazing Trader are the scammers. The software is not only useless, it is dangerous because it is designed to quickly and efficiently turned your money into their money.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  14. Hi Gary, I only needed to see two words in that post to confirm my suspicions about what you were leading to… “Binary options”.
    I’m sure there are decent brokers out there, but as far as I’m concerned, you’ve got more chance of striking it big on the horses than at winning long term with binary options.
    I once made the mistake of giving my phone number to a binary options crew, I just wanted to see what it was all about. Never threw them a cent, and then did some research on it. Probably over two years ago now. And I still get phonecalls from them offering to help me help them pay off their mortgages.
    Cash on autopilot… Yeah, right. What could possibly go wrong?
    I’m guessing that the good doctor is an affiliate of a particular group of trading houses (the only ones which the software is “calibrated” for), and that he gets a nice cut for each fly he brings to the web, win or lose.
    Essentially, he wins 97% of the time, maybe breaks even 3% so technically, his system probably does work.
    For him.

    1. Hi, FIFOSmoj!

      Anyone who would fall for Binary Options does not understand the difference between investing and speculating. I know you know this, but for the benefit of the reader I want to explain.

      Investing is when you have a reasonable expectation that putting your money into an asset will return more money than it cost. A classic example of this is value based investing, the strategy that made Warren Buffet a billionaire.

      Value based investing is when you are knowledgeable about an asset and the market for that asset. My nephew’s mom started out as a real estate appraiser. Because of her knowledge of property values and the market, she knew when a house was offered below market value. She bought the house low and sold high. She’s now a millionaire. A key point here is she bought and owned the house, or she bought an option on the house which gave her legal control of the house.

      Buffet did something similar with stocks. With a little research and analysis, he found company stock that was below market value and bought it. Later, when the market recognized the true value of that stock, his wealth grew. Again, a key point is Buffet either owned the stock, or he owned an option on that stock which gave him legal control of the stock.

      In both examples, an option gave them legal control of the asset.

      Now, lets look at Binary Options as traded with a Legitimate Broker that is registered with the SEC.

      Binary Options are not options in the truest sense of the word. A binary options does NOT give you control of the asset and it does NOT give you ownership. When you enter in a binary options trade, you are betting that the value of the asset will go up or go down at a a specific time. This is no different than placing a bet with a bookie. There is a slight chance you might win occasionally and that’s as good as it gets.

      Now, lets look at Binary Options as traded with a scammer like Blazing Trader.

      Blazing Trader and similar scams are said to be unregulated brokers. That is an overly polite way of saying these guys operate outside of the law. They are NOT brokers. They are nothing more than a stranger in a foreign country who expects you to give him your money. There is absolutely no chance on God’s green earth you will make money with someone like this.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  15. Hi Gary ! I was on the edge of giving my last saving to one of this scammers. Not this one but there are hundreds if not thousands. All you have to search is making money and they hunt you down. But thanks to people like you Gary, I managed to escape. I love how you used sarcasm telling the brothers story 🙂 I hope much more people find your site and wake up, who will earn you 20.000 a day for 250 payed once 🙂 ? . I mean, really ! So, please keep up the good work spreading the word ! God bless you !

    1. Hi, Nicu Paun!

      Thanks for sharing your experience with a scam like Blazing Trader. Yes, these scams are popping up like weeds.

      I wish people would understand they can make money online, but nothing can guarantee you fast, easy money. If they are willing to learn a few new skills and commit to their success, they would be amazed at how lucrative a legitimate online business can be, but it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, like any real business.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  16. Thank you for sharing and I’m glad that I read your review. I was googling for any way to make money and almost fall into their scam. Though it sounds too good to be good and I really suspect it is the genuine one. Luckily I do some research on this product and got to your site. Your article have really save me from losing my dollars! Aside from that, thank you for suggesting a genuine way to make money online. I will check it out!

    1. Hi, Wying!

      I’m glad you found my post about Blazing Trader before you fell for their scam. There are a lot of these make money on auto-pilot scams online. Most pretend to be some form of binary options broker, but they are really just stealing people’s money.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  17. Hi Gary,

    Very interesting article! I read a similar sales pitch of a competitor of this software. The internet needs more pages like yours to open the eyes of the ordinary Joe. I thought your content was interesting and the layout was easy on the eyes. Honestly, I have no recommendations for improvement. Well done!

    1. Hi, Tony!

      I appreciate your kind words and I’m pleased you got something valuable from my site. It’s a labor of love, but also a mission. Occasionally someone will message me that I saved them from getting scammed. It’s a great feeling to know I’ve made a difference for a few, if not more.

      Honestly, I thought Blazing Trader was a hilarious sales video, except that it has probably ruined a lot of people financially.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  18. WowGary, that Blazing Traders smells scam from miles away!!
    I haven’t watched the video, but I myself do not feel comfortable when quick money making programs are introduced by a video that will promise tons of money without being specific as to what you should do.
    So much for never trusting a business or a job proposition that asks you for money. I can’t believe they ask for as much as $250!!
    There are a lot of vulnerable people out there who could easily fall for this scam. And that’s the downside of the internet- it cannot stop ‘cowboys’ from advertising their schemes and damage a lot of these people. I really hope that Your article will stop many from falling in this trap.

    1. Hi GiuliaB!

      Unfortunately, the $250 Blazing Trader demands is just the beginning. A personal broker will be assigned to anyone who signs up with Blazer Trader immediately. This personal broker is really just a money hungry professional telemarketer who will try to manipulate you into depositing thousands of dollars.

      It is revealing that Blazing Trader promises to pay affiliates $350 for every referral they signs up. Such a high commission suggests that, on average, Blazing Trader is able to extract $3500 from someone who signs up. I don’t see how they sleep at night.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  19. Thank you! You just saved me. I knew Blazing Trader was too good to be true, but I wanted to believe. I’m really in a bad place financially and if Blazing Trader was real, it would be so good for me and my family. I almost took their bait, but my wife told me to do some research first. I am so glad I found your site. I think you just saved me a lot of money. Thanks too for suggesting a more reasonable and affordable way to make money online. We’re going to check that out.

    1. Hi, Edward!

      I’m so glad you found ScamAvenger before you got sucked into the Blazing Trader scam. It would not have ended well. I think your wife is very wise and she deserves the credit for avoiding financial ruin.

      Thanks so much for letting me know I’ve made a difference.


  20. Oh my. This company looks evil lol. How in the world do people fall for these scams? I guess I know how, people are desperate for money and if a mathematician invented a logarithm which comes out on top 100% of the time, there’s nothing to lose so they feel safe giving away all their money.

    But then the disclaimer. I can’t imagine the feeling of having invested all your money in this and then you decide to look at the disclaimer for some reassurance. Now that would be painful, but I’m sure it’s happened a number of times with these scams. That’s why I ALWAYS read the legal jargon before opening an account with ANY website (well, okay maybe not the likes of Twitter or Facebook, because you know…) and all too often, I see something in there which make the hairs on my neck bristle – and I would have missed it had I simply signed up without taking 10 minutes to read the legal stuff.

    Anyway…thanks for revealing this scam, Gary. I will stay away from it, you can count on that. 🙂

    1. Hi, Ian!

      Too often it is the people who can least afford to lose money who get drawn into scams like Blazing Trader. These scams allegedly pay their affiliates a lot of money to deliver victims. Commissions run from $200 to $500 and if you are capable of delivering a lot of victims, you can negotiate a higher commission. It’s sad really that someone would take blood money for delivering the sheep to the slaughter.

      I said these scams “allegedly” pay high commissions, because, true to the scammers creed, they often don’t pay anybody anything. In the end, they scam their affiliates too!

      Thanks for stopping by,


  21. Wow Gary does anyone believe in this?? How can anyone seriously believe that a software would make you $20 000 a day, and for the rest of your life, and cost only $250?!

    You are certainly doing a good thing revealing these scams. I found your article amusing the way it’s written and the super hero woman doing thumbs down. Well done!

    Keep on exposing the scammers, so people don’t have to fall for their ugly schemes.
    Best wishes,

    1. Hi, Stina!

      These scams tend to have short lives, but they do fool a lot of people. They all make ridiculous claims about how much money is possible. In another scam that is very similar to Blazing Trader, one of the actors kept biting her lip to keep from laughing.

      Their target are people who are desperate to try anything and who also have access to a lot of money. $250 is just the starting figure. Everyone who joins Blazing Trader is assigned a personal broker. This broker is really a professional telemarketer trained to get more money out of you. It is not unusual for them to get $10,000 from someone. Of course any money Blazing Trader gets is gone forever.

      Thanks for stopping by,


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