is blazing trader a scam

Is Blazing Trader a Scam?

Visit the Blazing Trader website, and you will meet Professor Johan Strand, a self-proclaimed nerd who promises his software will make you $20,000 a day. It’s a good story, but there’s something you should know. Follow me as I reveal the Devil in the details.

Product Name: Blazing Trader
Product Website:
Product Cost: $250 plus!
Product Owner: Cannot be determined
Opinion: Not Recommended

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Is Blazing Trader a Scam?

Johan Strand, former professor of applied mathematics at the National Institute of Technologies, University of Zurich wants to make you rich. Apparently, Professor Strand’s specialty is heuristic logic minimizers and advanced computer logarithms. According to his story, he has worked for Princeton and NASA too. What a guy!

is blazing trader a scam

The most amazing thing about Strand is his promise of making you $20,000 within 24 hours of using his software and that you will continue to make $20,000 a day after that. In fact, at the top of the Blazing Trader website, it boldly states that members make $440,000 a month, thanks to worlds smartest math logarithms.

As the story goes, computer whiz Johan Strand has a brother Lars who is an investment whiz. Their mother must be proud.

As fate, would have it, one day Johan visited Lars in his luxury penthouse in New York City and noticed an imperfect investment logarithm written on a whiteboard. Although Lars had used this logarithm to make millions for himself and his clients, it was only successful about 75% of the time.

Thanks to Johan’s superior intellect, he quickly perfected the logarithm and improved its success rate to 97%. However, creating a trading software that wins 97% of the time wasn’t good enough, so he programmed in a function that turns the otherwise 3% losing trades into break-even trades.

In other words, according to Professor Strand, the software never loses. The worse it can do is break even 3% of the time. And, because the software is blazing fast, they call it Blazing Trader.

is blazing trader a scam

The Strand brothers want to take their software public but need a hundred people to test it first and are offering their software free to the first 100 people who sign up.

Jump onboard, and you too can make $20,000 a day for the rest of your life.

Except, you can’t.

Blazing Trader will make you rich like the movie Blazing Saddles will make you a cowboy.

What is Blazing Trader?

You will not make money with Blazing Trader. You will lose money, perhaps a lot of money.

American singer and songwriter, Tom Waits, told us “The big print giveth and the small print taketh away.” In the case of Blazing Trader, the sales video giveth and the disclaimer taketh away.

According to the Blazing Trader Website Agreement, the Blazing Trader sales video uses actors and demo accounts and may not be accurate. In other words, Blazing Trader is just kidding about making $20,000 a day for the rest of your life. Granny would call it a bold-face lie.

The Videos – the videos displayed on the Website are provided for informational and promotional purposes only and should not be relied upon in making decisions and are for simulation only by using actor(s) and demo accounts. These videos were made in order to give you a sense and feel for what may be achieved while using the Software. The videos may not be accurate or based on accurate past true events . . . (Excerpt from Blazing Trader Website Agreement)

And if that doesn’t break your heart, read the Blazing Trader Risk Disclaimer. It specifically says you could lose all your money.


If that isn’t bad enough, Blazing Trader is trying to get you to open a trading account with an unregistered binary options broker.

Registered & Unregistered Brokers.

There are registered binary options brokers, and there are unregistered binary options brokers.

is blazing trader a scam

Registered brokers are regulated by government agencies like the Securities Exchange Commission. Registered brokers must abide by laws and regulations. If a registered broker scams you, you can apply to the SEC or similar regulatory agency for help.

And, there are unregistered brokers who are outside of the law and probably in countries where nobody cares who they rob. If an unregistered broker scams you, there is nothing you can do about it.

Blazing Trader is Unregistered!

Blazing Trader is trying to get you to open an account with an unregistered broker who is outside of the law.

The US Securities Exchange Commission warns that unregistered brokers are suspected of taking people’s money, stealing their identity and manipulating software to create losing trades.

Blazing Trader Wants Your Money.

A little detail that Johan Strand glosses over in the Blazing Trader video is that you will need to “fund” you trading account with a minimum of $250. In other words, you will be expected to give this unregistered broker at least $250 of your money.

However, Blazing Trader wants more. When you open an account with the Blazing Trader broker, you must give them your phone number. They need your phone number so their telemarketer, pretending to be a friendly investment advisor, can trick you into putting a lot more of money into your trading account.

This so-call financial advisor will try to talk you into emptying your savings and retirement, maxing out your credits cards and borrowing from friends and family to fund your trading account.

They might even manipulate the software so it appears as if you have made a lot of money quickly. When you are convinced the software is real and put all of your money into the trading account, that’s when they close the trap and take every dime.

And, because you have given your money to an unregistered broker, there is nothing anyone can do about it. Even the Blazing Trader disclaimer warned that you could lose all your money.

The Last Word on Blazing Trader.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of schemes like Blazing Trader online. They all offer free trading software and promise to make you rich. Unfortunately, the only people getting rich are the people behind the scams. Everyone else loses.

You will not make money with Blazing Trader. You will lose money and possibly go into debt so deeply it will take years to pay it off.

There is no magic software that will make you rich.

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