Is B-Epic a Pyramid Scheme?

Is B-Epic a Pyramid Scheme?

A reader recently asked; “Is B-Epic was a pyramid scheme?” It’s a good question for anyone who might consider the B-Epic opportunity. Here’s what I found out.

Is B-Epic a Pyramid Scheme? According to information found on the FTC’s website, B-Epic may be a pyramid scheme. B-Epic is dependent on recruitment, and forces its distributors to buy products, both are characteristics of a pyramid scheme. Furthermore, most B-Epic distributors lose money which is yet another sign of a pyramid scheme.

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B-Epic claims to have helped tens of thousands of people to “create supplemental and life-changing incomes.” I found no evidence that this is true. On the contrary, evidence suggests that most people who try the B-Epic opportunity lose money. Here’s why.

B-Epic is a pyramid scheme based on the FTC guidelines

Is B-Epic a Pyramid Scheme?

B-Epic may be a pyramid scheme because its revenue is largely dependent on recruiting and because B-Epic distributors, aka Independent Brand Partners, are required to purchase products before they qualify to earn commissions.

Plus, very few people earn more with the B-Epic business opportunity than they spend on products, proving that the so-called opportunity is a sham designed to trap distributors into buying over-priced products.

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B-Epic is Dependent on Recruiting.

The greatest indicator that B-Epic might be a pyramid scheme is its dependence on recruiting. While I do not have access to the company’s financial records, there are other indications that the majority of B-Epic’s revenue is the result of recruiting.

bEpic.comThe compensation plan shows that B-Epic is focused on recruitment and rewards recruiting with advancement and greater overrides.

Like most MLMs, B-Epic attempts to showcase retail products. However, there isn’t any evidence that retail is the company’s focus or that significant sales are made to non-distributors.

Meager Retail Sales.

A cursory study of the B-Epic Compensation plan shows that most, if not all sales are made to distributors, a clear indication of a pyramid scheme.

B-Epic Independent Brand Partners are required at every level to buy products before they are paid the commissions they earned. This requirement is ridiculous but, unfortunately, common in MLM. It does nothing to help the distributor succeed while significantly enriching the company.

B-Epic promotes a business opportunity and promises you can “experience massive success rapidly” with your own B-Epic business. However, there is no evidence that success is even possible with the B-Epic business model.

Bogus Success Claims.

They promise when you join B-Epic you are “backed by a proven turnkey business model” and “profitable pay plan.” B-Epic claims their compensation plan is “one of the most lucrative in the industry.”

However, B-Epic does not offer one shred of proof that anybody is making money with their opportunity. Neither do they offer an earning disclosure or any details to help you do your due diligence? You’re left with nothing more than their promises. That’s not the way to start a business.

MLM are legal pyramid schemes.

Less than 1%!

Because B-Epic does not offer any details about how much money their Independent Brand Partners make on average, we must assume it is no better than the industry’s average, that is, less than 1%. That’s right, less than 1% of people who try MLM make more money than they spend on products.

That’s because the MLM business model is not about helping you make money. MLM in general, and B-Epic specifically, is about making gobs of money for the company at the expense of the distributors.

The business opportunity pitch is just unethical marketing designed to trick you into buying lots of over-priced B-Epic products. If you are considering the B-Epic opportunity, ask yourself, would buy their products if you knew you would lose money with the so-called opportunity?

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You’re a Captive Customer!

When you join B-Epic, you are paying for the privilege of selling their products and making them money. You are also locking yourself into buying over-priced products each month before you can earn a commission.

Think about it. You don’t have a business with B-Epic, you have a liability. You aren’t a distributor; you’re a customer, a captive customer.

Legal Pyramid Scheme.

Tracy Coenen, a corporate fraud investigator, certified in financial forensics wrote, “MLMs have become an accepted and legally sanctioned form of pyramid scheme.”

B-Epic unhappy distributorBecause B-Epic has products, it’s tempting to think they are not a pyramid scheme. However, like a pure pyramid scheme, the majority of the revenue comes from recruiting. And, like a pure pyramid scheme, if B-Epic stopped recruiting the company would quickly collapse.

The products offered by B-Epic appear to be little more than cover for their endless chain recruiting scheme. B-Epic pushes the recruiting con further with claims that those who like the products will want to join the company as Independent Brand Partners. That is doubtful.

The truth is that very few genuine retail sales are taking place. A true retail sale is a sale to someone with no ties to the company.

B-Epic does have a couple of retail websites. However, they have only a fraction of the traffic that the main B-Epic website gets, a clear indication that most product sales are to distributors and not to the public.

Because B-Epic forces distributors to buy products to qualify for commissions, it is very difficult for a distributor to earn more than they spend.

Look at the B-Epic Compensation Plan, and you will see that at every level an Independent Brand Partner is required to buy products before they “qualify” to earn commissions. And, they must have sponsored, aka recruited, at least one person.

B-Epic Products.

If the B-Epic products are so amazing, why must B-Epic force distributors to buy them?

The B-Epic products are Elev8 and Acceler8. Elev8 is an energy pill that sells for about $50 for 30 capsules. Acceler8 is a weight loss pill. It was difficult to find the prices, and I could not find a way to buy the products without signing up. I didn’t want to do that.

While B-Epic is quick to hype how wonderful their products are, there are tons of competing products that cost much less.  Every drug store has similar products at a fraction of the price.

Here’s an interesting experiment. Search Amazon for Elev8. When I did this, I found Elev8 selling for about $100 for 70 capsules. Amazon recommended several similar products. One competitive product was selling for $10!

Why are B-Epic products so darn expensive? Because each sale must support many levels of upline and the company. MLM is probably the most inefficient method for delivering product ever devised.

It’s Not About the Products.

The point is, it will be very difficult to sell B-Epic products unless you force your downline to buy them. B-Epic is not about the products. It’s about recruiting. In other words, B-Epic looks like a pyramid scheme.

Read the B-Epic Compensation Plan.

B-Epic Green PillWhen you read the B-Epic Compensation Plan, you can quickly see that distributors are required to buy products and to recruit. Keep in mind, that the purpose of the compensation plan is to create the illusion that you will make a lot of money with B-Epic. I wouldn’t bet on it.

B-Epic sells the dream of success and financial freedom, but statistically, less than 1 in 100 earn more than they spend on products. That is the game B-Epic has created, and they draw you in with false promises of success.

And the saddest part about succeeding with B-Epic is that it requires you to exploit a lot of people. For you to come out on top, a lot of people must lose. That’s a lousy way to run a business. A decent person can’t do it.

You’re Not an Entrepreneur.

B-Epic would like for you to believe that as an Independent Brand Partner you are an entrepreneur with your own business. That isn’t true.

An Independent Brand Partner is a commission salesperson and nothing more. And the business you are building is B-Epic’s business, not yours. Why would you want to spend your time, money and energy building a business for someone else?

Can You Make Money with B-Epic? Most people do not make money with B-Epic. B-Epic has not published an Earning Disclosure so we can not know for sure, but we can assume that earning averages for B-Epic are the same or less than the MLM industry in general which is less than 1% earn more than they spend on products.

Is B-Epic a Scam? B-Epic uses deception to seduce people into becoming distributors. B-Epic promises a business opportunity when that opportunity is nearly non-existent. The so-called opportunity is a marketing ploy told to trick people into joining the company and buying over-priced products.

A Predatory Business.

In general, MLM is a predatory and manipulative industry. B-Epic is true to the industry. It attracts people with the promise of making money when the reality is that 99% of the people who try MLM lose money and only an extremely small fraction earn more than minimum wage.

With MLM, millions are made by a few people at the top while everyone else loses. Read The Heartbreak of MLM.

MLM in general, and B-Epic specifically, make you pay them for the privilege of selling their products. Then they force you to buy their products before they pay you the commissions you earned. And, if that wasn’t bad enough, the business model requires that you recruit more people into the scheme.

For most people, MLM is a huge waste of time, energy and money. Even worse, MLM expects you to exploit your most precious relationships for profit. Most people who try MLM lose money and are left confused, humiliated, and blaming themselves.

I have seen nothing to suggest that B-Epic is any different.

B-Epic pyramid

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