Ice 9 Technology Review

Ice 9 Technology Review

The headline of the Ice 9 website boldly promises “Earn $4,900 a week, easily with Silicon Valley’s own Ice9 Software.” But what is Ice9 Technology? Discover a dirty secret they don’t want you to know.

Product Name: Ice 9 Technology
Product Website:
Product Cost: $250, plus as much as they can get
Product Owner: Cannot be determined
Opinion: Not Recommended

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Ice 9 Technology Review

When you visit the Ice 9 Technology website, you will meet the lead creator of the Ice 9 software, Aaron Palmer. The video appears to be a documentary shot in the Silicon Valley headquarters of Ice 9 Technology.

Aaron Palmer explains how he grew up in Silicon Valley and created his first software program when he was eight years old. He goes on to tell how Ice 9 is designed to access all financial data as it happens. By getting this data faster than anyone else, it is possible to have an insider’s edge on the markets to consistently make winning trades.

Ice 9 Technology Review

The headline of the Ice 9 website boldly promises “Earn $4,900 a week, easily with Silicon Valley’s own Ice9 Software.” As the video continues, you will meet Aaron’s lifelong friend Steve Katz, Ice9 Marketing Director. Katz claims he is the one who talked Aaron into adapting his program to the stock market so people could use it at home to make millions of dollars from their living room.

As the video continues, you will meet a parade of characters who add credibility to the power of the Ice9 technology. John Farraday, former senior exec with CitiGroup and now CEO of Ice9 is credited with funding the development of Ice9 and turning it into a phenomenal Silicon Valley startup.

At the beginning of the Ice9 video and throughout, we see what appears to be endorsements from powerful people in lofty positions in the worlds of technology and finance.

The Ice9 video is one of the most convincing sales videos I’ve seen that promotes binary trading with an unregistered broker.

The Ice9 video is NOT a documentary about the launch of a new wonder technology that will make you rich. It’s just a clever sales video. Every character in it is played by an actor reciting the lines of a script.

You will NOT make $4,900 a week with Ice9. If you try it, you will be very lucky not to lose money.

The Ice 9 Disclaimer & Website Agreement

If you read the Ice9 Website Agreement, particularly the paragraph about “videos,” you will see that the video uses actors and demo accounts. And that the Ice9 video is intended for promotional purposes and should NOT be used for making decisions about getting involved with Ice9.

Ice 9 Technology Review

Read the Risk Disclaimer, and you’ll see that Ice9 does not guarantee you anything and that trading binary options is very risky. The clincher is that Ice9 does not guarantee you won’t lose ALL of your money. That’s a clever way for Ice9 to cover their backside when you do lose all of your money to them!

Ice 9 Technology Review

There’s a reason they buried these details where you would have to search for them. The truth is, Ice9 is not about making you money. Ice9 is about stealing your money.

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The Ugly Truth about Ice 9 Technology

At best, trading binary options is more like gambling than investing. Even the pros get burned.

But, we’re not talking about a licensed and registered broker here. The broker associated with Ice9 is NOT registered. In other words, the broker associated with Ice9 is outside of the law and probably far outside of the United States.

The SEC has stated that unregistered brokers, like the one associated with Ice 9 Technology, are suspected of stealing people’s money, stealing their identities and manipulating software to create losing trades.

If you lose money with Ice 9 Technology, and you probably will if you try it, there is nothing anyone can do to get your money back.

The Ice 9 Technology Scam

Let’s pretend, Heaven forbid, that you think I’m some kind of nutjob and ignore my warnings. You believe Ice9 Technology is the answer to your prayers. Allow me to show you a glimpse of your future if you choose to get involved with Ice9.

On the first page of the Ice9 website, you take the bait and fill out your email address. Immediately, you are taken to a second website page where you discover they want more information, including your phone number. You also learn that to “activate” your trading account you must deposit $250.

You are so sure you’re going to be soon making $4,900 a week that you give them your phone number, and you plunk down $250 you took from your Granny’s cookie jar.

You get a call from an Ice9 personal broker who pretends to be your new best friend. Your new best friend encourages you to put a lot more money into your account. But there’s no more money in Granny’s cookie jar, so you play the $250. Within an hour, you’re up hundreds of dollars! It’s the easiest money you have ever made.

Except for the money you just made isn’t real and you will never be able to take it out of your account. Ice9 just monkeyed with the software to create the illusion of making money. But you don’t know that.

Suddenly, you’re convinced you’re on your way to making millions of dollars. Your friendly Ice9 personal broker tells you if you put more money into your account, you will make more money faster. So, you get a title loan on your beater, max out your mother’s credit card and pawn Granny’s dentures to come up with $10,000.

You put it all in your account and roll the dice. Within minutes you lose every penny. And your new best friend personal broker cannot be reached. That is the Ice9 Technology scam.

There is no magic software that will make you rich.

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21 thoughts on “Ice 9 Technology Review

  1. Whew … Yeah, I’m so sorry for how many SCAM programs are out there! But think how easy one is to discover when you read the earnings disclaimer! It’s just something you never read, but think about how much you can detect the fake programs by just stopping up, thinking about and reading this before jumping into the program.

    Thanks for another great post!

  2. I absolutely loved your blog post! Everything you stated in your post about Ice 9 was really informative and I like you state the facts about it, it was dead on. I loved your comparison of that opportunity with that of the Wealthy Affiliate opportunity as the best opportunity online, so I’m a fan, great job with your post.

  3. Wow! Thanks for the video and the article! I had never heard of Ice-9, but I’m glad I heard about it from you before I was roped into this scam. Everybody wants something for nothing. Think about it, if they had found a way to make millions in the stock market it would actually be counter-intuitive for them to sell the software to traders. It would be best to keep it for yourself, or am I overthinking this whole thing a little? LOL…anyway, thanks Gary. Great looking site. Very informative!

  4. Wow! Thanks for the video and the article! I had never heard of Ice-9, but I’m glad I heard about it from you before I was roped into this scam. Everybody wants something for nothing. Think about it, if they had found a way to make millions in the stock market it would actually be counter-intuitive for them to sell the software to traders. It would be best to keep it for yourself, or am I overthinking this whole thing a little? LOL…anyway, thanks Gary. Great looking site. Very informative!

  5. Came across ice nine and I was doing some research on it before actually giving up money but I don’t think I’m going to do so. It does seem like a scam and almost like it is too good to be true. There will try that other program possibly specially if it offers a free trial where I don’t even have to give my credit card information. I hate how there’s companies like ice nine I take advantage of the people who are desperate and poor

    1. Hi, Adriana!

      I’m so glad you found my Ice 9 Technology article in time. Nothing good would have come from getting involved with Ice 9. A free trial without needing to use a credit card is always a better choice.

      Make any offer prove to you that they are legit. If they can’t, you know what to do.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  6. Very interesting review. From now on I’l be looking at those Disclaimers and Website Agreements as I once made the mistake of putting my phone number down, but didn’t deposit anything (lucky), but was still getting phone calls months later, by pushy sellers wanting to know when i was depositing, and if I said I couldn’t they would push for why I couldn’t I. They were very rude. Thanks for the in-site to how these places work, I’ve always been curious but never tried. Glad I didn’t.

  7. Interesting article. I find it ironic that the technology is called Ice-9. If you have ever read Kurt Vonnegut’s novel, Cat’s Cradle, you’ll know what I mean, since Ice-9 was a real stinker in that context as well.

    1. Hi, Joe!

      Yes, I caught that reference too. It’s almost like the scammers are toying with us.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  8. Thank you so much for this article! I joined WA not too long ago (actually just a couple days so far) and I love it immensely! They do not push you to buy anything you don’t want to, and even if you don’t you still have opportunities to make money. I recently went premium and I am loving every second of it. Finding more people like you and reading success stories just makes me that much more confident in my decision. I truly believe that WA is an amazing site that is dedicated to helping people, and not scamming them like the site you mentioned. (ice 9) sounds like such a horrible place.

    1. Hi, Hailey!

      Thanks for taking a look at my Ice 9 Technology post. Ice 9 is a real stinker.

      I agree with everything you said about Wealthy Affiliate. I found Wealthy Affiliate after too many years of struggling online. It was like finding my online home. Before that, I had been scammed so many times and clobbered with sneaky upsells so many times that I hesitated to try the free membership. I just knew there was a gotcha in there somewhere. As you know, there are no gimmicks and no gotchas with Wealthy Affiliate. The free membership is really free.

      I’m convinced most people will do the work that is require to make substantial money online if someone will just be honest and tell them how. That is what Wealthy Affiliate does. It tells you how to really make money online and how to do it right.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  9. Hi Gary

    Lol. These scammers are really good at what they do and take so many emotionally vulnerable individuals for a ride. They even cover their tracks in very small print or some hidden policy on their site just in case someone takes them to court.

    All those actors contribute towards a whole bunch of people being ripped off! Hope they feel good about themselves knowing this.

    I’m sure glad people like you take the time to expose these sad sods. They should all have their pictures with a BIG bold black print saying “SCAMMER” put up on Social Media platforms. Maybe this will discourage other trolls to invest their time into ruining their own reputation and “living life” off the hard working folks.

    All the best,

    1. Hi, Kamil!

      I love your idea of exposing the actors associated with online scams. That’s brilliant.

      Typically, scam sites use Fiverr actors, but Ice 9 Technology hired professional actors and I’m sure it cost them plenty. Also, the script was original. That cost a lot too. Most of these types of scams are just rehashed scripts with a few changes.

      When I lived in San Francisco, during my starving writer phase, I hung out with a group of about 30 struggling actors. Except for one, all of them were highly trained and talented performers from all over the country. Ironically, the least talented one went on to have a very successful career in Hollywood, to include several years on the Power Rangers. But, I digress.

      The point I want to make is my actor buddies slaved away at low paying jobs so they could pursue an acting career. Most of them also had a deeply ingrained psychological need to be the center of attention. They would kill to simply be on stage or in front of a camera. With that in mind, I doubt there is anything that could deter an aspiring actor from performing for a scammer.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  10. Wow the way you explained it ice9 it is worse than most? Always avoided binary trading as it is no different to tossing a coin? If you can’t trust the software to produce accurate live figures without being tampered with you might as well just give them the money? Like playing cards with a dodgy deck?

    1. Hi, Pete!

      At best, binary options is little more than a bet as to how an asset will perform. That is as good as it gets, and that is if you use a licensed, registered and regulated broker. Ice 9 Technology is NOT a licensed, registered and regulated broker.

      As you pointed out, Ice 9 is nothing but a stranger talking you out of your money. It would do more good to give your money to a charity.

      I’m not a fan of binary options and do not recommend them. Unfortunately, in this age of the internet, people confuse speculating with investing. Betting if stocks will go up or down at a precise time is not investing. It’s what professional investors call speculation and what the neighborhood bookie calls gambling.

      True investing requires knowledge of the market and asset values, and is based on a logical expectation that an asset will perform in a particular manner over time.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  11. Thanks for posting such a thorough review of Ice9. This seems to have scam written all over it just based on the fact that they say it’s easy to make $4000 a week….too good to be true!

    I appreciate you calling them out so that hopefully no one wastes their time or money!

    1. Hi, Matt!

      Part of me wishes I could make $4,000 a week with some magic software, but my rational mind, when it functions properly, knows that isn’t possible. However, there are people who make this kind of money after working hard for years with an online business. It is possible to earn big money, but it’s not instant and there is no free magic software that will make the average person rich.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  12. Thank you for another great review Gary.

    I’ve not heard of Ice 9 Technology before and to be honest, I’m rather glad about that. Not being a massive fan of the binary option route myself anyway these guys seem to have sunk to new depths to bleed you and your poor granny dry.

    For me, affiliate marketing is definitely the way forward and Wealthy Affiliate certainly makes it something that is both fun to learn and financially rewarding.

    Have a great day.

    1. Hi, Jenny!

      Ice 9 Technology strays a bit from the usual binary options scam script. They pitch themselves as a Silicon Valley product launch. It is one of the more convincing sales videos. They have even made their website appear as if it is in Silicon Valley. But, it’s bad new all around for anyone who falls for it.

      I agree with you Jenny. Affiliate marketing is the best opportunity most people will ever have and Wealthy Affiliate is the only place I recommend people learn.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  13. I have never heard of Ice 9 but it sounds super scary! Thankfully I never get involved with anything that requires that much money anyway. I agree with you about Wealthy Affiliate. It took me a year to come to Wealthy Affiliate after hearing about it, but I could easily tell from the jump that WA is legit and that the vast majority of other programs out there especially, it seems, those that are marketed on Facebook, appear to be either scams or too difficult to sell. Do you recommend any other online money programs? Thank you for your article.

    1. Hi, Ririj!

      You are wise to be frightened of Ice 9 Technology. They scam people for thousands of dollars and often cause people to go into serious debt.

      It’s great you found Wealthy Affiliate so soon in your online career. I suffered with legions of incompetent teachers and junk programs before I found Wealthy Affiliate. The last straw for me was when I spent $300 for a program that was pitched in English but the teacher spoke Spanish (and I don’t!)

      When I finally found Wealthy Affiliate, I was afraid to join. I thought the free starter membership had to be a gimmick and the moment I joined I’d be hammered with upsells like I had experienced too often in the past. Fortunately, when I joined it was the best decision I could possible make.

      You asked if there were other programs that I would recommend. Not really. There are a few other good programs out there, but none of them offer as much as Wealthy Affiliate.

      Thanks for stopping by,


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