100% Free Online Marketing Classes

Free Online Marketing Classes

Online marketing gives everyone an opportunity to work from home and to make a substantial income. The greatest benefit of online marketing is probably the abundance of personal freedom.

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Free Online Marketing Classes.

The rewards of a profitable online business are phenomenal and include unlimited earning potential and the freedom to live life as you choose. No boss. No commute. No stress. Call it a laptop lifestyle, the pajama shuffle commute or nirvana.

Call it whatever you like. It’s your life. Just know it’s real and you can do it too if you get the right training and support. You can get started with free training. However, not all free online marketing classes are equal. More on that in a moment.

The Market is Growing Exponentially.

We live in an amazing time. Nearly 75% of the world’s population uses the internet on a regular basis. Many of these people make purchases online and the numbers are growing exponentially.

Plus, every day more and more people are building successful online businesses promoting everything from earthworms to earth ships. And, with every transaction, someone is making Free Online Marketing Classesmoney. Most of these marketing transactions are automated and take place 24/7, day and night, often when the marketer is asleep.

You Can Too.

With online marketing, there is a limitless market for any product you want to sell. It doesn’t matter if the economy is up or down or in crisis.

With the right marketing knowledge, a willingness to work and patience, you can make money 24/7. Once you have the basic skills as a marketer, you can always make money.

Your journey to the pajama shuffle commute begins with proper training. Fortunately, you can get started for free. I’ll tell you more about that in a moment. For now, a word of warning.

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Scams and Junk.

There are tons of training programs that promise free online marketing classes and training. Most are outdated. Some are malicious. Most are scams or simply junk.

To know the difference, you must first understand that success with online marketing is like success with anything else. It takes commitment and work. Until you understand that fundamental requirement, you are susceptible to online scams promising quick riches.

Online marketing training programs that promise fast, easy money are trying to mislead you. The truth is, it will take time to get your business established and to see results. Usually at least three months. Patience is essential.

Naturally, any time you search for something free online, you run into a lot of dubious offers. This is doubly true when you search for free online marketing classes.

Most free online marketing classes are not really free. They’re just teasers trying to hook you into a very expensive training program. Typically, they make promises about making lots of money fast.

Many will try to get your credit card information too, so they can bill you later. That’s not free and might cause you lose a lot of money.

Real World Online Marketing.

Please remember in the real world of online marketing, it takes time to build a business and to see results.

The Online Marketing training I recommend is really 100% free, no credit card needed, no strings attached. It’s a gift that will teach you the basics of affiliate marketing.

Free Online Marketing ClassesAffiliate marketing is probably the fastest and easiest way to make money online. The skills are easy to learn too. In fact, I find most people overcomplicate the process. However, patience is still required, and real-world online marketing is not “get-rich-quick.”

Outdated Information.

Much of the free online marketing information you will find is outdated. The internet is evolving at the speed of light. Fresh fruit has a longer shelf life than information on the internet. What’s the point of learning marketing strategies that haven’t worked in years?

That’s why you always want to know the industry’s best practices and proven business principles. The free training I recommend shows you how to stay on top of what’s working online. Plus, you’ll have access to a community of successful online marketers and webmasters, all eager to help you succeed.

You don’t need to be brilliant or anything special to succeed in online marketing. Online marketing is simple, but it takes time. We’re talking about a business that will transform your life. Believe me, it’s worth the effort.

Get the Right Knowledge.

Like with any worthwhile goal, you’ll need the right knowledge, a willingness to work, and patience. There’s that word again.

And, of course, you need a website, great content, and visitors who want to see it. You’ll make money when you monetize your website. The free training I recommend shows you how to do that.

The Online Entrepreneur Certification Course.

The only free online marketing class I recommend is the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. In this free online marketing training, you’ll have the opportunity to pursue two training programs.

The first training program will teach you how to build a profitable online business based on something you love. Call it your passion. It may be a hobby or something you’ve meant to learn more about.

The second training program will teach you how to build a profitable online business based on a proven marketing strategy and a product with a very lucrative commission payout.

Building Your Marketing Career.

Both programs have created online success for thousands of people and will work for you too. However, they do require time and effort before you see results, about three months.

The starter training for both programs is 100% free. You get 10 lessons with easy to follow, step-by-step videos. There is more than enough information in the free courses to help you decide if you want to upgrade to a premium membership level and continue your online marketing career.

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No Credit Card Needed.

No credit card info is needed for the free trial. With the free online marketing classes, you get a free account plus 7 days of access to the first level of training, plus, two free websites.

You also get 7 days of live chat where you can ask questions 24/7 and get answers. You also get direct access to a mentor and coach for 7 days.

Once you have the basic training under your belt and upgrade to the premium membership, you will begin to see endless opportunities for making money online. The vastness of opportunities and the earning potential you can enjoy are staggering.

After you enroll in the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course, the key to achieving the phenomenal rewards of the pajama shuffle commute is to follow the training, ask for help when you need it and to do the work. It’s that simple.

To learn more about the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course, Click Here.

If you found this article helpful, or have experience with Free Online Marketing Classes, please leave a comment below. Thank you.

12 thoughts on “100% Free Online Marketing Classes

  1. I have started the certification course and so far I have learned quite a lot in such a short amount of time. I also saw the affiliate bootcamp training and that also looks interesting. Is there a certain order I should take these courses or can I skip around? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi, Josephine!

      I’m glad to hear you started the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course and are learning a lot. Either training option is excellent. If you don’t have a strong desire to build a business around something you are passionate about, I would suggest you go the Bootcamp route. 

      Don’t skip around. Instead, choose one or the other and devote as much of your time, energy and attention to it until you succeed. Skipping around is not productive. Skipping around is like digging small, shallow holes searching for gold when the gold is deep underground. You need to dig one deep hole to find it. 

      In affiliate marketing, you need to focus on one thing at a time. 

      Thanks for stopping by,


  2. Although I’ve not heard of the Online Entrepreneur Certification course, I have heard of others that are supposedly free but require credit card info upfront. That’s always a huge red flag for me. I am always wary of anything claiming to be free but especially online. What is it about this program that you recommend over others? I know that Wealthy Affiliate offers a program that’s free and wondering if the two are somehow connected.

    1. Hi, Lynn!

      Most of the online free training course are really lead-ins to expensive or fraudulent training packages. And of course, as you mentioned, if they are asking for credit card information then the free course they offer is not really free because they want something valuable from you. 

      You are wise to cautious of free online offers, especially online. 

      That’s why I recommend the Online Entrepreneur Certification. It’s really free, no credit card needed. All you need to do is enter your email address and open an account. I’m surprised you haven’t heard of the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. It is the certification training inside Wealthy Affiliate.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  3. Your article was an interesting new twist than the normal Wealthy Affiliate Review. I really like it. You concentrated on the knowledge they could get out of it. Would you say going through this program would cost more or less than if they choose to take a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing? What would be the cost savings or loss?

    Do you think that they would learn the basics faster and have a better chance of earning while they learn in a traditional class setting?

    1. Hi, Eden!

      You bring up a good question. You asked if the Wealthy Affiliate training program would cost more or less than a Bachelor Degree in Marketing. Honestly, it would depend where you got the degree. I just did a quick calculation and determined that I could be a member of Wealthy Affiliate for 185 years for what I paid for my BA degree.

      The comparison doesn’t stop there. When I graduated with a BA, all it enabled me to do is get a job and work for a boss who controlled my financial future. With Wealthy Affiliate, my first website was profitable after 90 days and paid all expenses at six months. From that moment, WA did not cost me anything. So, really I was in the money after spending only a few hundred dollars.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  4. Having an online business is one of the best business to get into. In this day and time, so many people are getting into this line of work. The good part is that there is are online courses like wealthy affiliate that is the real deal and is helping so many people to have online success. Thanks for the valuable information that you have provided.

    1. Hi, Norman!

      I agree. The internet is a phenomenal opportunity if some can learn to how to properly market online. I’m convinced anyone who can write an email and surf the web, and who has the desire, can make a very good living online. It takes commitment, work, and proper training. That’s where the Wealthy Affiliate and the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course comes in.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  5. Hello and great insightful review! I love the cut and dry facts that pertain to living a dream life online! You have laid WA out to the full potential of it’s platform! Powerful text reminding of all the scams out there, too! I can so relate, as I was a 9 to 5er for quite some time. But now, I wouldn’t trade my freedom for anything! I wish you all the best in your continued success!

    1. Hi, H. Erin Nelson!

      Thank you for your kind words. I was fortunate to work for myself for many years before finding Wealthy Affiliate. The money is good, but the personal freedom is invaluable.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  6. Hallo there Gary,

    I have signed up for the free affiliate marketing classes on your website and I am looking forward to learn a bunch about affiliate and hopefully start making money from the knowledge.

    Are there any equipments I will be needing other than a good internet connection, a laptop, determination and handwork?

    1. Hi, Dave!

      It’s good to hear you signed up for the training. All you need for the starter course is a connection to the internet. A laptop or PC is recommended. Building a website with a smart device or tablet is awkward and time consuming.

      Beyond the starter course, you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade to a paid membership level. The paid membership includes all the tools you’ll need to continue growing your online business. Later, after your business if profitable, you may want to get some tools to help you work more efficiently and to boost the revenue of your website, such as an upgraded keyword tool and an autoresponder service.

      Contrary to what many programs preach, it doesn’t cost much to learn affiliate marketing and build an online business.

      Thanks for stopping by,


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