Deadbeat Super Affiliate Review

Deadbeat Super Affiliate

Deadbeat Super Affiliate claims you can sleepwalk into making $3,000 a month. Dan Brock, the creator of the Deadbeat Super Affiliate training, says you can. Not only that, he claims to have made over $11,000 in one month with his system. However, like so many programs we’ve investigated, there is more to the story.

Product Name: Deadbeat Super Affiliate
Product Website:
Product Cost: $17 plus upsells.
Product Owner: Dan Brock
Ranking: Not Recommended

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What is Deadbeat Super Affiliate?

Originally launched in 2010, Deadbeat Super Affiliate was once the bestselling product on ClickBank. The revised version was relaunched five years later as an exclusive training program designed to teach you the best way to earn a lucrative income through affiliate marketing.

Meet Dan Brock.

Deadbeat Super AffiliateWhile watching the 10-minute sales video, I was often chuckling to myself. Dan Brock, who is the speaker in the video, was walking around his house in a checkered bathrobe and floppy socks as he was explaining how easy it is to make over $10,000 a month with his program.

In fact, according to the sales video, Dan claims that you can sleepwalk your way into making your first $3,000 a month, and then sit back and watch as you start passively earning $11,000 a month a month after that.

Making this kind of money sounds pretty cool, right? But how many hours a day would you have work to generate this type of impressive income?

Can You Believe It?

To earn thousands of dollars a day from this program, Dan does a great job of making you believe that you’ll only have to work a couple of hours a day since he has already done most of the work for you.

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Never Seen Before Training, NOT!

From the goodness of his heart, he will provide you with his secret methods that will help you earn as much money as he does. The supposedly never-seen-before training will allow you to successfully launch a few websites, obtain high rankings by search engines, and become a leader in the affiliate marketing industry.

Not only was I surprised by the production and quality of the video, but I was also amazed by its content. From just a quick glance, it does seem like the course is a good value since you’ll receive a lot of information for such an affordable price.

What is Deadbeat Super Affiliate?

For only $17, your hard-earned money will buy you an impressive total of 23 videos. That’s over five Deadbeat Super Affiliatehours of material! There is also the opportunity to purchase two upsells for $47 and $97.

Some of the topics of the videos include “Advance Link Building,” “The 60 Second Competition Check,” “Choosing A Market,” “Uploading Your First Video,” and much more!

Contrary to similar products like Easy Insta Profits, Deadbeat Super Affiliate provides videos with useful topics, except some of the training is dated. Link building isn’t that helpful now and could harm a website’s ranking in the search engines.

All of the videos come with a handy transcript so that you can read along while watching or use the written text for later reference.


I also appreciated that Dan strongly encourages his participants to outsource certain tasks to avoid feeling overwhelmed. These key tasks may include voice overlays for videos, article writing, and the production of videos. This is good advice but isn’t practical for a newbie who isn’t making money.

Forum Support.

Whenever you take an online course, personal support is extremely important. Deadbeat uses a forum to support its members. Dan is active in the forum too.


The biggest complaint that I have about this course is the extremely misleading sales video. Let’s get real, folks. No one sleepwalks into earning $3,000 a month as the website promises.

Faked Income Statements?

Throughout the sales video, Dan emphasizes that earning over $10,000 a month is quite simple even if you hardly use your computer for many weeks. He even shows you unverifiable income statements and copies of checks from Deadbeat Super Affiliate, Inc. to make you believe that his system works. It’s easy to fake income statements. Income statements in a sales video mean nothing.

ScamAvenger Girl, says “Thumbs Down!”

Not Typical Results!

But the interesting thing is that the website’s disclaimer states that the income examples that Dan provides are not typical results for the average person. As a result, he emphasizes that he does not guarantee you’ll earn a single penny with his system. So, the bottom line is that Dan contradicts himself. Not a good sign.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: Accumulating a massive income with affiliate marketing takes hard work and determination. Contrary to what many so-called gurus would like you to believe, it usually takes time before the money begins to roll in.


Along with the sales video’s outrageous promises, I’m also not a fan of the program’s upsells.

In my opinion, if you must buy upsells to get the full benefit of the training, the training incomplete. Too often, upsells are just a way to squeeze more money out of you. It’s exploitive.

Is Deadbeat Super Affiliate a Scam?

While the course isn’t technically a scam, I still don’t recommend it. Because the program contains some dated information and only teaches one approach to affiliate marketing, the course doesn’t offer a viable way to make money.

Before you give up your hard-earned cash, remember that there is so much more to affiliate marketing than what the course is letting on. I would think twice before purchasing a course where many important elements are missing.

The Last Word on Deadbeat Super Affiliate.

Dan has a unique and entertaining promotion style, but it’s a bit misleading. While I’m convinced that anyone who can write an email and surf the internet can succeed with affiliate marketing if they get the right training and support, it will still take time and effort to make a full-time income.

My guess is when Deadbeat first launched in 2010, its methods and strategies were more relevant and profitable. The relaunch in 2015 may have updated the original training, but a lot has happened in the past three years. Online, information goes bad faster than fresh fruit.

In my opinion, Deadbeat Super Affiliate is a relic of the past. There are more tools and strategies available now.

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How to Master Affiliate Marketing.

Deadbeat Super AffiliateThe foundation of Affiliate Marketing is simple, find people who have a problem and then present them with the solution in the form of a product or service.

Affiliate Marketing is not about talking people into buying your product. It’s about finding the people who need your product.

In other words, marketing is about helping people.

The internet is an infinite goldmine of people with problems and products that solve those problems. As an affiliate marketer, companies reward you for helping people. There are countless ways to do this.

Once you understand the basics of Affiliate Marketing, you will always be able to make money online. It’s an amazing feeling to know you can always make money from home. Essentially, you become financially bombproof.

If you want to learn how to succeed as an Affiliate Marketer, I recommend you enroll in the Free starter training of the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course.

If you found this article helpful or have experience with Deadbeat Super Affiliate, please leave a comment below.

19 thoughts on “Deadbeat Super Affiliate Review

  1. I just finished Dan Brocks Deadbeat course and I think your assessment of it is pretty accurate. Outdated.

    His method of affiliate marketing is to create a review blog about a niche product and have affiliate links for the products that he is reviewing. As you guys have probably noticed, anytime you google something these days all you get is five pages of review blogs, review blogs, review blogs. Some are well done, some are poorly done, some are direct copy and paste of other review blogs. They all look and sound the same. I have never bought anything from a review blog and I don’t think many people do anymore. Outdated.

    On the plus side, his course only cost me $17 dollars, I didn’t go for any upsells. He taught me how to use WordPress and create a website (a review blog, haha). I learned about seo and other useful things about the affiliate marketing scene.

    All in all, I see his course as a starting point, a foundation to build on. Well worth the $17. I am now signing up for your free course and am looking forward to it. Thanks.

    1. Hi, Dave!

      Thanks for sharing your experience with Deadbeat Super Affiliate. I’m glad you learned something from it, and you’re right, $17 isn’t much and if you learned WordPress, it was worth it. I look forward to helping you build a successful online business.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  2. Way back when, the first affiliate marketing program I found was this one you reviewed : Deadbeat Super Affiliate. The idea of affiliate marketing interested me but I was put off by Dan’s approach. I’m really glad I listened to my instincts and ran, haha. Thank you for the great review and confirming what my gut was telling me!

    1. Hi, Dave!

      You have good instincts. Deadbeat Super Affiliate is really dated in my opinion. Also, I can see why you would be put off by Dan’s promotion style. 

      Building an online business needs to be treated like a business and not a game. About the time Dan launched Deadbeat, there were other products promoted by over-the-top characters, like the original Rich Jerk.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  3. For anyone who is an affiliate marketer, we know for sure that there’s no way you can sleepwalk in to making that amount of money in a month without much effort on your part. Unfortunately, for newbies, this seems like a dream come true.

    Thanks for highlighting what this program is about and hopefully for those newbies venturing out, this will make them more aware that what seems too good to be true, often is.

    I love the phrase that ‘information goes bad quicker than bad fruit’- it so true! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you Jan for your review on the deadbeat super affiliate training. I came across Dan’s program when I tried to find some information about affiliate marketing, eventually I decided to keep on looking for different programs because no money comes that easy. It looks like I’ve made the right decision. 

  5. Thanks for your in-depth review. I hadn’t heard about Deadbeat Super Affiliate before but I will definitely stay away from them. $17 for 5 hours video could have been a fair price if the training could actually add value. But as I understand, these guys just advertise with bold promises like earning $11000 per month with magic technics yet they don’t have anything new to offer that worth it.

  6. This is another one of those make lots of money online with barely no effort sites. About how many other sites have you run into like this one? Any business, online or not takes a lot of work and effort to succeed. Aiming at what your prospects want and need is always more important than selling them anything just to make money.

  7. Deadbeat Super Affiliate sounds scammy, even if he does give some useful information. It normally takes time and a lot of effort to rank high in the search engines, and he seems to be claiming to do it well enough to make thousands of dollars in a few weeks. There’s also the pre-made website that sounds suspicious. Who knows how many other people he has sold the same website to? If a lot of people are trying to get visitors to websites that have the same content, none of them will do well. 

  8. I first became aware of the deadbeat super affiliate program on YouTube on Dan Brock’s channel. I bought the course for $17 as well and found that it was entertaining but there was lots of black hat techniques. 

    While he does provide some valuable information, it’s not enough to create a sustainable business. I did not try the upsell’s. Thanks for your review. Talk to you soon

  9. Does he say anywhere on the sales page what sorts of products he’s marketing? I’ve noticed that most of the sites that promise huge money with little work are selling a how-to on how you can sell a how-to on how your downline can sell a how-to on how-to make money. If enough people are convinced to pay the $17 (which seems like a bargain on the surface) then I suppose you might well make $3000. Once. It just can’t keep selling because it’s a Ponzi scheme! Real success in affiliate marketing takes hard work and persistence to pay off. I agree that Deadbeat Super Affiliate sounds like a “no.” 

  10. Hey Jan, great review of Deadbeat Super Affiliate. I’ve never actually heard of them before but now I know to be cautious if I ever come across them. 

    You hit the nail on the head when you said that it’s not easy to “sleepwalk” into $3,000/month using online affiliate strategies. I think people really need to be careful with who they take advice from, particularly when it comes to the making money through affiliate marketing space. 



  11. I stumbled upon your site when I was looking up something on scams and potential scams. I reviewed the site and the video and it sounded like a great deal. But I am so glad I had read your review beforehand. I don’t have the money for repeated upsells to get what I need.

    It also sounds like the course is a LOT dated. I checked out Wealthy Affiliate and fell in love with the format, the training and enjoyed it so much that I signed on for a year. I’ve learned more in a short time than I learned in the free parts of other presentations put together!

    People are tired and they are looking for answers, but we know hard work and determination are the keys to success! Thanks for sharing your wisdom. I can’t wait to check out some more of your articles!

  12. Thank you for this well written review. I have no experience and even haven’t heard of deadbeat super affiliate. Your review leads to the conclusion that it has some training value and at least comes for a fair price. Although deadbeat super affiliate will never be able to keep their pitch promise, at least they provide something you can start with. Your review leaves me with the question, if it is really wise to make false claims in order to sell your product? What do you think? 

  13. I’m glad you did a review on Dan Brock’s deadbeat super affiliate because I’ve actually learned a thing or two from just watching his YouTube clips. He was one of the first to get me interested in the online world. You can sleepwalk your way to $3000 is quite hilarious. His videos have always made me crack up, and your dead on about him talking about outsourcing content, as he’s mentioned that a few times. I agree that’s it’s not really a scam, but too go as far and make the statements he’s made about how you don’t have to know a thing about the technical side, or how simple it can actually be to work yourself up to their income is almost like a click bait sales pitch. However, I like his funky videos, and he does provide wel though out information. Thank you for a great article.

  14. Hello Jan,

    I rarely post comments on the internet, but I couldn’t go without thanking you for this honest and detailed review. After reading your article, I learned quite a lot about Deadbeat Super Affiliate. As a newbie who’s searching an easy way to make some money online, I was almost ready to sign up.. but I guess I was lucky to have found your review.. that’s what I call dodging a bullet. 

    One big THANK YOU and best wishes,Nick.

  15. I hate these terms like scam because there are very few that I have read about that actually have been rated as a scam.  However, that said, this claim of high profits from walking around in a robe are just as close to promoting what would be called a scam.

    I’m sure some people have stated they have made money this way, but I wouldn’t believe them.

  16. Hi and thanks for the review of Dan Brockets and his shady little site. You are very kind and accurate in your assessment, but in my view it is a scam by any other name. The guy just wants to rope you into upsell after upsell. People like him make me sick. Thanks again for the great review and keep them coming. Kenny 

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