Completely Free Website Builder

Free Website Builder

Welcome to your completely free website builder.

Watch this Video: Instructions for Setting Up Your Completely Free Website.

Website Builder Instructions:

  1. Enter the name of the website you wish to build in the field above.
  2. Click the blue “Build it Now” button.
  3. Follow the prompts.

Free Starter Membership.

Your completely free website builder comes with a free starter membership to our online community, Wealthy Affiliate. We teach people how to make money online, the Right Way. Really, it’s absolutely free. You don’t need a credit card and we won’t ask for money either. This is our gift to you.

For free training and support, once you’re inside the members area, be sure to complete your membership account with a picture and a short paragraph about who you are.

Free Website Builder
Naming Your Website.

Short names are better. It’s nice to have something in your website’s name that indicates what the website is about like “GardenAdvice,” or “FishingSecrets,” but it isn’t necessary. Generic names work too, like “ChattyKathy” or “BobsBlog.”

Sometimes you first choice for a website name is not available, so think of three names that would work for you. Once you have a few names, type the first name in the field below to get started. If it is accepted, simply follow the prompts to build your completely free website.

If the first name you try isn’t accepted, type your second choice into the field and try again. Keep trying names until one is accepted and then follow the prompts to build your free website.

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