Coffee Shop Millionaire Scam.

Man holding his nose and giving a thumbs down indicating that Quick Cash System is not legit.

Coffee Shop Millionaire, the brainchild of Anthony Trister, is presented as an internet marketing training program that claims to teach the fundamentals of building an online business. The truth is, Coffee Shop Millionaire is little more than a thinly veiled scheme designed to lure the unsuspecting into a very expensive ordeal.

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Name:  Coffee Shop Millionaire
Price: $27 – $37 per month initially, plus numerous upsells
Owner: Anthony Trister
Opinion: Not Recommended.

Image of grade by BBB Coffee Shop Millionaire. BBB Coffee Shop Millionaire.

Coffee Shop Millionaire is not a member of the Better Business Bureau, but there are several complaints registered against Coffee Shop Millionaire with the Southern Nevada Better Business Bureau. Coffee Shop Millionaire is incorporated in Southern Nevada. Incidentally, that BBB gives Coffee Shop Millionaire a big fat F.

Does Coffee Shop Millionaire Work?

The Coffee Shop Millionaire is marketed as an education product that teaches the fundamentals of affiliate marketing. Unfortunately, Coffee Shop Millionaire isn’t all it promises. It is essentially a slick offer to get at your credit card. Once you buy in, you’ll be relentlessly pressured to buy upsell after upsell. It quickly gets expensive.

I’ll admit the name is clever, but it creates an unrealistic expectation. Anthony Trister in his sales pitch video builds on this unrealistic expectation by blatantly asking the viewer to imagine sitting in a coffee shop as you watch the money roll in on your laptop. Building an online business takes time and effort. It’s not the easy money Coffee Shop Millionaire wants you to believe is possible.

If you have been taken in by Coffee Shop Millionaire and want a refund, your best chance of getting a refund is to contact ClickBank customer service directly.

The Good and the Bad about Coffee Shop Millionaire.

Man holding his nose and signalling a thumbs down. Coffee Shop Millionaire is a real stinker.I tried to find some good in Coffee Shop Millionaire, but honestly, this is a real stinker. Everything that appears to be good about it leads to something bad. Take the initial price for example. It is nothing but bait to lure the trusting into entering their credit card info. Then the aggressive upsells begin. This is unethical.

Even the positive online reviews are suspect. They all seem to be from people selling Coffee Shop Millionaire or otherwise associated with Coffee Shop Millionaire.

Members have additional required expenses each month.

It’s doubtful the Coffee Shop Millionaire will produce very many true millionaires. Most people will be lucky to earn back what it cost them.

Support is dismal.

Coffee Shop Millionaire complaints: There are a lot of complaints about Coffee Shop Millionaire online. As you can see from the top image, the BBB gives Coffee Shop Millionaire an F.

Much of the training is outdated which indicates the Coffee Shop Millionaire is really not about helping anyone build an online business. It’s about Anthony Trister making as much money as possible.

Who would benefit from Coffee Shop Millionaire?

Really, I can’t see how anyone can benefit from it, except Anthony Trister, although Coffee Shop Millionaire tries to sell to everyone. This is unfortunate but indicates how Coffee Shop Millionaire is not really a viable way to learn how to build an online business. In fact, from what I have seen of the training, it appears Anthony Trister assumes his students have some Internet Marketing experience or is simply careless in how he teaches. Probably, the training is just a minimum attempt by Mr. Trister to maintain the illusion of a legitimate product. It’s not.

Image of Coffee Shop Millionaire screen Pop Up.

Coffee Shop Millionaire Tools and Training.

In his sales pitch, Anthony Trister says that every member gets a cheat sheet that details the Coffee Shop Millionaire system. He claims that with this cheat sheet it’s possible to make $21,000 in just a few weeks. This is doubtful.

Coffee Shop Millionaire includes 12 training modules which cover the basics to getting started. There are also additional videos and a forum where members can get help.

There is a section called “Cash Machines” that includes training material on email marketing, video marketing, article submission and local marketing. Unfortunately, the material is not detailed enough to be helpful. And, in the case of using articles to drive traffic, it’s all but useless. That method no longer works. Local marketing has changed dramatically too.

What about support?

The support at Coffee Shop Millionaire is less than genuine and quite limited. The stellar support that Anthony Trister promises in his sales pitch just isn’t there. A stroll through the forum will reveal many basic internet marketing questions that have been ignored. And, if you go to the Coffee Shop Millionaire Facebook page you will find an abundance of unaddressed complaints too.

What does Coffee Shop Millionaire Cost?

The basic membership starts at $27 to $37 per month, but the upsells are relentless.

Once you buy in, you will be confronted with an upsell to purchase the “Six Figure Success Club” for another $297.

Upsells are unethical. It’s the online version of bait and switch. Anyone who pulls this trick can’t be trusted. Do you really want to give your money to someone you can’t trust and open your mind to his training?

If you’re not careful, it will cost you over $300 before you are even inside the Coffee Shop Millionaire! Don’t fall for it.

Image of stick man holding a red flag, symbolizing the many red flags associated with Coffee Shop Millionaire. But wait! There’s more…more upsells!

Coffee Shop Millionaire is going to wring every last dollar out of you before you learn a darn thing about internet marketing.

You will still have to pay for website creation, domain names and more before you are actually inside the Coffee Shop Millionaire program. You will also be pressured to immediately buy hosting through Coffee Shop Millionaire. This can cost as much as $100 which puts your initial investment well over $400. That’s a lot of  money and you haven’t even started yet.

I know of an ethical place to learn internet marketing that costs much less than this for a full year! And you can get started there for FREE!

BIG RED warning flags.

1. You have to pay a lot of money upfront before you get to see what you’re buying.

2. Anthony Trister’s merciless pressure to squeeze every last dollar out of you before he delivers anything he promised. This is despicable.

3. There is no “try before you buy.” A legitimate product will let you see the value first before they ask you for money. The reason Coffee Shop Millionaire won’t let you try it before you buy it is because there is no value in it.

My Final Opinion of Coffee Shop Millionaire.

It’s a stinker.

Black and white photograph of Gary HortonUnfortunately, positive reviews for an online product, particularly in the make-money-online niche, cannot be trusted. In the case of Coffee Shop Millionaire, these positive reviews are from people who are business associates and affiliates of Coffee Shop Millionaire. They routinely give each other great reviews or are trying to earn commission from selling Coffee Shop Millionaire.

My final opinion is that Coffee Shop Millionaire is nothing more than a SCAM. Steer clear. If you want to really learn how to make money online read this article: How to Really Make Money Online and Never Get Scammed.

All the best…

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12 thoughts on “Coffee Shop Millionaire Scam.

  1. Thanks for this review. It’s really annoying how they couldn’t have provided a great product with just one fee rather than having us purchase what seems like unlimited upsells.

    Programs like this really have no true value and have to bait you into purchasing to make any money. Good products don’t have to do this because value speaks for itself.

    1. Hi Alec,

      Thanks for stopping by. You are so right. If Coffee Shop Millionaire had real value, it would not have to rely on tricks, gimmicks, and manipulation.

      All the best,


  2. Good article Gary! I’ve seen Coffee Shop Millionaire pop up in my inbox a time or two, but never bothered to see what it was about. In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is the best training and support for new online entrepreneurs. I’m sticking with them! I’ve been through the sales pitches of numerous companies, promising me the universe for the low price of the moon and two stars. Fortunately, I couldn’t afford the moon:] I quickly picked up on red flags when sales people asked me if I could get a loan. I see that as a mark of a scammer! You are providing a great service to people looking for ways to improve their lives, and I take note of it.

    1. Hi Sam!

      I appreciate your kind words. After having been scammed too many times, I’m highly motivated to reveal the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

      Like you, I’ve been pitched to max out my credit card for online training. Isn’t it funny, the easiest way to get rid of those blood sucking leeches is to tell them you don’t have any money and you don’t have a credit card. Once they realize you don’t have what they’re after they leave you alone.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      All the best…


  3. Thanks for the scam reviews. it is so difficult until after you buy in to know just which ones are legit or scams. Thanks for doing the research for me. The sad part is that the bad ones ruin it for the good ones. I would imagine there are some gems out there that really need to be seen and the scams force us to pass up even the good ones because we don’t know who to trust.
    Good on ya for making us feel as though we can trust you.
    Keep them coming. Your reviews are good for the soul.
    All the best and thanks again.

    1. Hi Beth!

      Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. I’m pleased you enjoyed my article about the Coffee Shop Millionaire Scam. The scams do muddy the water for the legitimate programs. The problem is there are so darn few legitimate make money online programs. There is only one that I’d recommend and that’s Wealthy Affiliate.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      All the best…


  4. Gary,
    Thank you for exposing in your article this putrid online business opportunity for what it is – a scam through and through.

    I was wondering how the individual Anthony Trister who founded the company came up with the name “Coffee shop millionaire”. When you explained this individual’s thinking behind the name I wanted to laugh. The thing is that some naive people are still out there, so unable to help themselves with the concept that while sitting at the breakfast table drinking coffee that some idiotic system has been devised which will earn them $$$ with little effort needed on their part. The dollar signs can be fantasized by these people jumping out at them from their cup of coffee every time they go to take a drink.

    I personally detest, once being a victim myself 11 years ago of the fact that when an online business opportunity arises coming from a bogus company you are immediately conned into buying the oily upsell – all designed as a lie. People are foolish in believing that with the upsell they’d be getting more benefits, will potentially make more money or will be receive more benefits and training with the phony business as opposed to getting in at a lower price. It’s sickening and completely fraudulent.

    The fact that the BBB out in Nevada rates this fraud business opportunity as being worthy of a grade of F speaks for itself. You couldn’t give a company a lower grade with regards to its business ethics, so that in itself should be a large, red warning flag telling anyone to stay as far away as possible from this opportunity – or else you’ll later end up regretting it.

    Great job, Gary! Hopefully with a lot of people reading your article and what you clearly have to say in the review of this scam opportunity, that perhaps in the end this will be another online business that goes belly up. And perhaps this Anthony Trister will eventually find himself inside a 10 x 12 ft jail cell serving a sentence after being found guilty of a number of federal criminal offenses regarding his scam business.


    1. Hi Jeff!

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. You are so right about the scams out there. I got taken more than I’d like to admit, but I finally learned.

      All the best…


  5. Hey Gary,
    I have been looking into Coffee Shop Millionaire for a while now and I’m glad I read this. I wanted to have an honest review of the training and see if the investment would be worth it. Their sales videos seem really good at convincing people to pay the upfront fees, but it sounds like they charge much more than they offer.

    1. Hi Alex!

      Good to hear from you. Yes, my policy is “I you can’t try it before you buy it,” they are hiding something and it’s probably a scam.

      All the best…


  6. Hi Gary,

    Yep, I have seen this horrible wanna-be business opportunity out there. It’s terrible that websites can get away with such outlandish hype and empty promises. I’ve been earning an nice little income online for a good while now and I can (as you do also) spot the scams in a heartbeat. I feel for those without the experience to do so. When I first began, I lost a ton of money and learned the hard way. It’s great to see a site like ScamAvenger come out and show the truth about what really works to create income online. I love your article on the Coffee Shop Millionaire Scam! Keep up the great work!


    1. Hi Pj!

      Thanks for stopping by. Like you, I lost a lot of money and more than one sleepless night over scams, but I learned. Part of the problem, and I was guilty of this too, is that we want an easy, fast way to make money. The internet is full of scams promising just that, but it’s all lies. The truth is making money online means building a business and building a business takes time and skills. That is exactly what I show people to do in my article How to Really Make Money Online and Never Get Scammed.

      Thanks for taking time to comment.

      All the best…


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