Buy New Scooter Website
Buy New Scooter Website
Buy New Scooter Website is a new and suspicious website that appears to be based in China, a country known for online scams. states is a new website based in a High Risk Country.

Whois reveals that the domain registration for is indeed in China.

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Also, has received a complaint about

“, They never answer after I pay.”

A close inspection of the website reveals it may have been written by a non-English speaker.

Usually scam websites like this one are new and use Facebook ads to drive traffic to the site with promises of special prices. If you found because of an ad or an unknown person recommended it to you on social media, it’s all just part of the scam. is probably a scam website.

If you have experience with, please leave a comment below.

Buy New Scooter ScamAdviser Report
Buy New Scooter ScamAdviser
Buy New Scooter Whois
Buy New Scooter Whois Report

8 thoughts on “

  1. I was scammed by this company bay a tricyles it was hard to get my money back but I got it all back go to your bank.

    1. Hi, Chester!

      Good to hear you got your money back.
      Thanks for sharing your experience with BuyNewScooter.


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