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Be The Boss Network appears to be a lead generation website for the multilevel marketing industry. Because Be The Boss Network doesn’t cost anything to join, I won’t call it a scam. However, Be The Boss Network can easily cause you to be scammed by one of the companies listed in their network. If you join Be The Boss Network, it’s highly probably an MLM associate will attempt to recruit you.

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Name: Be The Boss Network.
Price: Free to “Opportunity Seekers.”
Owners: Not Available
Opinion: Not Recommended

What is Be The Boss Network?

screen shot of Be The Boss Network websiteBe The Boss Network is misleading. It’s a clever website that claims to match “opportunity seekers” with so-called money making opportunities. These so-called opportunities are in Multilevel Marketing (MLM). It doesn’t cost anything to join Be The Boss Network, but it does require your name and email.

Apparently, Be The Boss Network is actually a lead generation website. It collects contact information on people who join, then presumably sells this information to MLM associates.

I have issues with MLM. I also have issues with people who are seeking opportunities.

First, I’ll flashback to my experiences with MLM. Then, I’ll explain why you absolutely do not want to be an opportunity seeker.

The Heart of Multilevel Marketing.

At its foundation, an MLM company is modeled on a Ponzi Scheme, otherwise known as a pyramid scheme. In a pure pyramid scheme, there is no real product, people simply pay to join. The money they pay to join is the only revenue. There is nothing of value. Why would people join if there is nothing of value? They join because they have been sold a dream of financial independence.

Here’s what happens when you are sold a dream of financial independence. The dream triggers your emotion of greed. Greed is a very powerful emotion. Once greed is triggered, your brain shuts down. You may as well have a lobotomy.  It’s impossible for you to think clearly.

Slime Ball with moneyThat’s how scammers get you. They trigger your greed and you hand them your money.

Meanwhile, back at the pyramid scheme…

For the people at the top, a pyramid scheme is a fantastic way to make a lot of money fast.  However, the people at the bottom get screwed, blued and tattooed. Because nothing of value is created or sold, pyramid schemes are illegal.

Another way to look at a pyramid scheme is to think of it as a funnel that funnels the money out of the pockets of the people on the bottom and concentrates it in the pockets of the people at the top.

A charismatic personality can use a pyramid scheme to practically vacuum money out of people’s pockets. I have known people to mortgage their homes to join such schemes. They got their greed buttons pushed and their pockets cleaned out.

Birth of the MLM.

Because a pyramid scheme is so profitable, companies want to take advantage of it. The problem is it’s against the law. So MLMs were born. A multilevel marketing company closely resembles a pyramid scheme but it’s inside the law just enough to keep from getting shut down.

MLM companies do have products, but they still rely heavily on recruiting people. They recruit people by selling the dream. In other words, they trigger the greed emotion in recruits who then sign up for the “opportunity” believing it leads to financial independence. It doesn’t.

I can’t be sure every MLM is evil incarnate. However, I am absolutely sure that if they are selling the dream, they are trying to force you to make an emotional decision instead of a smart decision.

When I was an “opportunity seeker.”

I tried multilevel marketing with four different companies over the years and every time it cost me far more than I earned. It cost me a lot of time and energy too, and it caused me to lose friends.

During my time in MLM, I noticed that the people who succeeded with it were often charismatic and could easily sell the dream, you know, trigger people’s greed. Because many of these charismatic people later revealed sociopathic behavior, I have grown suspicious of charismatic people in general.

By sociopathic behavior, I mean talking people into buying $5,000 worth of product and maxing out their credit cards, then never helping them learn the business. In MLM, there is a saying, “Find them, wind them and see who runs.” Another saying in MLM is “Throw enough mud on the wall and some will stick.”

No one talked about helping people built a legitimate business.

Many of the high rollers managed large organizations before they entered MLM. They had a captive pool of recruits that immediately launched them into the higher echelons of the sales force. These high rollers never actually had to slog through the trenches to recruit people. One of the high rollers I got to know was a former state Secretary of Education. People joined under her in exchange for political favors.

Here’s a dirty little secret about MLM. Your upline wants you to fail. He wants you to buy a ton of product so he makes a quick commission and he wants you to recruit people so his organization grows, then he wants you to quit so the people you recruited roll up to him.

Most people will only try to recruit their family and friends. Once they’ve gone through the people they know, they’re done. They drop out. Recruiting people is tough. Recruiting strangers is almost impossible unless you can sell the dream.

MLM works on recruitment. If you can’t recruit people, if you can’t sell the dream and trigger other people’s greed, you will only annoy your family and friends and waste your money and time. On the other hand, if you don’t have a conscious and you’re an Olympic level BS artist, you could do very well.

SuperHero giving a thumbs downIf you’re going to be hardheaded about this…

I hope I’ve discouraged you from getting involved in MLM. If I haven’t, and you still want to check it out, I recommend you go to the Direct Sales Association website and only consider the companies that are members there. DSA members are supposed to adhere to a code of ethics. You’ll find the Direct Sales Association at

Why you don’t want to be an opportunity seeker.

You want to make money. You want to kick your boss to the curb. You want to enjoy things you can’t afford. The money squeeze is squeezing you to death. Baby needs new shoes. I get it.

But please accept the reality that there is no such thing as a magic make-money button or special make money software. No one is going teach you a paint-by-numbers way to make money from home because there is no such a thing.

As long as you believe in the fairy tale of buying an opportunity, you will be an “opportunity seeker.” You will chase one so-called opportunity after another. You’ll spend money instead of making it and you’ll be vulnerable to every scam that comes along.

Don’t pay for an opportunity to make money. Opportunities to make money are everywhere. You don’t lack opportunity, you lack the vision to see opportunity and you lack the skills to profit from them. I had the same problem before I stumbled on a community that teaches people how to build a real, honest to goodness business.

Black and white photograph of Gary HortonI want to invite you to join our community. It’s free to get started. However, I first ask that you read an article I wrote about How to Really Make Money Online and Never Get ScammedOpens in a new tab..

Once you read my article, you’ll see scams coming from a mile away. You’ll be scam proof. You’ll also have a better understanding of what it takes to make the kind of money that will change your life.

All the best…

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11 thoughts on “Be The Boss Network

  1. Have you ever been on Facebook and seen the amount of MLM networks that are being spammed everywhere? This is really MLM marketing in a nutshell, telling as many people as you can about the next “secret” opportunity.

    You have to throw away most of your humanity to promote these scams. I feel sorry for the people that convinced their friends and family to join. I would think they would lose a lot of respect once people figure out they were scammed by someone they trusted.

    To be honest, I could probably succeed in the MLM industry. Being deceptive is not as hard as being truthful. Throw in what people want to hear and you have their wallets. However, I’m not the type of person who could do such a thing.

    1. Hi Alec,

      Thanks for commenting. I didn’t know Facebook was such an MLM carnival, but I’m not surprised.

      I went through the MLM mill four times before I learned it was a dead end, and destroyed a few relationships along the way. MLM has never been a viable option for most people. Now that we have the internet and can build our own online business, I really don’t see why people waste their time, energy and money with MLM.

      Back in the 90s, I had a friend who was a hotel manager in a major city where a large MLM company hosted their annual sales convention. These MLMers had a reputation for not tipping the waitress or cab drivers and they would brag to my friend about all the money they were making with MLM, but he knew they were sleeping eight people to a room and cooking in the coffee maker.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      All the best,


  2. In my opinion the website theme is not very atractive and the design is not attractive enough to guarantee that most of the people who acces your website will not leave before having at least a quick look at your web.

    I believe your should try to change your theme to make the site more atractive.

  3. Hi there Gary,

    After reading this article, I find that there’s a growing trend of the MLM business model entering the online marketing world. Although the internet is free for anyone to use, I am curious to know how this technique would work for them.

    During my short stint with a reputable MLM company, the code of conduct clearly states that distributors are not allowed to create a personal website for recruitment because it can potentially cause distrust among consumers and hurt the brand reputation. After all, MLM has always been a face-to-face approach.

    If a business can’t even provide the name of the owners, such as in the case with ‘Be The Boss Network’, that should be a good indicator to watch out for a spam.

    1. Hi Cathy!

      You bring up a good point. I looked everywhere I could think of to find who owned ‘Be The Boss Network.’ Whoever owns it doesn’t want to be known. Like you mentioned, that says a lot.

      I’ve noticed the same trend of MLM online. I’ve tried MLM and I’ve tried online marketing. In my experience, once you learn how to really build an online business, online marketing is far better.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      All the best…


  4. Yet another MLM system trying to pose as something else. I think I must of come across at least a million of these over the last eight years ( I’m not kidding there either! ).
    It’s great that you managed to pick this one out – I’d never heard of it before! These pyramids are set up for at least 95% of the members to fail ( unfortunately! )

  5. Hi Gary, this is an interesting article on be the boss network!

    I have first-hand experience with MLM before too and I totally understand what you mentioned in this article.

    Selling of dreams, max out credit cards and seeing people giving up one by one. Recruitment is where many people failed, they are emotionally drained when their friends and relatives avoided them like a plague. Not to mention tons of rejections from cold called strangers.

    Indeed, MLM is not an easy business model!

    1. Hi Edmund!

      Thanks for your first-hand account. Your mention of cold calling gave me chills. I can remember wearing myself out day after day cold calling, spending my own money to drive around town and not getting one single recruit. You are so right, it is emotionally exhausting.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      All the best…


  6. Hi Gary,

    Great review of Be the Boss Network. I was looking into these guys and didn’t realize they were another MLM. I had my suspicions, but wanted to confirm.

    MLM’s just don’t work for the 99% of the people that join them. I was reading the other day that most MLM members make 500 to 2,000/year. I that’s not even breaking even after buying product and marketing, etc.

    Thanks for the breakdown,

    1. Hi Todd!

      Good to see you here. Be The Boss Network is a lead generator for the MLM industry. I tried MLM and it never really worked for me, just as it doesn’t work for most people.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      All the best…


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