60 Minute Profit Plan: A 60 Minute Profit Plan Review

60 Minute Profit Plan: A 60 Minute Profit Plan Review.

Can you really make $200 an hour with 60 Minute Profit Plan and begin earning immediately? Is it really possible to easily earn over $300,000 a year with this proven system? Starting today! A closer look reveals something extraordinary, something every man, woman, and child should know about 60 Minute Profit Plan. Follow me to see the Devil in the details.

Product Name: 60 Minute Profit Plan
Website: 60minuteprofitplan.com
Price: $37 + Upsells
Owner: Cannot be determined. A character named Brittany Francis narrates the sales video.
Opinion: Not Recommended

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60 Minute Profit Plan.

60 Minute Profit Plan is a pig in a poke. You can’t determine what it really is until AFTER you buy it. Before I let the cat out of the bag, may I tell you a brief story?

60 Minute Profit Plan: A 60 Minute Profit Plan ReviewBack in the Middle Ages, when meat was scarce, and people were starving, French pig farmers brought piglets to market in cloth bags called “pokes.” Some ethically challenged people took advantage of this tradition by selling cats in pokes for the price of a piglet.

Naturally, they had to tell a good story to convince a prospect that they did indeed have a pig in the poke and to prevent the prospect from looking inside the bag until after the deal was struck.

The success of pulling a pig in a poke scheme is dependent on finding a prospect who is so hungry they fail to think clearly about what they are buying.

The schemer relentlessly targets the customer’s hunger, so the customer becomes so desperate to buy the pig in a poke that he doesn’t ask questions or look inside the bag.

The schemer reminds the prospect how delicious the pig would be slowly roasted over a fire and dripping fat. The schemer paints pictures in the mind of the prospect about how happy he’ll be after eating such a delicious pig, and how he’ll finally be free of gnawing hunger. Life will be good if he buys the pig.

After money changes hands, and no doubt the schemer beats a hasty retreat, the customer opens the bag and realizes the truth. He bought a cat, not a pig. The schemer is nowhere to be found once the cat is out of the bag.

In keeping with the tradition of selling pigs in pokes, the 60 Minute Profit Plan video tells a good story.

Brittany Francis.

When you land on the 60 Minute Profit Plan website, you are greeted with a video narrated by a woman who claims to be Brittany Francis. The truth is, we really don’t know who is behind 60 Minute Profit Plan.

The one thing you are told repeatedly in the 60 Minute Profit Plan video is how much money you will make. The headline above the sales video boldly states “Take Action Today and Bank Over $500 Every 60 Minutes with this insane Loophole!” Below the video, we’re offered a “Free Money Loophole.”

60 Minute Profit Plan: A 60 Minute Profit Plan ReviewAs the video plays we’re promised an “underground tried and tested system to make 5 figures a week.” Specifically, Brittany Francis, promises we can make $200 an hour, $1,600 a day, $32,000 a month and over $300,000 a year!

Brittany attempts to plant images in our mind about luxury houses, fancy cars, exotic vacations and never having to work a minimum wage job again. Brittany does not tell us what she is selling, only that it will cure our hunger for money and she does everything in her power to make us hungrier!

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Testimonials on Parade.

On cue, we’re treated to a parade of testimonials from people who claim to have made lots of money with the 60 Minute Profit Plan. Testimonies like these are easy to get on Fiverr and are meaningless. Their only purpose is to fuel your hunger for money.

You might think if these people can make $32,000 a month, so can I. Except these people didn’t make $32,000 a month. They were paid to say the things they said. I doubt anyone is making $32,000 a month or even $100 a month with 60 Minute Profit Plan.

The Only People Making Money with 60 Minute Profit Plan.

I suspect the only people making money with 60 Minute Profit Plan are the people who created it and the affiliates promoting it.

60 Minute Profit Plan was created to sell, not to help you make money. Specifically, it is designed to appeal to people who are hungry to make fast, easy money. An experienced online entrepreneur can see it for what it is.

When 60 Minute Profit Plan was originally launched, it was aggressively promoted to the email lists of established affiliate marketers. The creators and the affiliates made a bunch of money from the launch. However, sales have been trailing off since the launch because the truth is out.

If You Buy 60 Minute Profit Plan.

60 Minute Profit Plan: A 60 Minute Profit Plan ReviewIf you buy 60 Minute Profit Plan, your purchase will at first be hidden from you and you will be immediately hit with a $97 upsell for the 60 Minute Profit Plan Pro Version.

A legitimate upsell is when you buy a pair of shoes for $50 and the salesperson suggests that you buy a pair of socks for $3. You can easily accept or reject his suggestion. The 60 Minute Profit Plan upsells are something else.

The first 60 Minute Profit Plan upsell is more than twice the cost of the original offer, plus there is another upsell behind the first upsell. That’s like buying shoes and then the salesperson hides the shoes while he pressures you to buy a bicycle. Then, if you buy the bicycle, he hides the shoes and the bicycle and pressures you to buy a car!

That’s not an upsell, that’s a bait and switch.

Look Inside the Bag.

60 Minute Profit Plan is a membership site with a set of videos. Most of the videos teach email marketing, one video teaches how to make money with surveys and another video teaches how to make money as a ‘user tester.’ The same information is available online for free.

Also, email marketing is an intermediate level skill and not suitable for a newbie. There is absolutely no way anyone will make money in 60 minutes with anything found inside the 60 Minute Profit Plan member site.

Incidentally, completing surveys is a lousy way to make money. Surveys pay pennies if they pay anything at all. Read about surveys here. User testing doesn’t pay well either.

The Truth about 60 Minute Profit Plan.

As we saw with the 60 Minute Profit Plan, all the promises of fast, easy money are poppycock. Prove this to yourself by reading the first line of the very last paragraph at the bottom of the 60 Minute Profit Plan website.

In small, difficult to read, text, it says, “…you agree that our content is to be considered “for entertainment purposes only.” In other words, all the promises about making fast, easy money is just part of a story meant to entertain you.

If the 60 Minute Profit Plan sales video is meant “for entertainment purposes only,” it is safe to assume the narrator is an actress reading a script and the name of her character is Brittany Francis.

The Last Word on 60 Minute Profit Plan.

Selling a pig in a poke is a scam from the Middle Ages that still haunts us online. And, although 60 Minute Profit Plan is a pig in a poke, I won’t define it as a scam.

Unlike my example of the pig in a poke swindle at the beginning of this article, if you purchase 60 Minute Profit Plan, no one runs away with your money. 60 Minute Profit Plan is backed by ClickBank’s 30-Day refund policy.

You can get a refund if you decide you don’t like paying $37 for entertaining poppycock. However, the upsells DO NOT appear to be backed by ClickBank, so don’t expect a refund if you buy the upsells.

How to Really Make Money Online.

60 Minute Profit Plan appeals to people who are hungry to make money online. The more desperate they are, the faster they will snap it up and buy the upsells.

However, eventually, they realize it doesn’t work. Then they move on to another make money product. This is a trap few people escape because they are searching for something fast and easy.

There is no single product that will teach you how to make money online. Making money online is not a lottery and there is no secret sauce or loophole.

In the real world, it doesn’t cost much to learn how to build a successful online business, but it does require you to stop chasing after schemes like 60 Minute Profit Plan.

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A Better Option for YOU…

If you want to make money with the internet, it is essential that you learn to think like an entrepreneur. Learning how to make money online is a process, much like learning to make money doing anything else.

The foundation for making money online is a reliable place to learn. I started with the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course and that’s what I recommend for you. The first 10 lessons are free and come with a lot of benefits, including one-on-one mentoring.

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If you found this article helpful or have experience with 60 Minute Profit Plan, please leave a comment below. Thank you.


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