Vick Strizheus

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Vick Strizheus and a Trail of Deception.

Vick StrizheusIn researching online scams, the name Vick Strizheus is consistently associated with one suspicious business after another.

It’s time to take a closer look at Vick Strizheus and the trail of deception he has blazed across the Internet.
At the time of making this video, Strizheus had created the following make money online products:

  1. 7 Figure Marketing School
  2. Global Success Club
  3. High Traffic Academy
  4. Big Idea Mastermind
  5. Project Breakthrough.

All of these products are scams!

Strizheus was also highly positioned with The Empower Network, which is by definition a Ponzi scheme.
Vick Strizheus is a Con Artist.

His birth name is Vitaliy Strizheus. He was convicted of grand theft in 2007. Here’s an excerpt from an article telling about it.

“Twenty-five-year-old Vitaliy Strizheus is originally from Ukraine . . . Strizheus got caught filing life insurance applications for people who didn’t exist, which netted him more than $30,000 in commissions he didn’t earn. . . A judge sentenced him to 90 days in jail for grand theft…prosecutors call him a “con man.” (Source)

Scam Definition

Strizheus and The Empower Network.

Strizheus was a partner with The Empower Network until he got banned. The Empower Network is a Ponzi scheme, otherwise known as a pyramid scheme. When an outfit like The Empower Network doesn’t want you, it’s a bad sign indeed.

Strizheus and the Global Success Network.

Here is what one person has to say about Strizheus and the Global Success Network he created.

“Overall, it was an exciting program at first, until you realize that Vick is just leading you along with broken promises . . . After doing research, I found that Vick has a history of making big promises to get a program going, then stops it, basically taking people’s money for products never made available . . . ” (Source)

And Now a Word About Sociopaths.

If you watch Strizheus in a video, you will see a very charming young man. You might think he is the most genuine man in the world and eager to help you become an online millionaire.

That is precisely what he wants you to believe.

I am convinced that Vick Strizheus is a sociopath. A sociopath is a psychopath with impeccable social skills.

Sociopaths have no conscience and no empathy. You are not a person to them. You are simply a mark to rip-off. And here’s the scary thing, sociopaths are charismatic. This is how they charm their victims like a cobra mesmerizing its prey.

Sociopaths believe the money in your pocket, in your checking account, in your bank account and the money you can charge to your credit card is all THEIR MONEY!

They just have to finesse it out of you. And they will if you let them because that is their genius.

Avoid Vick Strizheus Like the Plague.

He has proven time after time that he cannot be trusted. Remember, the prosecutors who sent Vick Strizheus to jail called him a “con man.”

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